PTZ camera - what is it?

PTZ type cameras are branchedsegment of compact video surveillance devices. Developers of this equipment have raised security miniature cameras to a new level due to their allocation of more efficient systems of automatic, and in some cases, robotic and intelligent control. In part, similar technologies were used in the first generations of video surveillance systems, but modern solutions differ markedly in a number of parameters, which is confirmed by the example of the PTZ camera. What does this mean in practice? First and foremost, it is a more extensive control over the camera settings, and in the remote mode. In addition, the creators of PTZ models pay attention to the basic characteristics of shooting, allowing you to get high quality images while maintaining the modest size of the camera itself.

ptz the camera what is it

General information about PTZ cameras

This is a non-standard camera, the main differencewhich is the presence of an integrated electronic-mechanical drive. Moreover, the matrix, which ensures the fixation of the video stream, fully corresponds to the characteristics of traditional compact cameras for video surveillance. Features are determined by the drive with a robotic control principle, which, by the way, can act as a separate part - a component of the complete set. However, the latest models of this type are different and internal device. Optical zoom, in particular, allows you to change the viewing angle, which captures the PTZ camera. What is this in terms of the consumer? In essence, this means a variable focal length with an optical decrease and an increase in the target object. Signals for controlling the drive mechanism and internal sensors can come from the remote control, and can be generated by controllers that communicate with the computer. That is, by means of the software, the user can set up the fully automatic operation of the camera.

Main characteristics of the camera

rotary chamber ptz

The number of pixels is the main indicatorquality of work for all types of such cameras. The simplest versions are provided with matrices at 0.3 MP, and high-tech versions - with modules at 5 MP. The number of recorded frames per second is usually in the range of 6-30 units. Of course, in assessing the quality of the image can not do without the resolution of the device PTZ - HD-camera, for example, confidently support the format 1920x1080. At the same time, the outdated VGA matrix on 640x480 remains relevant. In security systems, the use of such modules is often justified. But if the above described characteristics fully fit into the set of qualities of conventional CCTV cameras, then in the speed of rotation and increase in focus, PTZ has significant advantages. So, the optical zoom can be 36-fold, and the digital zoom 18-fold. As for the speed of rotation, in modern models it reaches 400 ° / s. Also, advanced modifications are provided with 3D positioning technology.

Applications of PTZ equipment

ptz security cameras

Experts identify two areas in whichthe operational possibilities of such chambers are most advantageously disclosed. These are security security systems and video communication in the conference rooms. In both cases, users appreciate the flexibility of the equipment in terms of management and virtually unlimited possibilities for physical equipment installation. It is also important to note the wireless connection systems that the modern PTZ camera supports. What does this mean in the process of operation? Wireless communication technologies practically eliminate the need for cables to be connected to the device. From the point of view of disguise, this is the optimal solution, since the attacker will have less chance to detect signs of the video surveillance system. Conversely, the operational work of the rotary camera mechanics will allow you to track what is happening in the room with the most advantageous positioning.

Types of video camera designs

Manufacturers produce cameras of this type inseveral variations. The most common is PTZ camera in the form of a hemisphere. This version is called Speed ​​Dome and is highly fault-tolerant. The design itself, thanks to its geometric shape, minimizes the risk of dust and moisture falling under the housing.

Another option is a spherical design thatin many respects similar to chambers in the form of a hemisphere. Such models are usually equipped with powerful infrared illumination and means of protection against vandals. In general, PTZ dome cameras are designed in such a way that all the mechanical components of the filling have a minimal chance of direct contact with the environment. This advantage is especially evident in the cases of street models, which deserve special attention.

Features of street models

dome cameras ptz

The operation of outdoor video surveillance systemsrequires consideration of a number of additional factors. Among them are the nuances of ensuring the connection of the camera and the control panel, the organization of the power supply system and the protection of equipment from external influences. With regard to protection, the hulls usually receive a thermal jacket with dust and waterproof insulation. Some models are additionally equipped with a heater and ventilation system, which allow cold start-up at peak negative and positive temperatures. Power can be provided directly or by battery. By the way, the use of uninterruptible power supplies is also justified. Even a typical PTZ camera setup allows you to automate the process of switching to backup power in the event of unstable network power. Communication, in turn, is also organized either directly via cable or wireless technology using a radio module.

Analog and Digital Models

In analog models, the received recordautomatically processed by a digital processor. Then the material is sent to the electronic converter, in which the conversion takes place again, but in the reverse mode. Communication communication of such equipment is provided by coaxial wires. The disadvantages of models of this type include a low resolution, which does not allow to rely on a high-quality image when shooting at long distances. Digital PTZ-CCTV cameras also provide for pre-processing the signal in the processor, after which the material can be transmitted over the TCP / IP protocol in the originally specified format. The main advantage of digital models is the high-quality "picture", because in terms of communication and mechanical equipment, analog devices in some cases are a more reliable solution.

Camera control

ptz hd cameras

In addition to setting the basic settings for shooting a cameraPTZs provide a lot of control capabilities already in the process of direct application of the device. When installing the camera on an object, the user can pre-program it in hundreds of preset positions. For each mode, a whole set of position parameters is assumed, among which the angle value, the zoom level, etc. Some models also allow you to assign individual scripts for automatic scanning. For example, the PTZ street camera is the most developed in this respect, as it has to cover large areas, including those with distant plans. Remote control, in turn, provides the possibility of correcting a panoramic shot with a slope. For this purpose, the telemetry panel is most often used.

Manufacturers of PTZ cameras

camera axis ptz

High-tech segments are pretty fastfilled with products from major manufacturers. In this case, the situation is somewhat different, since the most successful developments show less well-known companies. Leader positions are occupied by the Axis PTZ camera, the modifications of which are oriented both to specialized and universal video surveillance tasks. Also noteworthy are the offers from Dahua, Geovision and the integrated solutions of Optimus. Of the major world-known brands PTZ technology is well mastered by Samsung engineers, although due to the high cost of this product is not so popular in comparison with the analogues from the above-mentioned manufacturers.


ptz camera setup

Not so expressed interest in the consumers themselvesvideo surveillance systems of this type. Despite the obvious technological breakthrough of individual solutions, this product still occupies a separate narrow niche. Understand this and the manufacturers, seeking to develop new options and functionality, which in principle can have a PTZ camera. What does this mean in the context of the overall development of the segment? At this stage, technologists rely on optimizing the communication interaction of the camera and the control system. In practice, this will mean simplifying the means of organizing communication between individual components of video surveillance systems, and at the same time a more dense convergence of the mechanics of cameras and software.

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