Horizontal pull-ups - the technique of execution and the features of the exercise

Some people could watch as an athletepulls up on the bar on one hand. From the outside it looks very impressive. But it is very, very difficult to carry out such a movement, and therefore, auxiliary and simpler exercises were developed, which make it possible to prepare your body for stresses. Horizontal pull-ups are an effective technique for muscle development.

Horizontal pull-ups

What muscle groups are involved in the exercise?

As with normal pull-ups, in the horizontalvariant of this exercise will be included in the work of a large number of muscle groups. Working muscles can include: triceps, biceps, trapezium, forearm, back muscles, which are called the widest, and also the posterior part of the shoulder, that is, the posterior deltoid bundle.

This exercise becomespossible and correct only in the event that in the process of retraction of the latissimus muscles of the back. Horizontal pull-ups include the extension of the deltoid sections, as well as flexion of the forearms.

Correct execution of movement

In order to perform horizontal pull-ups, the athlete will have to attend to the presence of any crossbar, for which you can hold. Technique of the movement is as follows:

  1. The first thing to do isAdjust the height of the bar, crossbar or rod in the Smith at a certain angle. The correct adjustment of the crossbar is considered if the athlete does not reach the floor a few centimeters when the grip is slightly wider than the shoulders.
  2. The lifting of the body from the bottom up is carried out at the expense ofblades information. However, when the highest point is reached and the latissimus muscles of the back are already reduced to a maximum, you need to help yourself with a little help in order to rise even higher. At the same time, you need to raise your arms at an angle of 45 degrees relative to your body.
  3. Horizontal pull-ups to the bar should last until the athlete's chest touches the projectile itself. At this point, the repetition can be considered fulfilled.
  4. It so happens that doing the exerciseit becomes hard and people start helping themselves with their feet. This is strictly prohibited. In such situations it is better to raise the crossbar a little higher and continue the execution correctly (from a technical point of view).
  5. It is necessary to follow the movements of the pelvis and head throughout the exercise time. These parts of the body must move along with the whole body, and not overtake it or lag behind.
  6. Horizontal pull-ups mustPerform in full amplitude, since this exercise is initially easier than normal pull-ups. Those movements in which the athlete does not touch the crossbar are not counted at all.
  7. After the body starts to fall down, thenthere will be a negative phase of repetition, you need to carefully monitor it. You can not sharply "throw" your body down, you need to lower slowly, controlling the whole process.

Horizontal pull-ups to the bar

The process of breathing during exercise

Special requirements for breathing when doing thisexercise is not required. The process of inhalation and exhalation is the same as in other force movements. That is, on the inspiration the body should descend, and on exhalation - rise.

How to improve your results?

Horizontal pull-ups are prettysimple exercise, but because the athlete must progress quickly. However, there are still some framework and conditions that are very important and must be observed.

Since the crossbar must be adjustable,You can begin training at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the floor. As the number of repetitions increases, the angle must be reduced, lowering the support below. The measure for increasing the load, that is, for changing the angle, will be the number of repetitions equal to 15, with the correct technique. When this becomes possible, the load can be increased.

Horizontal pull-ups

Options for replacing exercise

Of course, this is unlikely, but it also happens,that the opportunity to perform this exercise is absent. If this happens, then this movement can be replaced by pulling up lying on the abdomen along a horizontal bench.

Stretching lying on the stomach on a horizontal bench

As can be seen, the execution techniquepractically does not change. Muscle groups are involved the same as when doing horizontal pulling. However, a pair of dumbbells and an ordinary horizontal bench can be found for everyone, if you can not make a mobile horizontal bar.

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