Thin legs: beauty or paranoia?

To have slim legs, every girl dreams,beginning almost from the moment of his birth, and this is not surprising. The mass media: television, newspapers, fashion magazines, yes, sometimes even their own parents tell us that excess weight is bad, and beauty will save the world ...

Well, not without a share of objectivity is worth noting,that excess weight is really bad. On the other hand, the desire "I want thin legs" is better still to transform into "I want slender legs", since leanness is a disadvantage not less than excessive fullness. Is not it so?

Next, it should be noted that the shape of the legs from birth is different for everyone, and if fate did not endow you with long legs, but gave a proportional figure, maybe you should say "thank you" to it?

Many do not share the opinion that thin legs- it is beautiful. Thus, a survey conducted on one of the web resources showed that out of 538 respondents, 20% of male respondents considered skinny legs less attractive than "plump ones", and 11% of the male respondents in general said that they preferred full figures with wide hips.

The truth is that maintainingin good sports form require both full and thin legs. After all, thanks to regular physical exercises, fat deposits are harmoniously distributed in the body, without forming a surplus (especially on the outer and inner lateral extremities of the thighs).

Thin legs

In this article we have selected the most optimal exercises for female legs.

Thin legs. Exercises.

Exercise number 1. "Thin thin legs"

Often the problem of slender legs is the fullness of the inside of the thighs.
Many women from these fat surpluses also experience discomfort during the hot season, rubbing the skin surfaces. Help classes on the simulator with the development of legs in the stern.

If there is no simulator, you canas follows: lie on the floor, raise your legs at an angle of 90 degrees, without bending at the knees, push them apart about the width of your shoulders and quickly move together and raise to the same level for 1-2 minutes. And if you also raise the body, you can pump up the abdominal muscles.

thin leg exercises

Exercise number 2. "Strong buttocks"

Lie on the floor, bend your knees and lift the lower body at maximum speed for 1-2 minutes. In this exercise, you can also use the ball.

I want thin legs
Exercise 3

Stand up straight, spread your legs apart in the width of your shoulders, sit down at 90 degrees and stay in this position to start seconds 30. Gradually, the time interval can be increased.

Exercise 4. "Long legs for" times "," two "," three "

This exercise is devoted to stretching the muscles. And do you think why ballerinas and gymnasts have slender long legs?

Sit on the floor, spread your legs as wide as possible, and tilt the straight body to each of the legs by "one", "two", "three" and spring movements.

You can raise your foot on a flat surface (on a desk or a window sill) and slowly poprisedat down.

Ideal systems of stretching exercises are considered to be calanetics and yoga.

I want thin legs

In the end I want to note: all exercises should begin with minimal loads, gradually increasing them over time. Whatever legs nature has given you, whether it is thin legs, short or full, a competent physical load will help to hide flaws.

The world accepts us the way we present ourselves. Be confident in yourself, love your body, and the result will not take long!

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