Power yoga for beginners: a description, a set of exercises and recommendations

The formula for a successful life is simple! It is necessary to be healthy, strong and maintain a good form and mood. However, in an endless stress, a working routine and a fast rhythm of everyday life, it can be quite difficult. To the aid comes power yoga. This is one of the modern trends based on ancient oriental practice, which has a powerful positive effect on the human body. We will understand its features and techniques.

power yoga


There are many ways to strengthen the muscles of the body. Training with weights, chemicals and active sports are quite affordable options. However, the first method quickly wears out the musculoskeletal system, the second carries more harm than good, and the third has an age restriction. As an alternative, with no side effects, a special set of physical and breathing exercises was developed. Subsequently, it was called "power yoga" (or power yoga).

The direction was created by the American Beryl Birch in1995. Because of the emphasis on the performance of power asanas, it is often correlated with the ashtanga-vinyasa system. Within a fairly short time, power yoga has spread throughout the world. Complexes of it today include special health programs in Russia.

A characteristic feature of this practice iscontinuous performance of a series of exercises, connected by a dynamic link. To make the classes more focused and focused, they are accompanied by a smooth, quiet instrumental music. Dynamic ligament is understood as pranayama, designed to restore physical strength and a calm rhythm of breathing.

power yoga exercises


The main goal of power yoga is to strengthen the muscleskeleton and bone-ligament apparatus. Dynamic performance of exercises does not allow hardening of the joints and allows the spine to be flexible and maintain a healthy, beautiful posture. Exercises on the balance improve coordination. In general, the practice positively affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It can be performed every day, it does not cause emotional fatigue, on the contrary, it increases the general tone and mood.

Do not forget about the external effect, whichproduces power yoga. Exercises are regular and with a gradual increase in the number of approaches and degree of exercise form an athletic figure. In this case, no additional shells are needed, except for the weight of the body.

Instead of a diet

Practice is equally useful for women and men. This direction is not without reason received the definition of "power yoga for weight loss", as active exercises, coupled with proper breathing, quickly remove excess kilograms, giving the female figure more grace, flexibility and femininity. It is noteworthy that yoga does not exist by itself, individually, but extends its practice to a healthy diet. Councils of competent instructors will help not only in the correct execution of exercises, but also in the formation of a healthy diet.

Power Yoga Workout

For men

On men, power yoga acts a little differently,than on women. The emphasis here falls more on the development of the muscular framework and increased endurance. Improves the plasticity, mobility of the joints. Such a gradual healing effect and different from other types of exercise yoga power. Exercises of ordinary muscle injection make a man into a static relief mountain, the practice of power yoga, on the contrary, retains the flexibility of the body, the ease of movement, with the attendant acquisition of a noticeable muscular strength.


After reading a huge list of usefulproperties of power yoga, probably, everyone will want to plunge into this wonder-practice. However, there are certain shortcomings, or limitations, of this direction, which must be taken into account. Firstly, it's preparation. Strength exercises, no matter how simple they may seem from the outside, are quite complex and require specialist correction. Only a power yoga instructor can help to properly start working not only with external, but also with internal muscles.

Also, remember that yoga is a complexpractice. It consists of several stages of revealing its spiritual and physical capabilities. Therefore, to proceed immediately to power yoga, bypassing the initial skills of hatha yoga and pranayama, is simply illogical.

power yoga for beginners


If nevertheless the decision to begin employmentpower yoga for beginners, then you need to adjust yourself what to expect in such training. Pranayamas focus on the practice of deep breathing with the stomach, the physical side - on the slopes and deflections, push-ups, sit-ups, the performance of the bar and lunges.

Complex for beginners

The creator of the direction, Beryl Birch, speciallyhas developed several stages, or levels of complexity, that correspond to different physical characteristics of practitioners. So, power yoga for beginners includes a set of seven exercises, gradually working out different groups of muscles. First, the load goes to the muscles of the legs.

Suzoist posture

Technique of execution: legs set wide (70-90 cm), feetturn out to the sides, the palms are joined at the chest level in the namaste (eastern greeting). Legs bend in the knees and go down. The hips then turn outward.

yoga instructor

The Pose of a Warrior

Technique of execution: make a step-lunge forward. The front leg is bent to the right angle, the back leg is straight, the heel is pressed to the floor. Hands bend, elbows pointing back. The palms are clenched into fists. The main thing in this exercise is to evenly distribute the body weight. Do the same on the other leg.

Now you can move on to training triceps.

Pose of six points

Technique of execution: take a pose lying on your stomach. We lift the pelvis above the floor, the emphasis is on the knees. Hands along the body bend at the elbows. The palms should be under the shoulders. Body body is torn off the floor by 5-10 cm. Thus, the position is based on six points: socks (2), knees (2) and palms (2).

We turn to exercises for the muscles of the hands and the deltoid muscle.

power yoga for weight loss

Pose of the wise man

Technique of execution: Make a wide forward right leg. Lean and put perpendicularly to the left hand on the floor. Turn the body to the right, while turning to the right the right foot, and the left one - we put on the outer edge of the foot. For balance, the right hand pulls up, tightens the abdominal muscles and pushes the pelvis forward. The same exercise is done on the other side.

Now the exercise covers the muscles of the forearm and abdomen.


Technique of execution: we lay down on the stomach, bend our arms in the elbows. They should be exactly under the shoulders. Raise the body, pelvis and legs above the floor. Points of support are elbows and socks. The stomach is pulled and strained buttocks. From the side, the body and legs must represent a straight line.

And crown the complex of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back.

Pose of boat

Technique of execution: we lay down on a back, we lift simultaneously direct legs and the case approximately on 10 see The loin thus is densely pressed to a floor. Hands stretch to the legs, straining the abdominal muscles.

The position of the grasshopper

Technique of execution similar to the previous exercise: we lay down on the stomach, raise both legs and body. The neck continues the line of the spine (without kinks). Hands stretch back and up, legs are held together.

Throughout the complex, breathing shouldremain rhythmic and deep. By the time the exercises take no more than 15 minutes. After doing it, you need to drink some water and lie for a few minutes in a relaxing shavasana (pose of a corpse).

power yoga complexes


This type of exercise requires a certainphysical training. Therefore, it is very difficult for beginners to be able to cope with loads at first. Comfortable in this practice, feel the men and women who before the beginning of the class led an active lifestyle or engaged in power sports. But still, do not be afraid if there is no such base. Power yoga with a moderate build-up of the load is focused on quick adaptation and entry into the desired rhythm. Today, there are a lot of videos, course entries that allow experienced people to perform power yoga complexes on their own.

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