The resolution of the DVR. Choosing an Automobile DVR

Year on year, the scope of registrars assuch increases noticeably. Most often, devices such a plan can be seen in the salons of cars somewhere on the windshield or dashboard. Many users in the process of selecting such devices are asked quite natural questions: what is the resolution of the gadget, which one to choose and how this indicator affects the quality and clarity of the picture.

resolution of the DVR

Let's try to understand this question in detail anddetermine the best resolution for the DVR. Also we will designate a small list, which included the most sensible models that distinguished themselves not only with a high-quality "stuffing", but also acceptable for most motorists to develop a matrix.

Types of permits

Modern devices have, as a rule, FullHD-development, that is, most models on the shelves of shops are high-resolution DVRs. The higher this value (measured in pixels (px), the sharper the reproduced picture.

full hd video recorder

Types of development:

  • SD - 720x576 px.
  • HD - 1280x720 px.
  • Full HD - 1920x1080 px.
  • UHD - 3840x2160 px.

The last resolution of the DVR iscalled exotic, since it is extremely rare. Such a development has expensive models capable of full-scale shooting. The most popular among motorists are DVRs with Full HD-matrix. At a cost, they are just a little ahead of the usual HD-gadgets, so many users prefer to pay a little for the quality of the picture.

Recording speed (FPS)

It is also worth noting separately that the secondimportance of the shooting parameter is the recording speed. It often happens that some unscrupulous manufacturers include in the specification for their device the ability to record in high resolution, but they "forget" to specify the maximum reading speed with such a scan. In the end, it turns out that the user seems to have bought a DVR with Full HD, but the image quality at this resolution leaves much to be desired, because the picture is distorted and incomplete.

Optimal indicator for any format, andFull HD in particular, is the minimum mark of 30 FPS. If this parameter is lower, it is better to take a full HD device, and not overpay for allegedly high resolution. Today, buying gadgets with SD-development does not make sense: you will see only the general picture, and the numbers of cars will be read in a ratio of approximately 1 to 4 (with the purity of the latter and good weather).

Next, consider specific devices with Full HD and HD-resolution matrix.

Intego VX-295

This is a compact and budget gadget, and evenDespite the fact that its optics are made of plastic, the image quality pleased many users. The resolution of the DVR matrix is ​​designated as HD, but the low noise level and quality factory calibration approximate the DVR's capabilities to Full HD devices.

recording permission on the DVR

The gadget got a good 2.4-inch screen,support for memory cards up to 32 GB and, despite the abundance of plastic, competently assembled, unlike a similar budget fraternity. Add here a functional, and most importantly - a clear menu, more than a democratic price tag, and get the optimal budget DVR.

The advantages of the model:

  • a quality picture at the output;
  • smart assembly and reliability of construction;
  • intuitive settings;
  • price.


  • The decoder digitizes the stream only in AVI format.

Estimated cost - about 2000 rubles.

Artway AV-338

This is a DVR with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, that is Full HD. Other advantages of the gadget are its light weight and dimensions, which allows to further stabilize the image on uneven roads.

high-resolution video recorder

By the standards of the budget segment, the output imageit turns out good - clear and saturated. Despite its undeniable advantages: the resolution of video recording of the DVR in Full HD, compactness and cost, the gadget has obvious drawbacks. This can be attributed to unimportant work at night: four LEDs for IR illumination help little in the dark.

In addition, the existing battery pack for200 mAh is depleted literally before our eyes, so the "tethered" mode will be turned on in 50% of cases. The price of compactness fell and the size of the screen. The current resolution of the DVR is a bit too much for a 1.5-inch display. The last enough except for the correct positioning of the gadget and no more. Despite all the shortcomings, the device can be called an excellent budget option, because competing analogs have not only similar problems, but also a lot of other shortcomings, which this model does not have.

Pros of the gadget:

  • more than a democratic price tag;
  • Excellent picture in high resolution (in daylight);
  • the presence of a G-sensor (accelerometer);
  • small dimensions;
  • cute and versatile appearance.


  • "Raw" and braking software, like most budget devices;
  • there is no support for the popular H.264 codec;
  • a mediocre microphone;
  • the model is not suitable for night shootings.

Approximate price is about 1800 rubles.


One of the hallmarks of thisDVR with Full HD resolution is a modular design. That is, its main unit is located under the panel or in the glove box, and compact recorders themselves are placed as secretly as possible somewhere in the corners of the windshield, without attracting unnecessary attention. Both cameras have good viewing angles of 140 degrees, which is quite acceptable for the Full HD resolution of the DVR.

DVR resolution 1920x1080

Modular design contributedequipment devaysa more sensitive GPS-receiver. The resolution of the DVR screen and the large display allow you to easily view the maps, which, incidentally, are regularly updated from the official resource of the manufacturer. That is, the gadget is able to warn the driver in advance about the presence of stationary DPS cameras and other "surprises" that the detector has not caught on.

Features of the model

In addition to Full HD-resolution recording onDVR, the model has another undeniable advantage: it is a capacious 1100 mAh battery. Therefore, there were no complaints about the autonomous operation of the device.

The advantages of the model:

  • fixing the video stream from two angles (two cameras);
  • Support for volumetric memory cards up to 128 GB (SDXC);
  • hidden installation of cameras;
  • the presence of GPS-module.


  • the price is too high if you only need a DVR.

Estimated cost - about 15 000 rubles.

TrendVision TDR-708GP

Against the background of other venerable representativesthe premium segment of this model was difficult to stand out. Nevertheless, the gadget has all the necessary characteristics for a full-fledged work together with a price tag that is democratic for the segment.

resolution of the matrix of the DVR

The device received a wide-angle lens with a veryhigh-quality lenses from glass, the well-proven Ambarella processor, fast-digitizing video in MP4 format, there is a lane-tracking sensor, as well as all sorts of voice prompts warning the driver of a particular danger.

The internal memory of the gadget is not so much - only2 GB, but it is possible to expand it with memory cards up to 128 GB (SDXC) and forget about daily cleaning. Built-in GPS-module allows you to work with cards and warns about ahead standing stationary DPS cameras. Sensitivity is not as good as that of the same "Karkama", but with ordinary duties the module does well.

Distinctive features of the gadget

As a fly in the fly, the model performsaccumulator battery. The device costing 10,000 rubles implies an acceptable battery life, including, in our case, a 300 mAh battery with its task is clearly not working. At maximum power consumption mode, the gadget lasts 15 minutes, which is very small, especially when a powerful processor such as Ambarella is running onboard. Therefore, many users have to get used to a small, but still a cord, stretching from the recorder to the cigarette lighter or other power source.

The best resolution for DVR

Pros of the model:

  • high-quality picture in high resolution;
  • The matrix works without noise and other "dirt";
  • there is a function of duplicating video on emergency protocols;
  • work with memory cards of increased capacity (up to 128 GB);
  • nice appearance;
  • low price for the premium segment.


  • rechargeable battery with a small capacity.

Approximate price is about 10 000 rubles.


The resolution of the DVR is one of themain characteristics, which directly depends on the quality of the available matrix. Do not believe the seller's assurances that, for example, a gadget with SD or HD scanning can be "overclocked" to the next level (HD / Full HD, respectively) by interpolation, that is, by software increase the resolution. This decision only worsens the quality of the image, because it simply expands the image, and does not detail it. Therefore, it is better to take gadgets that fully support the format you need.

The most optimal option is HD or, what else?better, Full HD-scan, where everything that happens before the hood is well detailed, and the numbers are perfectly readable by automation. Taking a device with a smaller matrix resolution is simply impractical. You will get a blurry picture and unreadable numbers of cars ahead of you.

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