Dry spot on the skin: diagnosis and prevention

The appearance of dry skin on different parts of the body, andalso scaly formations - a common phenomenon. Red dry spots on the skin appear with the arrival of cold snap, in the off-season and at very high temperatures. But not necessarily the temperature regime and low air humidity are the causes of this problem, most often - improper care of the body. And even an occasional use of a moisturizer will not save you from the appearance of these troubles.
Therefore, let's find out what exactly causesred dry spots on the skin? What are the reasons for their appearance and what are the simplest methods to help you get rid of them? Skin is the first defense of our body from external stimuli. But from time to time, external influences are so strong that they can significantly damage the skin.

In winter, a dry stain on the skin may appeardue to the reduction of air humidity and constantly low temperatures. Their long-term influence changes the structure of the cover - both low and high temperatures can trigger the appearance of cracks. On the other hand, the dehydration and aging of the skin can be equally important reasons for flaccidity. In addition, things like hard soap and cosmetics, medicines, hot showers can also be the reasons why a red dry stain on the skin may appear.

Loss of moisture even in summer can cause foliation. Due to frequent exposure to unfavorable factors, a dry stain on the skin may occur, which is caused by the swelling of the epidermal layer. Such a disease is called eczema. Most often, a red dry stain on the skin itches and causes severe discomfort. This is the reason why you are most often referred to a doctor. Another reason for the appearance of red dry spots on the skin may be psoriasis. It is accompanied by peeling of the upper layer. This disease requires immediate medical attention, as it is very poorly treated.


If you only have a dry stain on your skin,then you can try to cope with this problem and at home. But, if you do not see any improvement in a few weeks, it's best to visit a dermatologist.


For the normal course of the exchange processes inbody, and therefore, improve the general condition, you need to drink enough water. After all, red dry spots on the skin can appear and with insufficient quantity in the human body. For the normal condition of the skin, you need to drink about 8 glasses of water every day. If a person suffers from diarrhea or needs daily exercise for many hours, the consumption of water can increase. Residents of more hot areas should also consume more of it than residents of temperate latitudes. A good way to preserve the texture of the skin is to take freshly squeezed juices throughout the year. From carbonated drinks and coffee in large quantities it is better to refuse. A healthy and balanced diet is an indispensable condition for maintaining a normal skin condition. This also does not need to be forgotten.


Protection of a site on which there is a red drya stain on the skin, from severe weather conditions is also necessary. Use sunscreen, lotion, moisturizing cream of good quality according to the type of skin. Do not use normal soap and plenty of cosmetics. Herbal or home scrubs will do more than scrubs even the most famous cosmetic brands.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, as is known - one of the best solutionsfor the prevention of dry skin and the appearance of eczema. This vitamin stabilizes and strengthens the skin, eliminates fine wrinkles. It is taken orally and added to cosmetics.

With proper care, the red dry stain on the skin will brighten quickly, peel off, and you will forget about it forever.

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