How to send a beacon from Megafon? Zero balance opportunities

How often life throws people surprises, and notthey are always pleasant. One of them can easily become the lack of money on the mobile phone account at the most inopportune moment. And most, of course, begin to get nervous, not having the opportunity to call or even write a message. Megafon, knowing about this, came up with a lot of opportunities for its subscribers at zero.

how to send a beacon from Megaphone
In fact, they can be divided into twocategories: working by default and requiring a connection or a combination set. By default, after the balance of the phone has reached zero, the services "Zero problems" and "You will be called back" begin to work. The first one allows the subscriber to receive messages and calls even with a minus on the account. "Call Waiting" and "Number Identification" services also continue to operate. Sometimes it happens and this is enough to not remain completely without communication. But the service "You will be called back" makes it possible to notify the subscriber about the minus on the account. It's as easy as sending a beacon from Megaphone. It is enough to call your friend or acquaintance with a negative balance, and he will receive the following message: "Subscriber + 7XXXXXXXXXX can not get through to you because of a lack of funds on his account. You can call him back."

write a message Megafon
The other services will require the subscriberstill some efforts, and they are not so little. This is "Call at the expense of a friend", "Call me", "Pay for me", "Promised payment" and "Credit of trust". The most popular of them are SMS-requests "Pay for me" and "Call me." Both services are simply sending messages to "Megaphone" and other mobile phones with a request to either replenish the account or call back. Often they are simply called "beacons". They even have requests similar: * 144 * subscriber number # - "Call me" and * 143 * subscriber number # - "Pay for me". And, of course, they are provided absolutely free of charge, even when roaming.

But since it is not possible to send the beacons from Megafonalways convenient, you can take advantage of other possibilities. The easiest way, of course, is to make a call at the expense of a friend. To do this, simply type "000" before the number. The called party will receive a call from a number familiar to him. After he lifts the receiver, a voice notification will sound that it is a conversation at his expense. And if the subscriber finds it possible to pay for it, he can also take the call.

sending messages to Megafon
But if this service is not usedis obtained for some reason, you can take the promised payment or connect the "Credit of Trust." Both opportunities allow you to make calls with a negative balance, so as not to think about how to send a beacon from Megafon. But they have a fundamental difference. Within the framework of the "Promised Payment" service, it is proposed to borrow a small amount for a call for a period of 5 days. At the end of this time, you must refill your account, as the funds will be automatically written off, and you will not be able to connect it twice. But the "credit of trust" is provided continuously. Its amount will depend on the service term in the network and the amount spent on communication services for the last 3 months. It can be from 100 to 2500 rubles. And the subscriber can simply maintain his balance between the preferential cut-off threshold and zero.

Whichever opportunity is at zero for the subscriberpreferred to use, he will always find the most optimal solution for himself. Therefore it will be very useful to know not only how to send lighthouses from Megafon, but also about other similar services.

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