How to choose a heater for a washing machine? Rules for its replacement

Everyone who has a washing machine, early orlate there is a question of its repair. The most common problem is the failure of the heating element - the heating element. Most often, the culprit of the accident is the scum that settles on it. Its appearance provokes poor water quality and frequent washing at high temperatures.

The failure is manifested in the absence of water heating, the washing time is significantly increased - the machine unsuccessfully tries to heat the water.

Perform work to replace the heatingelement can be independently, without contacting the service center. The main thing is to choose the heater for the washing machine, in accordance with its model. But not always, knowing only the model of the device, it is enough just to pick up the accessories. Often, you have to select analog parts.

What to look for when choosing a heater for a washing machine?

When choosing a heating element, the following features should be considered:

  • Type of seat. As a rule, modern washing machines have the same, so there should not be problems. Take into account this point is for owners of vehicles that are more than 15 years old.
  • The presence of a strengthening shroud. It is located together with a sealant. If you choose a heater for a washing machine without a shoulder, and put it in the apparatus, for the place of the part in which it was, then the probability of the heating element falling during washing is great.

washing machine washing machine

  • Connector for temperature sensor. For example, the heater for the LG washing machine of most models goes with it. If there is a hole, and the sensor is not connected, you can put a cap.
  • Length of the heating element. It is best to match the size of the old, although a slight difference is allowed. For example, the heater for the LG washing machine of modern models is short, and for Electrolux or Zanussi it is a long one.
  • Heating element power. Today, you can pick up a heater with a capacity of 800-2200 watts. The higher this value, the faster the water will heat up to the desired temperature.
  • The shape of the heating element. It can be straight or curved.
  • Coating. For example, the heater for the washing machine "Samsung" is most often ceramic. According to the manufacturer, it is less prone to scale.

The location of the heating element

Replacement of TEN is not particularly difficult evenfor a person far from repairing washing machines. The main thing is to determine correctly where it is. Depending on the model, the disassembly process and the location of the heating element may be different. In some washing machines, the heater is located in the front part, while others have a back cover under the cover.

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The first thing to check is the rear locationheater. On the back of the washing machine, a removable hatch, screwed with screws, can be provided. It is only necessary to open the rear cover and next to the engine you can immediately see the outer part of the TEN with the power wires and the nut in the middle. If the rear hatch does not open in any way, or the heater is not available, then it is necessary to disassemble the front part.

How to replace the heating element through the front panel?

Unfortunately, it is much harder to remove the front panel than the rear panel. The whole process is divided into several stages:

  1. First, remove the top cover. To do this, on the back of the machine, unscrew the screws and pull the cover towards yourself and up. Acting should be done carefully, so as not to pull out the plastic clips, without which the lid will not return.
  2. Disconnect the control panel of the washing machine. First you need to pull out the container for the powder. To do this, pull the container, press the lock button inside and pull it to the bottom. If there is no button, simply lift the container up and pull it toward you. After that you can see two or three screws - unscrew them. The remaining screws are located on the top or side of the control panel, unscrewing them, you should carefully remove the panel and, without disconnecting from the wires, put on top of the washing machine.
  3. Separate the rubber cuff on the washing hatchcars. When the door is open, use a screwdriver to gently pull the spring clip that holds the cuff, and remove it, pulling it around in a circle. Then the rubber is simply removed from the body of the washing machine. Also on the hatch are the locking lock screws, unscrew them, and push the lock inside.
  4. Front of the washing machine. Having done all of the above, you can finally get to the internal parts of the washing machine. It remains to unscrew the screws securing the front panel. They are usually located on the bottom and top of the washing machine. At the bottom they can be hidden by a decorative panel, from the bottom on the sides, or next to a drain filter. After that, hands off the panel and put it aside. Now access to the heater is obtained.

replacement of the washing machine in the washing machine

Replacement of heating elements in the washing machine

It does not matter where the heating element was, its replacement actions are exactly the same. If the heater for the washing machine is already purchased, you can immediately install it in place.

Must be removed from the old heatingelement all the wires from the contacts, they sit very tightly, so you can gently help yourself with a screwdriver. Then unscrew the screw securing the heating element, and carefully remove the heater.

The new heating element is installed, as it was removed, only in the reverse order. Also, in the reverse order, all the removed parts are assembled and the screws are screwed in.

Prevention of damage to the heating element

To prevent damage to the heater, it is necessaryto fight with the formation of scale. To do this, you can clean the device with lemon acid every 3-4 months. It is necessary to fill 60 grams of acid in a powder container and run a washing program at 60 degrees without laundry. If there is a suspicion that a lot of scale has formed, then at 90. After this simple procedure, both the drum and the heater are completely cleaned.

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Also an easy way if not preventedsignificantly reduce the speed of the appearance of scale, it is a constant washing in warm, not hot water. That is, use programs up to 40 degrees. In this case, electricity is well saved.

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