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Points of virtual reality - one of the attributesany science fiction film of the last century. Who would have thought that only in a couple of decades, a dream come true. Everyone can now acquire virtual reality glasses. And all this thanks to the company Oculus VR, which in 2012 developed a unique and high-tech virtual reality glasses called "Okulus Rift." Do you want to know more about this gadget? Welcome to this article.

A virtual reality

Full info on points Oculus

As mentioned above, people dreamed of a virtualreality for a long time. The first devices that transferred the user to computer worlds were developed in the distant 60's. In those days, this technology was quite innovative. However, it was not suitable for mass production. Such devices were highly specialized, very expensive and cost a fortune.

The situation changed a little in the 80's. Thanks to the development of video games, large companies began to create various technologies that can attract gamers. For example, helmets of virtual reality. By the beginning of the 1990s there were about 11 new VR devices from various companies that were available to ordinary mortals. Nevertheless, virtual reality had a lot of problems. Tracing movements of the head was very slow, and the field of view was narrow. In addition, the graphics of the then games were of a rather poor quality. Well, we can not fail to mention the main lack of BP-helmets of that time. They caused a terrible headache. In addition, they were quite cumbersome. As a result, gamers after half an hour of the game complained of pain in the neck. Because of such shortcomings, many refused to purchase virtual reality devices.

Virtual glasses Oculus

As a result, an attempt to interest consumersgadgets virtual reality has failed. Game companies suffered quite large losses. It is for this reason that the process of popularizing virtual reality has been suspended.

Renaissance BP

Technical progress and, accordingly,virtual reality did not stand still. Large and cumbersome details have sunk into oblivion. They were replaced by small and compact components, which turned our giant cellular into convenient and powerful smartphones. A similar trend has not bypassed the technology of virtual reality. Thus, in 2012, the Oculus Rift glasses were introduced to the public eye, which simply amazed gamers around the world and once again stirred up excitement around BP devices. What was so innovative about the glasses from the Oculus? The answer to this question you can find in this article.


Spectacles Oculus

Perhaps one of the main advantages of the brainchildOculus VR is an incredibly high level of realism. Virtual glasses "Oculus" allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of the game. This is primarily due to the wide viewing angle. The user can turn his head in any direction, and at the same time he will not see a flat screen, but a three-dimensional world.

In addition, the guys from the company "Okulu" madeyour device is the most convenient and comfortable. For example, glasses of virtual reality "Okulus Rift" have rather modest dimensions. Because of this, the neck does not begin to hurt even during hours of playing sessions, which simply can not but rejoice.

Thus, experts from Oculus VR have correctedall the shortcomings, because of which the helmets of virtual reality have never been popular. As a result, the company was able to develop and release, in fact, the ideal device for playing virtual reality.

Full information on points "Oculus"

Want to learn about the technical features of the new virtual reality glasses? Then this article is for you. In this part, we'll talk about the characteristics of the gadget from Oculus VR.

Oculus Rift Points
Points of virtual reality "Oculus Rift"equipped with an LCD screen measuring 7 inches (about 18 centimeters) with a resolution of 1280 by 800. The update speed of the picture is 60 gigahertz.

In addition, it is worth noting that the glassesVirtual reality can boast of a special motion block and orientation sensor, which were developed to order. They have a fairly high sampling rate (about 1000 gigahertz). The sensor unit includes a gyroscope, a magnetometer and an accelerometer. As a processor, the glasses feature a microcontroller, which was developed on the basis of ARM Cortex-M3. The data read by the three sensors is quickly processed by the processor. This technology allows you to turn your head in absolutely any direction and display these movements in the game in real time.


Large companies immediately turned to this projectyour attention. Thus, even before the release of the virtual reality helmet, such games as "Doom 3" (from "AiDi Software"), "Tim Fortres 2" and "Half Life 2" (from "Valv") appeared on it. In addition to the ports, Oculus also had its own exclusives. One of these games is EVE: Valkyrie, which was developed by the studio "CCiPi Games". All these games were supposed to show users the possibilities of the "Okulus", to interest the buyers.

Oculus Rift Points

Of course, in four years of its existence"Oculus" got a lot of games. What there is not! And shooters, and race, and RPG, and a lot of other entertaining projects. Moreover, in a short time games for VR-devices will become much more. After all, the virtual reality technology market is actively expanding. Consumers are becoming more and more. In addition to porting games from other platforms, many gaming studios are engaged in the development of exclusive projects.

Open source software

Another advantage of the "Okulus" is an opensource. This means that everyone can get the right to modify, use or distribute the code. This feature of the "Oculus" will be very useful for programmers. After all, they can create their own software. Even inexperienced geymdevy can try to create a project for the "Okulus". After all, on the Internet there are several official resources on which you can get the latest versions of SDK-components or online support.

Feedback and further perspectives

Oculus Rift 2

The output of the Oculus Rift produced a real sensation. Gamers were just delighted. This device will certainly affect the game industry and will indicate to it a further course for development. Nevertheless, not without a spoon of tar. Problems with virtual reality glasses are still available. For example, some users complain of dizziness. At the moment, Oculus VR specialists are actively working on this problem. Surely in future versions this defect will be corrected. Already on the shelves there will be new glasses - Okuluft Rift 2.


The exit of virtual reality glasses "Okulus Rift"launched a whole wave of HYIP, which succumbed and the world's largest corporations. Thus, companies began to develop their helmets of virtual reality. We'll talk about the most interesting devices in this article.

"Sony" - is one of the largest gaming companies,which is behind the creation of incredibly successful consoles. It is for this reason that they simply could not ignore such a dynamic increase in the popularity of BP-devices. In 2016, it is planned to get virtual reality glasses from Sony, called the Morphius Project. One of the main features of this device is the joint work with PS 4. At the moment, it is not very well known about the device. However, Sony promised a 5.7-inch display and a frame refresh rate of as many as 120 FPS. In addition, experts test the prototype in order to make it as convenient as possible.

Relatively recently HTC presented their helmetvirtual reality called HTC Vive. Interestingly, this device was developed in conjunction with the well-known company "Valv". The brainchild of HTC boasts an image refresh rate of 90 gigahertz. Such a high frequency ensures fast operation without any delays. In addition, it is worth noting that the helmet employs 70 sensors, which in no time collect all information about the position of the user's head.

Points "Oculus Rift" with their own hands

Some craftsmen try to make their own versions"Oculus". The construction of the self-made "Rift" is quite simple. That's all it takes: a lens, a smartphone and a chassis. In addition, you need special software that can be easily found on the Internet.

Virtual Reality Points Oculus Rift

Nevertheless, the creation of its own "Oculus"quite a dangerous undertaking. After the slightest error in the manufacture can cause at best a spasm and fatigue, and at worst - serious problems with vision. It is for this reason that it is highly discouraged to do the Oculus Rift on its own.

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