TV Sony KDL-40W705C: reviews

As many potential buyerstheir reviews, the market for 40-inch LCD TVs, although full, but choose a decent technique for the home is not easy. And this applies to both the budget and the middle class. Manufacturers attract buyers to their products with external beauty and great functionality, but the quality of playback and performance are all simply forgotten.

Sony KDL-40W705C reviews

In this article, the reader is invited toto get acquainted with an interesting novelty on the domestic market - Sony KDL-40W705C TV. The owners' comments did not go unnoticed in the media. After all, an expensive brand is not able to compete with budget devices in one price category (up to 30,000 rubles) every day.

First meeting

Many buyers are still confident thatdigital technology must be met "on clothes". Therefore, to begin the review better with the packaging in which the Sony KDL-40W705C is supplied. User reviews assure that a large box with the device will be raised even by a child, because the display itself is made of plastic and has a low weight. It is possible to discuss this topic for a long time, therefore it is better to get acquainted at once with the advantages and disadvantages of the light corps.

TV Sony KDL-40W705C reviews

The lighter the TV, the fewer requirementswall mounting, and with the installation of their own problems will not arise. On the other hand, the huge screen will have less stability, and it's easier to drop it backwards. Many users are sure that cheap components are installed in the light case of the TV, but somehow forget about modern technologies. Just look at the mobile market, where lightweight laptops are several times more expensive than heavyweights.

Design and build quality

No wonder in advertising they compare a healthy humansleep with a TV Sony KDL-40W705C Black LED. Reviews of owners are sometimes superfluous, because it is impossible to tear off the LCD screen. Even a simple stand of the device has a design design and is perfectly combined with the appearance of the TV. There are no questions to the appearance of the product. Even among the reviews the reader will not be able to find a negative to the design of the TV.

As for the build quality, if we omitclaims of users relatively low weight, then buyers also have no questions. Let the assembly of the TV and were engaged in China, but it was done in a qualitative way - in Japanese. Unless the remote control somehow does not correspond to a high-quality product. Users often complain about the dangling buttons and on the constantly outgoing contacts in the battery compartment.

Basic technical characteristics

It is clear that the quality of Japanese productsMany users do not have a manufacturer, but most owners agree that they made a purchase, focusing primarily on screen quality. To be more precise, the brightness, contrast and saturation of the liquid crystal matrix that the Sony KDL-40W705C Smart LED TV has. The responses of the owners of this technique are quite understandable: resolution, backlight, refresh rate, color and shade transfer - a list of basic characteristics that each buyer is guided by.

LED TV Sony KDL-40W705C reviews

The TV has a diagonal of 40 inches (102 cm) withSupport for FullHD resolution (1920x1080 dots per inch). The standard screen format (16: 9) does not surprise anyone, but the frequency of updating 200 Hz and the work of LED-backlighting the buyer will certainly be satisfied. And it's not even in the viewing angles that the TV is capable of demonstrating, all the beauty in color reproduction and the display of an ideally black color on the device's display. On the quality of the picture, he simply does not have competitors in either the budget or the middle class.

Sound subsystem

There are no questions from owners and to acoustics, whichbuilt-in TV Sony KDL-40W705C. Feedback from users is a bit contradictory, but as practice shows, the problem is not at all in the Japanese product. Start better with built-in speakers - they support stereo operation and comply with the Hi-Fi standard. However, in the testing process, many enthusiasts pay attention to the lack of deep low frequencies in the range of 20-250 Hz, naturally, questions arise to the manufacturer.

Sony BRAVIA KDL-40W705C reviews

As for the audio output for the connectionheadphones and speakers, then the manufacturer tried to surprise even the demanding music lovers who decided to purchase Sony KDL-40W705C. Experts say that the manufacturer managed to bypass all its competitors in this respect. Sound devices can be connected not only to the mini-Jack, but also to the HDMI port or optical output. Suppose that the work of external speakers and its own amplifier with a receiver, but the TV still gives a decent signal, to the quality of which users have no complaints.

Working with an external signal

Support for all DVB standards (T, T2, C, S, S2)Allows the user to work with all the terrestrial digital signals that are broadcast on the expanses of the countries of the post-Soviet space. This is great news for future owners. LED TV Sony KDL-40W705C user reviews, though, although it receives mostly positive, in this regard, a little disappointed - the owners note only the low quality of the signal reception by liquid crystal device, so that without an external antenna, consumers can not do.

As for the support of the input signal,here the full order is all standard permissions for connecting to a personal computer from 480i to 1080p with the possibility of changing the aspect ratio. Confusing only the lack of obsolete inputs D-Sub (VGA) and DVI, because many Russians still own old computers.

Multimedia Support

For buyers, a big surprise wasthe fact that Sony's product supports video playback with MKV and Xvid codecs. For a whole decade, the Japanese resisted the free software and finally gave up, presenting the world with an LCD TV Sony KDL-40W705C. Feedback from users on working with multimedia diverge. The fact that the built-in player does not work correctly with different media.

Sony KDL-40W705C Smart LED reviews

For example, an ordinary USB flash drive (regardless of the volume)without problems is determined by the built-in player of the TV - photos, music and video are reproduced without problems. But it is necessary to connect a removable drive, the TV immediately freezes. As practice shows, a problem in the software - the device tries to scan all files on the hard disk in search of formats supported for playback. Perhaps, the manufacturer will release a new firmware, which will fix this problem.

Work on the Internet

Availability of Wi-Fi module and the possibility of usingdevice in the access point mode is good, but this is not the functionality that any TV should have, including the Sony KDL-40W705C Smart LED. Feedback from owners in the media has negatively affected the operation of the wireless module. When playing video in FullHD format on a Wi-Fi channel, braking often occurs, which can spoil the whole view. As for the function of Wi-Fi Direct, then the owner is waiting for a dirty trick. The fact that the wireless Internet is distributed only on the standard 802.11n, and the data transfer speed is poor.

To work the TV on a wired connectionno questions. All owners are satisfied with the convenience of connection and the speed of data transfer. In their reviews, users detail all the advantages of setting up and working SmartTV, a browser and a program for viewing Internet video (Youtube).


They also talk about useless applications,which the manufacturer has equipped Sony KDL-40W705C. Reviews of a negative nature about this are more common than a description of the functionality of the programs themselves. The Japanese somehow decided that all the buyers of the TV are inveterate football players, nature lovers, musicians and fans of games that do not have a working computer or laptop close at hand. However, the manufacturer did not think how to manage all functions from one remote (and could complete the TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse).

LCD TV Sony KDL-40W705C reviews

To the software part of the TV at the buyersmany questions. Technology companies, trying to make a beautiful menu, completely forgot about comfort. Dealing with the software, including SmatrTV, is difficult, even with instructions. In their responses, many users note that they do not want to use the multimedia functionality built into the TV.

Additional TV features

Recording a TV show on schedule is one of thefew functions, which is still in demand by many buyers. The video can be saved to any removable drive connected to the USB connector of the Sony BRAVIA KDL-40W705C TV. Feedbacks of a positive nature are understandable, but there are recommendations from experts about the work of the TimeShift function - it's better to record the air channel on an external hard disk or a fast memory card. The fact is that the TV tuner perceives a slow flash drive as a non-working one and pauses recording without notifying the user about it.

TV Sony KDL-40W705C Smart LED reviews

The manufacturer advertises the work of the built-inSkype program, but its implementation is incomprehensible to many customers - one-way video broadcast looks very strange. Sleep timer, child protection, DLNA support and many other less useful functions are also present on the TV, but few of the owners use them, so they did not get into the focus of this article.


Summing up, we can draw the following conclusions. If the buyer in the priority of low price and high quality images, the best purchase for him will be Sony KDL-40W705C. Reviews in fact knowingly appropriated this TV title "Best Buy" in the segment of budget equipment. Will not fail the device of music lovers and computer specialists who want to purchase this TV as a second monitor. But buyers who focus on the functional of the device, it is better to look for another item on the shop window.

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