How to clean a microwave at home. How to clean the microwave from fat inside

A microwave oven can be seen todaypractically in every house. It has become an indispensable attribute of modern cuisine. With the help of a microwave oven, you can quickly defrost food, cook delicious food, and also warm up the dishes before they are served on the table.

A kitchen assistant is usually usedvery often all members of the family. In this regard, sooner or later, yellow withered spots of fat appear on its surface. How to clean the microwave at home and help her to become white again?

General recommendations

If your kitchen assistant is dirty, thenKeep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to wash it like a kettle or a pan. In each case, you should apply your tricks and secrets. How can I clean the microwave at home, so that she does not have to be taken to a repair shop after that?

how to clean a microwave at home
If you wash the kitchen assistant outside, thensufficiently damp sponge and any detergent. From the inside, the microwave oven gets dirty much more often. At the same time, you have to clean hard-to-remove fatty or already stained stains.

In order for the device to re-shine with white and notwas thus spoiled, it is necessary to know the structure of its internal surface. It is usually multilayered. The last, outer layer is designed to reflect the microwaves and is protective. That's why it should not be damaged.


Before cleaning the microwave should be carefullyto study the instruction on its operation. It should contain a section indicating the detergents that can be used to clean the inner layer. First of all, they should not contain abrasive particles. In other words, different powders for washing the microwave can not be used. Sponge for cleaning kitchen assistant should be taken only soft. With a coarse brush, removing dried stains is easier, but the likelihood of damage to the protective layer is greatly increased.

how to clean the microwave inside
Currently, you can easily buydetergent. The choice of this product is quite large. There are also special means designed for washing microwave ovens. Preference when buying should be given to sprays, creams and gels. It is this form of cleaning product that will gently remove dirty stains.

how to clean a microwave from fat
In the department of household chemistry supermarkets you can buy "Mr. Muscle" and special napkins for the microwave oven - "Magic Power". There are also cleaning companies such as Sanita 500-Antigir and Sanklin.

How do I clean the microwave inside? Simple enough. To do this, apply a little to the contaminated surface and leave it for a few minutes. After that, the gel, cream or spray is removed with a soft cloth.

The main disadvantage of this method is thatYou will need to go through several options to find the most effective tool. In addition, household chemicals cause considerable harm to health. If you are allergic or have a small child in your home, you will have to take another option.


How to clean the microwave inside by applyingsafe and easy way? Absolutely free to remove greasy stains from the protective layer will help ordinary water. However, it is worth remembering that this method is suitable only for light pollution.

How to clean a microwave at homewater? To do this, pour a small amount of it into a bowl, and then put the container in the microwave oven. Microwave is turned on at full power, setting the timer for five to fifteen minutes. After shutdown, it should take a little time to stain better soak. Only after this, dirt is removed with a soft cloth or sponge. This method is very effective in eighty percent of cases.

Lemon acid

How to clean a microwave at home,if the stains are hard to remove? In such situations, when using ordinary water, the desired result is not obtained. But do not despair. There is an easy way to clean your assistant without any waste. To do this, it will be necessary to use citric acid. It will perfectly clean the contaminated surface and bleach it.

how quickly to clean the microwave
How to clean the microwave with lemon acid? The principle of using this tool is the same as in the version with water. Only in the prepared container with liquid should you add a teaspoon of citric acid. This method is also good in that, after cleaning the inner surface in the microwave, a pleasant fresh smell remains. Instead of citric acid, a juice of one lemon or a few lobules of this citrus may be added to a container of water.


There is another wonderful tool thatwill answer the question of how to clean the microwave from fat. This is vinegar. By its effectiveness, it is located on a par with citric acid. Therefore, the choice of the funds is yours.

how to clean the microwave with citric acid
This method of cleaning the inner surfacekitchen assistant is as simple as all the above. In a container of warm water should be added vinegar in the volume of three tablespoons. The prepared mixture is put in a microwave oven, which is turned on for five minutes. In order for the stains to soften well, after turning off the device wait a quarter of an hour. After that, the stenochka are cleaned with a soft sponge or cloth. If the surface is not very dirty, then it can simply be wiped with the resulting vinegar solution.


This product has abrasive properties. However, it can also be used to clean the inner surface of a microwave oven. How fast can I clean the microwave with soda? For this, the product in an amount of two to three tablespoons should be added to a container with warm water. After this, after placing the solution in a microwave oven, start the timer for five minutes. The container must remain inside the device for another fifteen minutes after it is turned off. Only then the stains are finally soaked, they can be easily removed with a soft sponge.

Skins of an orange

The microwave oven can be cleaned withbeloved orange citrus. This will require its skins. They are put in a glass mug, which contains water. The capacity is placed in a microwave oven for three to five minutes. After this, it is enough to carefully clean the walls of the inner surface from grease stains.

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