Callanetics - what is it? Static exercises for weight loss

Callanetics is a complex of clear and calmmovements. The technique is based on elements of ballet, yoga asana and respiratory techniques. An effective system promotes muscle tightening and weight loss. What becomes visible after a few lessons.

Callanetics - what is it?

callanetics what is

The author of the Callan Pinkey system has manytraveled, studied various directions of yoga. Congenital defect - curvature of the spine - very often reminded of yourself with severe pain in the back and legs. During one of the trips, Callan showed her companion the elements of the ballet, which she practiced as a child. Also has paid attention, that after exercises the pain in a back became much less.

In London, Callan appealed to doctors abouttormented her pains. They offered surgery. She refused and, after returning to America, she took up training. Developed a complex of exercises aimed specifically at stretching and contraction of muscles. Soon, Callan had like-minded people. And the method, capable of toning the main muscle groups and improving one's health, quickly gained popularity.

What is the secret of success?

static exercises for losing weight

Based on stretching and static, exercisesTo strengthen the muscles, even deep-seated groups are active. As a consequence, stale areas of adipose tissue begin to leave. With such loads, metabolism is significantly increased, calories burned efficiently. Muscle mass is not increased, but comes in a natural form for the body.

Exercises work well, bodybecomes taut and flexible. The remarkable technique is that the figure changes significantly, acquiring harmony and perfect form. In addition, the advantage of callanetics is that this calm and slow gymnastics does not require any special equipment or visits to the gym. It is quite possible to study at home. The complex is simple, even for a beginner.

Results of Callanetics

exercises to strengthen the muscles

Consistent and constant training will helpto improve the body and to gain harmonious forms. Significantly improved posture, in a short time the stomach will be tightened and fat deposits in problem areas will decrease. In general, there is a rejuvenation of the body, this is how it affects callanetics. What is the rejuvenation of the body? These are several consecutive stages:

  • improvement of metabolism;
  • effective weight loss;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • improvement of appearance;
  • development of joint mobility;
  • strengthening and normalization of muscle tone;
  • increased endurance;
  • fatigue reduction.

Callanetics are static exercises forweight loss, recovery and strengthening of the body. The attractiveness of the system is that it is possible to train at home, if there is no desire to attend classes in the gym.

How to practice callanetics at home

lessons of callanetics

Callanetics can be practiced alone orTo attend group training under the supervision of a coach. For self-study, you can purchase lessons of callanetics on CDs. Excellent video lessons with coach Tatyana Rogatina. In the course it offers 2 programs:

  • for beginners, or an entry level;
  • medium and high level of load.

Under the guidance of the coach is much easier to mastertechnique of exercises, to correctly build a breath - everything that callanetics suggests. Tatyana Rogatina in her course remarkably explains and shows how to perform this or that exercise better and more efficiently. Callanetics has a lot of uncomfortable and difficult poses, so the advice of an experienced coach will help you quickly learn the technique and achieve good results.

How are the video lessons

The lessons of callanetics are exercises consisting of a warm-up and the main complex. Calleting is based on stretching. What is stretching? This is a system of exercises for stretching muscles.

An important part of the class is devoted to breathingexercises that help relax the muscles. Elements of respiratory equipment improve the work of the nervous system and effectively affect the metabolism. This is notable for callanetics. Tatiana Rogatina in her course focuses on those exercises that contribute to the training of flexibility and muscle endurance.

Tatyana Rogatina is a great student, andtremendous results are visible in a few sessions. Her classes contain many repetitions, which improves the technique of execution. But it must be remembered that training at home requires self-organization and discipline.

Peculiarities of Callanetics

Callanetics results

Callanetics can be practiced at any age. The technique includes static exercises for weight loss, there are a total of 29. Each movement is aimed at stretching the muscles, which leads to an increase in tone. Static loading completely excludes sharp movements, which increase heart rate. And this is not surprising.

The system is based on yoga, the asanas of whichassume full breath of the diaphragm. Therefore, callanetics exercises are performed at a slow pace and accompanied by deep breathing. Each movement is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, legs, press and buttocks.

Regularity and duration of studies

For those wishing to correct the figure orproblem areas 3 times a week for 1 hour of classes will be enough. When the result becomes noticeable, the lessons can be reduced to 2 times a week. When achieving stable success, it is enough to practice only 1 hour once a week. For those who have never or for a long time not been involved in sports, 30 minutes of training are enough 3 times a week, but some rules must be observed:

  1. Gradual increase in the load. At the initial level, it is very patient and dosed to approach training. Exercises to strengthen the muscles is important to start with a minimum. Taking the necessary pose, keep it 5-10 accounts. And add 3-5% to the level reached every week. The main thing here is patience and deliberation, they will help you train regularly and achieve the desired result.
  2. A variety of training. Of all the exercises, choose 7-12, which differ from each other and help develop different muscle groups.
  3. Training of motor function. Pick up those exercises that will be on the strengths and taking into account the part of the body that needs the most attention for restoring muscles.
  4. Systematic training. The maximum effect is achieved only by regular activities. Calm and slow gymnastics, callanetics requires systematic training, gradually and effectively increasing muscle tone.

After achieving the necessary result, it will be sufficient to have short daily sessions of only 15-20 minutes.

Setting goals and a variety of workouts

callanetics of Tatiana Rogatina

Regular sessions of callanetics give a goodresult. Doing 3 times a week, gradually increasing the load, you can get rid of excess weight very quickly. To achieve a stable result, you may have to revise your diet. Excluding high-calorie food from it, you can lose 5-10 kg per month.

If you combine callanetics with cardio training,The effectiveness of the fight against excess weight will increase several times. In addition, it is possible to significantly strengthen the heart and prevent cardiovascular disease in the future. Experts advise to include in each class a cardio exercise. But at the initial stage alternation of training is an excellent option.

Daily small workouts will help keep muscles toned and able to recharge energy for the whole day. It remains only to choose the appropriate load:

  • cardiosession with a rope;
  • run;
  • walking;
  • elliptical trainer;
  • swimming;
  • bicycle riding.

It is enough to alternate the workouts: cardiovascular exercises - 2-3 times a week (depending on the level of preparation), 3 times a week (time can be increased gradually, starting from 30 minutes) - callanetics. The results will pleasantly surprise you.

Time for training

gymnastics callanetics

There is no universal prescription, of course. But considering the type of exercises and listening to your biological clock, you can choose the optimal time for training.

  • Morning. According to experts, the body temperature immediately after awakening is somewhat below normal. Therefore, for morning exercises callanetics will take more time to warm up, to prepare and warm up muscles. Yoga, cycling and swimming are suitable for cardio training.
  • Day. A great time for practicing Callanetics. Especially the time from 10 to 14 hours, at this time the muscles are ready for intensive work. Cardio is a swimming.
  • Evening. The optimal time for evening sessions of callanetics is from 16 to 19 hours. After 19:00, the body's activity is markedly reduced. This time you can devote to cardio training - do yoga.

Numerous positive reviews confirm,that beautiful parameters of the body will help to achieve callanetics. What is this, we already learned, is a reliable and effective method for correcting the figure. The effectiveness of the system is proved by the techniques that were the basis of this technique.

Elements of classical ballet are known for theireffectiveness for the development of flexibility and coordination. Inconvenient and difficult exercises, as well as breathing techniques borrowed from yoga, improve blood circulation. These techniques have long been proven effective.

Regular sessions of callanetics, a gradual increase in the load and intensity of training are guaranteed to relieve excess weight and help to get as a result a figure of dreams.

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