Mobile phone HTC Desire 601: specifications and reviews

Having an all-metal construction and FullHD screen, HTC One smartphones are stunning devices for any user, whether advanced in modern technology specialist or casual phone buyer, not constrained in the means. If your budget is more limited, you can purchase HTC Desire 601, which has similar characteristics, but has a much lower price.

htc desire 601

This gadget has a 4.5-inch display, quitea powerful dual-core processor, 4G LTE connections and a decent 5-megapixel camera, and it's packed into the design that is present at the more expensive devices of this manufacturer. In addition, Boomsound front speakers are also borrowed from premium smartphones.

HTC Desire 601, the price of which is less than 11000 rubles, immediately after the release received a lot of positive feedback. Such a set of functions for this cost is not offered by any model of modern smartphones.

How is it different?

Because the phone is equipped with two frontspeakers, immediately striking a huge similarity with the lineup HTC One. Plus, the sensor control buttons - Home keys, "Back" - are right under the screen, which adds an even greater chance of confusing 601 with more expensive "colleagues."

htc desire 601 dual sim


If you carefully inspect the body of the gadget from allparties, you can see that most of all it resembles the previously released HTC One X. Instead of a metal HTC Desire 601 has a plastic case with a black rubberized coating. The back panel is divided into the HTC logo, a large camera block with metal inserts and a red Beats Audio logo at the bottom. Perhaps, the device has not so luxurious appearance of metal cases in the line One, but still looks pretty attractive and durable. The plastic used for its production is distinguished by its high strength, so the falls and blows to the gadget are not terrible.

Two speakers are located on the front panelphone, which means sounding music towards you, and not vice versa. Consequently, the outgoing sound does not get muffled if you, for example, put the HTC Desire 601 flat on the table. Music sounds very loud, but also qualitatively and without interference. As you might expect, the sound still lacks bass, but it's light enough and loud enough to listen to your favorite songs in the kitchen while preparing dinner, for example.

htc desire 601 price

The HTC Desire 601 screen has only 4.5 inches, whichslightly smaller than the 4.7-inch One. However, this slight difference makes it a bit easier to hold the device in one hand. Nevertheless, its dimensions are 66 mm wide and 134 mm in length do not allow to call it too compact device. If you need a really small device, you will be more comfortable with the 4.3-inch HTC One Mini.

On the sides are the volume control HTCDesire 601, power button, MicroUSB-port and 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. The plastic back cover is removable and provides access to the microSD card slot, and also allows you to change the battery. You get 8 GB of storage space as a standard, which is quite a bit, but you can at least install compatible applications on a memory card.

htc desire 601 specs

HTC Desire 601: the characteristics of the display

The 4.5-inch display has a resolution of 960x540pixels, which is a bit low, especially if you consider that some gadgets have an index of 1,280x720 pixels and at the same time cost two times cheaper.

Although the text and icons do not look as clear,as in the high-end Full-HD HTC One, they are easily readable and well suited for everyday tasks. For example, for posting in "Twitter" or sending pictures and photos: the resolution here is not so important. On the other hand, the screen is bright enough to withstand the reflection from the desk lamp and has a sufficient set of colors to allow the user to enjoy viewing the video without a distorted picture.

htc desire 601 firmware

Software and Performance

HTC Desire 601 dual SIM works on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which is a fairly old version of the mobile operating system from Google. Of course, for a low-cost phone this is not bad, and it works well, but many users would like to see a pre-installed version of 4.3. Developers HTC added the Sense 5 interface over the mobile platform, so it's not immediately noticeable that you are on the old version of Android. This becomes obvious only if you go to the settings. Despite the fact that the HTC Desire 601 firmware is factory and very good, you can change it by adding a different interface and other functions to your device.

This interface is used in mostgadgets and does not carry any surprises. The screen contains minimalistic menu icons. Also you will find the function of scrolling the news aggregator BlinkFeed to the left of the home screen. If you do not use services such as Flipboard, the continued presence of BlinkFeed can become annoying, especially because you can not get rid of it: you can not disable it. However, this is an interesting way to track your news on social networks.

htc desire 601 phone


Inside the HTC Desire 601 is equipped withprocessor with a frequency of 1.4 GHz (dual-core). This is a big step backward compared to the powerful quad-core processors in the gadgets of the One series, but the phone is offered at a lower price, and the reduced functionality is natural. However, as follows from user feedback, such a chip will be sufficient for most tasks. Navigation through the Sense interface is quite fast, and only a slight delay is observed when going back to the main screen after logging into the application.

Device works fine with editingphotos in Snapseed, and online viewing of a long movie always remains smooth and uninterrupted. In addition, testing showed good performance of the phone when launching such demanding games as Asphalt 8 and Riptide GP 2. Both games functioned normally for the most part, but in more intense moments, for example during battles or high jumps, the frame rate fell noticeably. Too enthusiastic gamers should look in the direction of more powerful flagship phones, but lovers of spending time in the game will only sometimes be satisfied with this smartphone.


5-megapixel camera is located on the backparts of the phone. The smartphones of the HTC One line have a resolution of only 4 megapixels, but there is no significant difference when using the device. On the HTC Desire 601 with a 5-megapixel camera you can make the most ordinary, nothing outstanding shots.

According to user feedback when shooting atstreet in the daytime, you get a photo of a satisfactory quality with a good overall exposure. Colors are not particularly rich, but the color balance remains at a very decent level.

Like Devices One, HTC Desire 601 Dual SIMhas a bunch of advanced camera settings, including Sweep Panorama and HDR mode. It also has a mode that allows you to take several photos at the same time to capture several variants of the image of the same object or edit the photo of a moving object in the style of a sequence of actions.

 htc desire 601 power button


HTC Desire 601 is equipped with a battery capacity2,100 mAh, which, according to calculations by representatives of HTC, should provide up to 12.8 hours of talk time 3G. This is not bad, and, as the user reviews show, this calculation is correct and is confirmed in practice. With moderate use - listening to music in the morning, running several games during the day, using the camera and regularly viewing the mail - there is still a lot of battery charge in the evening. If the HTC Desire 601 firmware is replaced from the factory to other options, it can also affect the battery life.

If you are more demanding - keep the brightnessscreen at the maximum, watch streaming video all day and constantly trying to break records on Real Racing 3, you can expect that the battery will be discharged pretty quickly. You can be sure that you will have enough of it during the day, but by the evening the phone will surely be discharged completely. Even with moderate use, it is recommended to charge the gadget every night for its more correct operation.

Positive features

HTC Desire 601 has many similarities withattractive design flagship smartphones line HTC One. Front speakers offer a very large bonus when listening to music, and the possibility of connecting 4G LTE only adds pluses. It is worth remembering that all of the above qualities will not cost you a lot, since the HTC Desire 601 price is much lower than similar devices.


The device runs on the old Android software. Its screen resolution is not impressive, and the dual-core processor does not really give much power.

The final verdict

Of course, HTC Desire 601, whose characteristicsdo not include the latest version of "Android", can not be called a super-advanced device. However, it is a phone with powerful speakers and 4G LTE for fast data download, and at a reasonable cost.

By its design, taken from its more luxurious"Brothers", given the presence of powerful speakers, 4G connection, decent camera and affordable price, the HTC Desire 601 is a great all-in-one Android phone. Despite the fact that the software preinstalled on it is obsolete, and the display resolution is relatively low, if you want to buy a beautiful phone for little money, equipped with all the necessary features, this model is ideal for you.

It is worth noting that many users in theRecently, devices that copy externally premium devices are preferred, but offered at a lower price and equipped with much less capabilities. In fact, there is nothing reprehensible about this: the desire to have a beautiful fashion phone is quite natural with any budget. If you are not an advanced user, you will not notice the difference between the proposed features on your mobile device (unless, of course, you are an avid gamer and do not use specific applications).

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