How to remove advertising from your phone in several ways

Constant reduction in the cost of mobilecommunication devices - smartphones and tablets, has led to the fact that they are almost every person, with rare exceptions. With their help you can not only call, but also view the pages in the Global Network, play games, listen to music and much more. Not surprisingly, the increased popularity of gadgets has led to the emergence and mass distribution of various malicious programs and adapted advertising inserts both in programs and on websites.

how to remove ads from your phone
If you use computers with thislearned to fight by installing special software (antivirus, firewalls, firewalls), then in the world of small portable devices the situation is much worse. Panacea, alas, does not exist, so today we will consider only one of the "faces" - let's talk about how to remove advertising on the phone "Android".

Types of advertising inserts

Depending on the method of implementation, advertisinginserts are divided into several groups. The first includes pop-up windows that appear when browsing the Internet. It is also possible to assign various automatic redirects (redirects in the browser) to unwanted resources.

on the phone pops up advertising how to remove
The second group includes built-inprogram advertising modules that cause the display of content on the phone screen if you have access to the Network. And, finally, the third, most unpleasant group, is spontaneous redirects to third-party sites in any installed browser. It's easy to guess that the answer to the question of how to remove advertising on the Android phone depends on the way it is displayed.

Negative effects

Despite the fact that some mobile ownersdevices just reconcile with the display of advertising, closing it, we recommend still fight it with more significant methods. If you leave everything as is, then there is a risk of the appearance on the smartphone of a virus program, downloaded and installed in the background. In addition, if you do not understand how to remove advertising from the phone, the display module will constantly "hang" in the system, taking up part of the RAM and CPU time, which will negatively affect the speed of the device as a whole. And, finally, background traffic of advertising messages consumes traffic, which can be limited and paid separately.

Dummy address

One way that has long been successfulUsed in desktop systems - this is editing hosts. This special file contains instructions for performing redirections for the addresses of sites included in it into the internal IP. The structure is extremely simple: on the one hand, a list of names of network resources is presented, and on the other hand, Internet addresses.

how to remove ads on the phone android
For those of you who need to limitaccess, the correspondence is prescribed. When prompted by the browser, the operating system first checks the hosts file, and if there is a match, then the data exchange with the resource does not occur. How to remove advertising from the phone in this way? For this, the easiest way is to use special programs. One of them is Ad Away. First you need to install the program and run it. Next, turn on the Internet. And, finally, in the application menu, click "download file and enable locking". If successful, a corresponding message will be issued. In the program menu, the user can activate the update, which involves uploading new configuration files that have expanded the list of unwanted resources displaying ads. Important nuance: making changes to hosts requires a root of rights.


Often happy owners of the recently purchaseddevices notice that the phone pops up advertising. How to remove it and what is the reason for the appearance of this advertisement? Unfortunately, in the software part of some budget class gadgets inside the operating system files there is a malicious code that controls all requests to the Network.

how to remove advertising in the phone android
He either intentionally interferes with the system of Chinesemanufacturers of cheap gadgets, or accidentally gets there. Because of this, in any installed browser there are spontaneous redirects to pages with ads. How to remove advertising from the phone, if it appears in the form of redirects? This case can be considered the most "heavy", since a simple installation of a "savior program" is indispensable. First of all, you need to get the root of the law. For example, with the help of KingRoot. Then install the Titanium backup application and through it "freeze" or delete all programs that are not needed for work. This is a YouTube player, a mail application, a gallery, etc. All of them should be subsequently replaced with initially clean virus-free analogs. At the same time, this is not the only way how to remove advertising from the phone in case of redirects. If the gadget developer site has an updated version of the firmware, you can try to download it to the device, following the accompanying instructions.

Inserts on the pages

Users of desktop computing systemsknow that you can cut advertising with the help of an extension for AdBlock browsers. A similar solution exists for Android. After its installation, it is necessary to switch the switch to the "Enabled" position in the program.

Cleaning the code

And, finally, if all this does not help, but onphone pops up advertising - how to remove it in this case? The solution is the application of Lucky Patcher. With it, you can in almost any program to identify the ad unit and block it. Ruth is required. After the startup, the user sees a list of installed programs, under the names of which indicates whether an unwanted "insert" is detected. If it is, then you need to select the menu and proceed to the "Delete advertisement" item.

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