45 regiment of the Airborne Forces. 45 regiment of special forces of the Airborne Forces. Airborne Forces of Russia

Russian paratroopers are revered not only at homein the country. The whole world respects them. It is well known that one American general said that if he had a company of Russian paratroopers, he would have conquered the entire planet. Among the legendary formations of the Russian army - 45 special regiment Airborne Forces. He has an interesting history, the central part of which is occupied by heroic deeds.

Airborne Forces of Russia

We are proud of our paratroopers, we honor themcourage, valor and readiness at all costs to uphold the interests of the Motherland. The glorious pages of the military history of the USSR, and then of Russia, appeared, largely thanks to the heroic deeds of the paratroopers. Soldiers who serve in the Airborne, fearlessly performed the most complex tasks and special operations. The airborne troops are among the most prestigious formations of the Russian army. Soldiers are eager to get there, wanting to feel themselves involved in creating a glorious military history of their country.

45th Airborne Regiment: Basic Facts

45 regiment of special forces of the Airborne Forces was formed in the beginning1994. Its base was separate battalions number 218 and 901. By the middle of the year the regiment was manned with weapons and soldiers. To its first military operation, the 45th Regiment began operations in December 1994 in Chechnya. The paratroopers participated in the fighting until February 1995, and then returned to the Moscow region, to the base of their deployment on a permanent basis. In 2005, the regiment received the Battle Guards Guards Regiment number 119 Order of Alexander Nevsky.

45 Airborne Regiment

Since that time the foundations of the military formationwas called 45 reconnaissance regiment of the Airborne Forces. But in early 2008 it was renamed into a special-purpose regiment. In August of the same year, it participated in a special operation forcing Georgia to peace. In 2010, the tactical group of regiment number 45 ensured the safety of Russian citizens during the unrest in Kyrgyzstan.


The basis for the formation of the 45th separateGuards regiment were the 218th and 901st battalions of special purpose. The soldiers of the first battalion had by that time participated in three combat operations. In the summer of 1992, the battalion served in Transdniestria, in September - in the territories where the conflict between the Ossetian and Ingush fighting groups occurred, in December - in Abkhazia.

45 regiment of airborne troops

Battalion number 901 since 1979 was part of theSoviet troops on the territory of Czechoslovakia, in 1989, relocated to Latvia and moved to the structure of the Baltic Military District. In 1991, the 901st Special Forces Battalion was relocated to the Abkhaz ASSR. In 1992, it was renamed into a paratrooper battalion. In 1993, the formation carried out tasks related to the protection of public and military facilities. In the fall of 1993, the battalion was redeployed to the Moscow suburbs. Then the 45th Airborne Regiment of Russia appeared.


In 1995, the 45th Airborne Regiment received a diplomaPresident of Russia for his services to the country. In July 1997, the formation was awarded the Banner of Airborne Regiment number 5, which participated in the fighting during the Great Patriotic War. In 2001, the regiment received from the Russian Defense Minister Vympel - for courage, high combat skills and real valor with participation in military operations in the territory of Chechnya. The 45th Guards Airborne Regiment holds the Order of Kutuzov - the corresponding decree was signed by the President of Russia. The military formation was awarded this award for the successes in the heroic performance of combat operations, demonstrated by the soldiers and the command of heroism, courage. The regiment became the first carrier of the Order of Kutuzov in the newest history of our country. In July 2009, the formation received the St. George banner.

Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation

The title of Hero of Russia received ten fighters,whose service station was the 45th Airborne Regiment. The Order of Courage was awarded to 79 paratroopers. The medal of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" of the second degree was awarded to ten servicemen of the regiment. Order "For Military Merit", as well as "For Services to the Fatherland" were, respectively, seventeen and three paratroopers. Medals "For Bravery" were received by 174 military men, a medal of Suvorov - 166. Seven people were awarded the medal of Zhukov.


The Kubinka suburb of Moscow - the 45th Airborne Regiment is based there- in July 2014 was the place where the jubilee celebrations dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the formation were held. The event was held in an open door format - the paratroopers showed their combat skills to the guests, the parachute units carried out the descent from the sky of the airborne flag, and the famous pilots from the "Russian Knights" team showed the wonders of aerobatics on fighter jets.

The legendary regiment as part of the Airborne Forces

The type of troops, which includes the 45th Regiment - Airborne Forces(military-landing troops) of Russia. Their history takes place from August 2, 1930. Then in our country parachute landing the first airborne troops of the Moscow District. It was a kind of experiment that showed military theorists how far-forward the landing of parachute units could be from the point of view of combat operations. The first official division of the airborne troops of the USSR appeared only in the following year in the Leningrad Military District. The formation of the formation included 164 people, all - servicemen of the airborne detachment. By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in the USSR there were five airborne corps, each of which carried a service of 10 thousand soldiers.

Airborne Forces during the Great Patriotic War

Since the beginning of the war, all the Soviet airborne corpsjoined the battles taking place on the territory of the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian Republics. The largest operation involving paratroopers during the war is considered to be the battle with a grouping of Germans near Moscow in early 1942. Then 10 thousand paratroopers won the most important for the front victory. Parts of the airborne forces were connected to the battles at Stalingrad.

cube 45th Airborne Regiment

The paratroopers of the Soviet Army fulfilled with honorduty on the defense of the city. The Airborne Forces of the USSR Army took part in the battles after the defeat of Hitler's Germany - in August 1945 they fought in the Far East against the Japanese imperial forces. Over 4,000 paratrooper soldiers helped the Soviet troops to win the most important victories in this direction of the front.

After the war

Particular attention, according to the militaryanalysts, in the postwar development strategy of the Airborne Forces of the USSR, combat operations were organized in the rear of the enemy, increasing the fighting efficiency of soldiers, and interaction with army units, subject to the possible use of atomic weapons. The troops began to be equipped with new airplanes of the AN-12 and AN-22 type, which, thanks to their large carrying capacity, could deliver vehicles, armored vehicles, artillery and other means of combat operations to the rear of the enemy.

An increasing number ofMilitary exercises with the participation of airborne troops. Among the largest - held in the spring of 1970 in the Belarusian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Within the framework of the Dvina exercises, more than 7,000 soldiers and more than 150 military vehicles and guns were dropped. In 1971, exercises "South" were held on a comparable scale. In the late 1970s for the first time, the use of new IL-76 airplanes in assault operations was tested. Up until the collapse of the Soviet Union, airborne troops on each of the exercises repeatedly showed the highest combat skills.

Russian Airborne Troops Today

Now the Airborne Forces are considered a structure that is designedindependently (or as part of the Ground Forces) to carry out combat missions in conflicts of various scales - from local to global. About 95% of the airborne troops are in a state of constant combat readiness. Landing formations are considered one of the most mobile arms of Russian troops. They are also called upon to perform the functions of conducting combat operations in the rear of the enemy.

45th Guards Airborne Regiment

As part of the Airborne Forces of Russia - four divisions, its own training center, institute, as well as a large number of structures that carry out work to ensure, supply and service.

The motto of the Airborne Forces of Russia is "No one but us!"The paratrooper's service is considered by many to be one of the most prestigious and at the same time difficult. According to data for 2010, the Airborne Troops served 4,000 officers, 7,000 contract soldiers, and 24,000 conscripts. Another 28,000 people are civilian personnel of the formation.

Paratroopers and Operation in Afghanistan

The largest participation of the Airborne Forces in combat operationsafter the Great Patriotic War took place in Afghanistan. In the battles involved 103 division, 56 assault brigade, 345 landing regiment, two battalions, motorized rifle brigades. A number of military analysts believe that the specifics of the conduct of military operations in Afghanistan did not imply the expediency of using parachute landing as a method of transferring the combat strength of the army. This, according to analysts, is due to the mountainous terrain of the country, as well as the high cost of such operations. Personnel of the Airborne Forces, as a rule, were transferred using helicopters.

45 Airborne Regiment of the Russian Federation

The largest operation of the USSR Airborne Forces in AfghanistanThe battle of Pandzher in 1982. More than 4,000 paratroopers took part in it (with the total number of soldiers involved in the operation, 12,000 people). As a result of the fighting, the Soviet army was able to take control of the main part of the Pandzher Gorge.

Airborne fighting after the collapse of the USSR

The Marines, despite the difficult times,After the collapse of the superpower, they continued to defend the interests of their country. They were often peacekeepers in the territories of the former Soviet republics. Russian paratroopers declared themselves throughout the world during the conflict in Yugoslavia in 1999. Soldiers of the Russian Airborne Forces made a famous shot at Pristina, having managed to outstrip the military from NATO.

Throw at Pristina

On the night of 11 to 12 June 1999, Russianparatroopers appeared on the territory of Yugoslavia, starting a movement from neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. They managed to take an airfield, located near the city of Pristina. Several hours later, NATO soldiers appeared. Some details of those events are known. In particular, General of the US Army Clark ordered his colleague from the British armed forces to prevent the Russians from mastering the airfield. He replied that he did not want to provoke a third world war. However, the main part of the information on the substance of the operation in Pristina is not - it's all classified.

Russian Marines in Chechnya

The Russian Airborne Troops took part in bothChechen wars. Regarding the first - most of the data is still secret. It is known, for example, that among the most famous operations of the second campaign involving the Airborne Forces is the Argun battle. The Russian army received the task of blocking the strategically important section of the transport highways that passes through the Argun gorge. On it, the separatists received food, arms and medicines. Paratroopers joined the operation in December as part of the 56th Airborne Regiment.

Known heroic feat paratroopers,participating in battles over 776 heights near the Chechen Ulus-Kert. In February 2000, the 6th company of the Airborne Forces from Pskov joined the Khattab and Basayev groupings, ten times larger in number. During the day the militants were blocked inside the Argun gorge. Fulfilling the task, the soldiers of the Pskov company of the Airborne Forces did not spare themselves. Six survivors remained alive.

Russian paratroopers and the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict

In the 1990s, units of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federationterritories where the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict took place, mainly peacekeeping functions. But in 2008, the paratroopers took part in combat operations. When the Georgian army attacked South Ossetia, parts of the Russian army were sent to the area of ​​the war, including the 76th Airborne Division of Russia from Pskov. According to a number of military analysts, in this special operation there were no large landing assaults. However, according to experts, the participation of Russian paratroopers has had a psychological effect - first of all, on the political leadership of Georgia.

Forty-fifth regiment: renaming

Recently, there are reports that45 regiment Airborne can receive the honorary name of the regiment "Preobrazhensky". The military formation with this name was founded by Peter the Great and became legendary. There is a version that the initiative regarding the fact that the 45th Airborne Regiment of the Russian Federation should be renamed comes from the statement of the President of Russia who expressed the opinion that in the Russian army there should appear formations named after famous regiments such as Semenovsky and Preobrazhensky. At one of the military councils of the Airborne Forces of Russia, as indicated in some sources, the President's proposal was considered, and as a result, the responsible persons were instructed to prepare information on the beginning of work on the creation of historical army regiments. It is entirely possible that the rank of Preobrazhensky will receive 45 regiments of special forces of the Russian Airborne Forces.

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