How to spend bonuses "Beeline" "Happy time"? "Beeline" services

Bonus programs are an interesting offer,which can interest many buyers. For example, now we have to figure out how to spend bonuses "Beeline" "Happy time". And to understand with what we will deal. After all, many subscribers claim that this proposal will save a lot of money when making purchases. Let's get to know as soon as possible what "Happy Time" is from "Beeline". Maybe you really should participate in this program?

how to spend bonuses beeline happy time

Description of the service

Before you spend the bonus "Beeline" "Happy Time" you need to figure out how to accumulate them and connect this option. What is this tempting offer?

"Happy time" is a bonus action, whichallows customers "Beeline" to save on purchases. By becoming a participant, you receive up to 15% of the amount from spending on communication as points. They can then be used. About how exactly, we'll talk a little later. Please, 1 ruble = 1 bonus. So if you are actively using a mobile phone, then this is a very advantageous offer that the operator "Beeline" provides. Accumulated bonuses under the program you can either spend on your own, or transfer them to your friend. It is worth learning about these points in more detail, only then will we learn how to spend "Happy Time".

Checking the balance

Suppose we are already participants in the action. And for a long time we are actively spending time on communication. How to check bonuses on the "Beeline" "Happy Time"? Here there are several options, and they are all quite easy to learn.

For example, you can go to the "Beeline" site, log in there in the "Personal account" and check the balance of bonuses by visiting the corresponding page. Not the most popular and effective method.

It is also worth noting that you canuse the USSD request. Send the command * 767 * 2 # from your phone number and wait for the messages with the result. As a rule, the answer comes quickly, but a delay of up to 5 minutes is possible.

operator beeline

If you look at the official website, the operator"Beeline" also offers a bonus check "Happy Time" with the help of a special application for the phone. There, as in the case of the site, it is enough to find the appropriate service and click on it. Nothing complicated. But, as practice shows, subscribers use exclusively USSD-request.

Transfer to a friend

Sometimes I want to make friends and family happy. And this can be done with the help of our today's program. If your friend is a member of the bonus campaign, you can always share with him accumulated bonuses. It is not very difficult to do this.

How to transfer bonuses "Beeline" "Happy time"from one number to another? For this, there is a special combination. Dial it, click on "Call" and wait for the result. Its format is as follows: * 767 # subscriber's number transfer amount *. The minimum transfer is 10 points, the maximum is 3,000 per day. The translation is valid for 30 days. Please note that the subscriber's phone number must start at 9, and the transfer amount is written in a space. If you do not comply with this condition, then you will not be able to carry out the action.


How to activate bonuses on "Beeline" "Happytime "? To do this, you need to become a member of the program with the same name.This task is accomplished in two ways - with the help of the official site of" Beeline "and through a USSD-request.

how to transfer bonus beeline happy time

In the first case it is necessary to pass authorization topage in the "Personal Account", and then find the "Happy Time" in the list of shares. Click on "Connect" and enter the confirmation code in the corresponding field on the screen. He will come by SMS after clicking on the button.

In the case of the USSD command, dial * 767 #and click on the call button. After that, you will receive an alert in which they will say that you have become a participant of the "Happy Time" campaign. Please note that the accumulated bonuses have their own term. They are stored for six months. And if you do not spend them for the specified period of time, bonuses burn up. This fact will have to be considered by all participants, so that later there would be no problems. But how to spend bonuses "Beeline" "Happy time"?

Shopping at the "Beeline"

For example, you can release some of thepoints for making purchases in the salons of cellular communication of our today's operator. However, here there is some restriction - the subscriber can not cover more than 10% of the purchase price. This condition "works" when buying tablets and smartphones from "Beeline."

Report before the transaction what you would liketo spend bonuses "Happy time", in order to reduce the final cost of products. Tell your phone number, as well as the desired number of points to write off. During the payment, an employee of the office will write off the bonuses you received. Nothing complicated in this.

how to activate bonuses on bilein happy time

Payment of communication

In addition, if you do not know how to spendbonuses "Beeline" "Happy Time", you can take advantage of such option as payment for mobile operator services. That is, everyone is able to accumulate points first, and then pay for telephone activity.

Type the command * 789 #. The service is valid for 30 days. After it needs to either activate again, or spend bonuses on something else. If there are not enough points on the account, the balance will be written off in rubles.

affiliate program

But how to spend bonuses "Beeline" "Happytime "with the benefit for yourself? Please note that very often the operator holds a variety of promotions with some stores, and you can spend the accumulated points to cover expenses during the transactions.Only partners allow you to" close "20% of the purchase price.

But constantly spend "Happy time" in partner stores can not. About conducted actions it is necessary to learn from the official site of "Beeline". Not very convenient, but the participants do not have a choice.

how to check bonus on biline happy time

As you can see, "Happy Time" is prettyA useful action in which you can participate. Practice shows that most often subscribers spend their accumulated points for the purchase of gadgets in the offices of "Beeline". The shares of partner stores are not so much in demand. Nevertheless, now we know how to spend bonuses "Beeline" "Happy time". Everyone has the right to decide how to dispose of his points.

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