How can I deposit money from a bank card on the "Tele2" number?

Mobile operators offer subscribers a lotways to replenish the account. One of them is a transfer from a bank card. This is not only a popular, but also an advantageous option for depositing funds into the account: there is no commission. In addition, the change in the balance of the mobile number occurs in a matter of minutes. About how it is possible to put money on the "Tele2" number from a bank card, we will tell in this article.

Tele2 put money with a bank card

Fund transfer options

Transfer of funds from the card to the accountmobile number can be carried out in several ways: through the official portal of the operator "Tele2", from the cell phone by entering the appropriate commands and sending SMS-messages to the allocated numbers, through the bank terminal, through invoicing. All the above methods will be described in detail below.

How to put money on "Tele2" through a bank card in an ATM?

The introduction of funds can be made throughbank terminal. The Commission does not impose such a payment and acts almost instantly. In order to transfer funds, you need to insert the card into the receiver, login with the PIN code, choose "Payment for services" or "Transfer" in the menu (depending on the bank, the name of the menu sections may vary). Then in the list choose "Mobile communication" and specify the operator for the transfer. In some ATMs, the determination of the payment destination occurs after entering the number. After that, it remains only to specify the amount of payment in the appropriate field, check the introduction of the data and make payment. After the operation is carried out, the check should be kept until the funds are received on the account of the operator.

How to deposit money on Tele2 through a bank card

How to deposit money from a bank card via the Internet to the "Tele2" number

This method of replenishing accounts is very populardue to its simplicity, efficiency and convenience. After all, in order to increase the balance in the account of a mobile number, you only need to access the Internet. On the official portal of "Tele2" you need to go to the section for making payments. Here, in order to perform the translation, you do not even need to enter your personal account. It is enough to enter the following data:

• the number of the mobile phone to which you need to deposit funds;

• The amount of payment (a minimum threshold for transfer is set at 50 rubles, so you can transfer fifty or more rubles to the account);

• Information on the bank card (No., name and surname of the owner, month and year to which the card is active, a three-digit number on the reverse side of CVV2 / CVC2).

After this, it remains only to verify the correctness of the information entered and perform the transfer of funds.

For customers planning to continuously producesimilar transfers, it is possible to bind a bank card to an account. This will make it impossible to enter the above-mentioned data at each next payment; greatly simplify the procedure for transferring money. The binding is carried out in the personal cabinet through the corresponding menu item.

Top up your Tele2 account with a credit card

Without a card

How to put money on Tele2 without bankingcards through the Internet? Through the Internet bank. Information about the card for making such a transfer is not needed. It is enough to specify the mobile operator, the amount of payment and to make a payment. Here you can configure auto-completion (may not be available for all mobile operators).

Payment by phone

You can also refill your mobile phoneTele2 account. Payment by bank card in this case occurs only if there is a binding to the number. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the phone to transfer funds. Thus, if the card is tied in the personal cabinet of the user "Tele2", then if you fulfill the request * 109 * the amount of payment # (or send the payment amount in the SMS message to number 109), the funds will be transferred to the account. There are similar services for banks themselves, which allow sending SMS to a certain number to make a deduction to the mobile account "Tele2". You can also put money from a bank card using special character combinations, which can be specified directly in the issuing organization.

Put money on Tele2 without a bank card

Automatic payment function

Auto payment allows subscribers to forget aboutRegular replenishment of the account number "Tele2". You can put money from a bank card in automatic mode. It is enough to indicate the amount of the balance upon which the account will be replenished. You can configure such functionality in the user's account on the mobile operator's portal. A similar (or similar) possibility can exist for online banks. At the same time in some of them you can set a specific period, after which the translations will be made.

Using bank cards to pay for mobile communication not only saves a lot of subscriber time, but also allows making payments without commission.

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