Messi's salary: how much does the best football player of the world earn?

Many football fans are interested in how muchMoney gets for his efforts on the field and outside of his best football player of the world Lionel Messi. We will reveal the secret of the income of the Argentine wizard of the ball in our next publication.

Adherence to one football structure

His whole life Messi stands forone-only club, the Catalan "Barcelona". At the age of 13, he left his native Argentina in order to become part of the football academy of blue-garnet. The talent of the football player was revealed early, and very soon he became the main star of the club. With the help of Messi, "Barcelona" won titles, and the football player's wages invariably grew.

Messi's salary

What are the incomes of the best players?

Do not forget that most of the incomestar football players are advertising contracts and contractual bonuses. So, Messi's salary can increase if he gets another Golden Ball or scores more than 40 goals per season. Recall that by the end of 2015, Lionel was again recognized as the best player in the world and received the award for the fifth time. He still holds the record for the number of Golden Balls won.

Net salary

In the current year, Messi's net salary was 22million euros per year. However, the world's richest clubs, for example, Manchester City or PSG, are trying their best to entice a twenty-eight-year-old footballer into their ranks. They promise Lionel even more profitable contracts. However, under the terms of the current agreement with Barcelona, ​​which was signed two years ago, the first two seasons Argentine gets 22 million, and already starting in summer 2016, Messi's net salary will increase by another 20 million euros per year. Total average for four years of the next contract with the Catalan club player receives thirty-two million euros. Here is such entertaining arithmetic.

Lionel Messi

The bosses of Barcelona in 2014 proposedfabulous contract to his best football player to hedge against the whims of a star and prevent his escape to another championship. However, Messi remains committed to the club structure and is unlikely to be in the prime of life to leave the team. The Argentinian showed the whole world his adherence to Barcelona, ​​when he deliberately refused to receive 32 million euros in 2014. Thus, he made it clear that in the next 4 years anywhere from his native club will not go away. With confidence, we can say that after the expiration of the current contract, he will sign with the club a new, no less profitable agreement. The only caveat: most likely the new agreement, based on the age of the football player, will be calculated for two years.

Revenue collection

Recall that this season, Messi's salaryis 22 million euros per year. And already from the next season for another two years under the terms of the current contract, he will receive 42 million euros (on average for 4 years this figure is 32 million). However, to the incomes of the player, you need to add up various bonuses, as well as advertising contracts with such industrial giants as "Adidas". "Pepsi", "Gillete" and others.

Barcelona Messi
The aggregate of the advertising income of a football playeris still about twenty million euros per year. The total income of the player increases to an astronomical sum of 65 million euros. What, what is a football player, this is the income. As you can see, equivalent payroll bonuses are given to Lionel Messi for his personal achievements in football. Thus, the club encourages him to conquer even more transcendental heights.


In our today's publication, we talked aboutthe income of the best football player of the world, who in his deep childhood was looked after by the Spanish "Barcelona". Messi is worthy of receiving a smart salary. In the club he achieved everything he could dream about. We wish the illustrious football player to win gold in the national team of Argentina in the continental championship or at the World Championships.

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