How to choose an electric shocker? Six criteria

Now on sale there is a huge amountElectroshockers of absolutely different shapes and sizes. There are so many of them that when you visit a store, your eyes just flee, and it's hard to make any specific choice. Before buying, be sure to pay attention to the criteria listed in this article. And then you will know exactly how to choose an electric shocker.

Intended use

This is one of the most important criteria in such a case,as an electroshock. It is necessary to know precisely for what purposes and for whom it is acquired. It is clear that you can not foresee everything, but the main points are usually understandable in advance: the shocker is bought for a woman or a man, for a taxi driver or guard, for walking at night or for protecting the house.

The size

A good shocker should not be too tiny. Products with an elongated handle give an advantage in the distance. So, when you ask yourself "how to choose an electric shocker", take this feature into account.


where to buy a shocker

How to choose an electric shocker in appearance? The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle. If you need an option that fits in your pocket, that is, a model the size of a pack of cigarettes. If the device should not attract attention, then shockers will come in the form of a tube of lipstick, a flashlight or a phone. Products in the form of batons are usually purchased to protect the apartment and house. Also they are used by policemen, railwaymen, truckers, security guards and taxi drivers.


The electric shock can be either on the battery, oron the battery. There is no particular difference between the two. Simply, if you purchased a model with a battery, then do not forget to recharge it regularly. If the shocker with a battery - you can forget about recharging for the next six months (a year).


Here everything is simple: the higher the voltage, the faster it is possible to immobilize the enemy. In addition, more powerful models are capable of penetrating even dense layers of tissue.

how to choose an electric shocker

Additional functions

1. Siren. Some variants of electric shocks are equipped with this function. When approaching the danger, you just need to press the button. An unpleasant sound signal will attract the attention of others and, possibly, force the attacker to abandon his intentions. Thus, to the basic protection you get also additional.

2. Flashlight. A small flashlight is present in almost every electric shock. But there are options with a powerful LED lamp at 50W or even 100W. A good lantern is always useful in everyday life. So on the electric shock it certainly will not hurt.

3. Fuse. The device can be used only when you remove it from the fuse. It is very convenient and safe, as it excludes the possibility of accidental pressing. Structurally, the fuse can be either a switch or a separate key inserted into the end part of the shocker. If you have small children, it is better to choose the option with the key.


Where to buy a shocker?

The sale of these devices involved in weaponsshops, but in small towns such may not be. Therefore, the easiest way is to order it by cash on delivery through the Internet. Now you know how to choose an electric shocker. It remains only to determine the amount that you are ready to spend on it. Successful purchase!

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