Red spot on the nose: the causes of appearance, treatment and prevention

It has long been known that the skin condition directlyreflects the internal state of the entire human body. Many diseases can be reflected on the face, which manifests itself as a different kind of inflammation. Sometimes these are massive eruptions and allergic reactions, less often a red spot on the nose, chin, neck, acne (acne). Especially it concerns catarrhal diseases, infections, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle and stress, which accompany the modern person at every step, are also capable of adversely affecting the condition of the skin of the face. It's no secret that to prevent the emergence of problems is quite realistic if you adhere to the right diet, eating a minimum of fatty, sharp, flour products. They should be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables, light meals cooked with steam treatment. Useful sports, regular walks in the fresh air. It is important to monitor your health and call the doctor on time, do not run the problem, if there is one. Cosmetology means, which are used to get rid of skin problems, eliminate only the consequences of the disease, and not the main reason. They only briefly mask its external manifestations.

Causes of skin diseases

The most common causesproblems with the skin are fungal diseases, allergic reactions, parasites, demodicosis (it causes skin damage by ticks), nervous disorders and seasonal vitamin deficiency, manifested mainly at the end of winter - early spring. The skin problems caused by these causes are manifested in different ways. It can be dry, as if styanutaya, skin, red spots under the nose and nose, on the forehead, acne in problem areas, peeling and itching. A red spot can also appear as a result of the expansion of blood vessels, namely small capillaries, which are too close to the surface of the skin. Their location is determined genetically, so in some people the predisposition to vasodilation is higher than that of others. A spot on the nose that tends to appear and disappear is likely to be an allergic skin reaction to medications or a certain product.

Types of diseases

Acceptance of certain medicines(antihistamines) makes the skin too sensitive to ultraviolet light, so after sun exposure, it can begin to peel off. A red spot on the nose or chin can appear due to squeezing out pimples and pustules, which is highly discouraged, especially in such dangerous places. Numerous inflamed rashes, which are accompanied by itching, with increased skin fatness, are probably caused by a fungus. This, the so-called, seborrheic dermatitis, it is often accompanied by a blockage of pores and acne. There is a connective tissue disease called scleroderma. Its initial stages cause inflammation of the skin, sometimes these are single elements (several small or one red spot on the nose, cheeks, forehead). Because of this, the symptoms can easily be attributed to another disease, so it is especially important to identify the disease in time. Subsequently, the spot brightens, thickens and is replaced by a hard patch of yellow hue.

Treatment and prevention of skin diseases

It is very important not to engage in self-medication! Even if you manage to determine the disease yourself, prescribe the correct treatment, and for a while the red spot on the nose will disappear - the effect will not last for long. Most often, after a person stops using drugs to get rid of pimples and spots, there is a relapse. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to go through a thorough diagnosis of specialists and find out what is the root cause. In a word, if there is a problem with the stomach, you need to do it first of all, otherwise it will be difficult to completely get rid of acne on the face.

It must also be remembered that prevention and attention to one's health can prevent most of the skin problems, so do not neglect it.

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