A yellow liquid flows from the nose - what is it?

When the yellow liquid flows from the nose, thisthe process is a lot of inconvenience. Besides, it's a signal from the body that something is wrong in it. People are calm to transparent snot, and when the liquid turns yellow, they become nervous. In this case, you just need to see a doctor. Since a common cold can be cured on its own for a couple of days. And when the yellow discharge begins, the treatment will require an accurate diagnosis.

Why snot yellow?

When the current liquid from the nose is yellow, this means that the body has a seriousfailure. With a common cold, the snot is colorless. But if the cold does not heal, then the liquid can acquire different shades - from green to yellow. This is due to white immune bodies, which react to pathogenic bacteria, trying to neutralize them. In this case, the mass death of blood cells occurs, which is why the color of the liquid flowing from the nose changes.

yellow liquid from the nose

What does the yellow liquid that flows from the nose mean?

The flowing yellow liquid from the nose is a signneglected disease. The organism, not finding support, tries to cope on its own, killing pathogenic microbes. A strengthening of yellow mucus from the nose can already have a variety of reasons. Perhaps the emergence of a new inflammation or the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

The main causes of yellow snot

If a yellow liquid flows from the nose, this ismean? This means that the previously innocuous runny nose went into a dangerous form. Changing the color of the snot can cause pus or bacteria. There are several main causes of the yellow fluid flowing out of their nose. This may be a consequence of manifestations of diseases:

  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • cysts of the maxillary sinus;
  • nasal liquorrhea.

Basically, all listed diseases are treated withoutsurgical intervention. But self-medication without consulting a doctor is contraindicated, as, for example, when warming up, it can become no better, but only worse, and the illness will worsen.

from the nose a yellow liquid flows that it

The cause of yellow snot is sinusitis

Sinusitis is one of the most commondiseases. And one of its signs is brown or yellow liquid snot. And when the head tilts, there is an eye or headache. With genyantritis, a fever can start, and this will enhance or change the color of the fluid flowing from the nose.

This disease is from a number of inflammatory diseases. And the yellow liquid can not only flow out of the nose, but also spread through the body, and even get into the brain. As a result, a person can not only become blind and deaf, but also fall into a coma. In rare cases, death occurs. Therefore, with genyantritis the patient is directed to the x-ray of the nasal sinuses. And already on the basis of pictures treatment is appointed. Using a syringe, the yellow liquid is pumped out, medications are prescribed.

The cause of yellow snot is sinusitis

Sinusitis is also an inflammatory disease. And in many respects similar to a genyantritis. The difference between them is in localization. Sinusitis affects several paranasal sinuses. Sinusitis localized in the maxillary sinuses. Sinusitis occurs due to a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. And as a result, a yellow liquid appears from the nose. It arises from accumulated pus and has an unpleasant, pungent odor.

yellow liquid from the nose when tilted

For treatment, a diagnosis is first made, in partbased on the discharge from the nose and color of the fluid. And also on the results of X-ray photographs. Yellow pus is pumped from the sinuses, or the liquid is removed by rinsing. Sometimes an incision of an inflamed sinus is necessary. The infection is treated with antibiotics.

The cause of the yellow snot - the cyst of the maxillary sinus

If yellow liquid flows out of the nose when tiltedhead, but at the same time there is no increased temperature, it is most likely a cyst of the maxillary sinus. Because of accumulated snot, there may be shortness of breath, nasal congestion. The cyst is a benign neoplasm that is filled with a liquid of yellow color.

But if it changes to red, then, to the snotblood was added. The cyst itself is not dangerous if inflammation or oxygen starvation does not start. Treatment is performed only surgically. As a result, the yellow liquid stops flowing out of the nose.

yellow sticky liquid from the nose

The cause of yellow snot is nasal liquorrhea

Liquor is a cerebrospinal fluid,necessary for the normal operation of the brain. Externally, it is not as thick as conventional nozzle, and in a normal state of a transparent and watery. A nasal liquorrhea - this is when the liquid turns yellow when it enters the blood.

Why is this happening? Yellow liquid often appears after traumatic brain injuries, as well as:

  • after surgical operations to extract nasal polyps;
  • birth defects of the skull;
  • spine injuries;
  • disorders of the bone system and a number of other diseases.

In the case of nasal liquorrhea, a yellow liquid fromThe nose usually follows only from one nostril. And with an ordinary runny nose - from both sinuses. With a nasal liquor, the yellow liquid is somewhat oily in appearance. And if it gets into the respiratory organs, then often there is a cough (mainly at night).

a liquid from a nose of yellow color

To determine liquorrhea experienced doctorenough and assess the condition of the handkerchief. After it dries up, small marks remain on it. They look like starched areas. Nevertheless, the yellow liquid is taken for analysis. From the nozzle, the liquor differs simply. There is always sugar in it. And in the snot it is not. To diagnose the disease, X-rays and computed tomography are used.

To get rid of the yellow liquid (leakingcerebrospinal fluid) surgical and conservative treatment is used. After injuries, the patient is prescribed bed rest, and he should avoid sneezing, coughing and sudden movements. The amount of liquid food decreases. Antibacterial medicines and vitamins are prescribed.

Other causes of yellow snot

Discharge from the nose of fluid - a phenomenon for humansquite normal. But if it is painted in any color, you should immediately consult a doctor. A yellow sticky liquid from the nose can signal inflammation or progressive diseases. But the cause of discoloration may be a side effect of taking medications or abusing vitamin complexes sold in pharmacies. Sometimes this is a sign of allergic reactions.

from the nose flowing yellow liquid when tilted

There are also quite innocuous cases of stainingliquid in yellow color. It happens that the symptoms of any disease are absent altogether. Nevertheless, a yellow liquid flowed from the nose. This can be the result of eating large amounts of food, which contains many dyes. And even because of the overabundance of food, which contains a lot of carotene.

When eating persimmons in large quantities oftenthe liquid flowing from the nose is colored in a yellowish hue. In this case, the same color is the skin and palms. And this phenomenon can be confused with jaundice. In any case, if the liquid does not change color to transparent after removing food from the diet containing natural or artificial colors, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Why does the yellow liquid flow out of the nose when the head is tilted?

If a yellow liquid flows from the nose when tiltedhead, what does this mean? This situation can be a symptom of a chronic inflammatory vascular disease. Especially a lot of fluid is released with sinusitis and rhinitis. The liquid accumulates while the person is in a horizontal state. And with the inclination of the head begins to flow abundantly.

Why does a bright yellow liquid flow from the nose?

A bright yellow liquid flowing from the nose canevidence of sinus, chronic otitis or sinusitis. Children have pus from adenoids. But the reason for changing the color can only be determined by the doctor. Often, yellow discharge from the nose is also a sign of allergy. Especially if the liquid flows out of the nose at a certain time of the year.

But the intensity of the yellow color can indicateon the development of the inflammatory process. And often with this fluid flows from the eyes. In acute respiratory illness, simultaneously with yellow discharge from the nose, a burning sensation in the sinuses is observed. And after that a few days later the liquid becomes more viscous. And this is already a manifestation of the flu.

a yellow liquid flowed from the nose

Home Treatment

At home, if the nose is yellowa fluid that has arisen because of a viral illness, you can do a nose wash. For this, salt and soda solutions are taken, broths are made from chamomile and sage. Vessoconstrictive drugs that are buried in the nose help well. Before warming the nasal sinuses and nose bridge, consultation of the therapist is necessary.

Is it useful for yellow snot?

Sometimes snot, arising from the nose, can takeyellowish tinge. But can this be at least useful? It turns out that sometimes a yellow liquid indicates a recovery. In the nose of any person there is protective mucus, which saves the body from bacteria. In the deadened form they are removed together with snuffles or liquid. And give them a yellowish shade of bacteria. Therefore, the color of the liquid flowing from the nose, you can determine not only the disease, but the beginning of recovery.

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