Quit smoking once and for all. Free from the psychological barrier

Smoking is harmful. This is a well-known and indisputable fact, however, when a smoker is asked why he smokes, the most often the answer is the phrase "Used ..." or "Helps to relax ...". Here, one of the main problems of smokers is psychological dependence.

Voluntarily become a smoker - no manon the ground does not make such a decision. All of us most often from idle curiosity we try the first cigarette. Disgusting taste, unpleasant odor. In adolescence, a cigarette in the mouth is fashionable, in an adult way. So we light the second, third and do not notice how we become addicted to smoking. The saddest thing is that quitting smoking once and for all is not as easy as starting. However, this does not mean that until the end of life it is worth continuing to inhale the acrid smoke of cigarettes and fill your lungs with tar.

How can I quit smoking? Trying to stop smoking is useless. You can try to do it dozens of times and still you will not get anything done. You just need to stop smoking. Do not try to stop being a smoker, but just stop smoking. Quit smoking once and for all. Forget about cigarettes and do not pay attention to them, as if they were never in your life.

It may sound too trite. But how many people know that smoking causes a person's dependence on nicotine, and very weak. So weak that you can cope with it even without the help of narcologists or special drugs. Do not believe the stories of those who already tried to stop smoking once and for all and they did not succeed. They will tell you about physical ailment, increased irritability or about how to quit smoking gained weight. It is not true. There are no side effects of a person who has quit smoking, no. They can arise only in those who TRYING to quit smoking, thereby subconsciously adjusting themselves, that it will not work, and he will again light up.

Every person is able to overcome somephysical barriers. However, none of them will not equal the psychological barriers. The smoker puts them to himself and then can not overcome. Smoking becomes part of a person's existence, but not one of them is not recognized. Although few smokers are aware of why he smokes.

Even before you stop smoking,rummage in yourself. Find all the objective arguments "for" smoking. For example, if cigarettes help you to relax, to resist nervous tension, then find alternative ways. Believe me, this is not difficult at all. Sounds of your favorite music in the player, an exciting electronic game or an interesting book can easily replace a five-minute smoke break. Take out of your life smoking. When all the events that prompted you to smoke, you can carry without a cigarette in your mouth, think, and why do you need to smoke. The psychological barrier will be eliminated.

Do not choose the day when you stop smoking. For many it's tomorrow, from Monday, from next week. Stop smoking right now. If you understand all the senselessness of smoking, then you have no reason to waste time with addiction.

Lean back in your chair, close your eyes, stopthink and relax. Sit in this position for a couple of minutes and listen to yourself - you do not need smoking, you can easily give up cigarettes. When you realize this, the result will be achieved.

Quit smoking once and for all - it's up to you. After all, you are freed from psychological barriers. Cigarettes have left your life naturally, without any violence against yourself - this is the key.

In a few days the world will change for the better. The air will become purer, the grass will be green, the sun will be brighter. Life becomes more intense and pleasant without gray tobacco smoke.

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