Liquid for electronic cigarettes FlavourArt does not need special representation

Viping is a fairly common phenomenon inthe modern world. Many smokers have already realized all its advantages and change traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Such gadgets allow not only to minimize the harmfulness of smoking, but also to receive from the process a real pleasure. This is achieved through a wide range of cartridge refills.

Fluid for electronic cigarettes FlavorArt Italian descent does not need a special introduction, because of it, probably, every steamer has already heard about it. But very few people know why the tobacco flavors of this brand are so good.

Fluid for electronic cigarettes FlavorArt

History of creation

In the context of the Ultimate project, the company's engineersconducted a whole scientific study of the aromas of tobacco. The aromas of the present tobacco were analyzed, then attempts were made to reproduce them with the help of food flavors. All ingredients have been carefully checked by the European Food Safety Authority.

Italian masters have developed a technologically complex production process, which allowed to create truly original mixtures with a unique character.

Main characteristics

Liquid for electronic cigarettes (each batch)is produced in large volumes (several dozens of liters) and requires exact compliance with the dosage of ingredients, which is undoubtedly difficult to achieve without high-tech equipment.

Vials with a volume of 20 ml are produced with concentration6, 12 and 18 mg nicotine. All the essential elements that contain liquid for electronic cigarettes FA (vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine) are certified by the independent pharmaceutical laboratory United States Pharmacopeia. The products meet all quality standards, safety standards and pass obligatory certification not only in Italy, but also outside Europe.

Refueling does not contain alcohol, gluten, protein, sugar, GMO, diacetyl, parabens, preservatives, ambroxide, sweeteners, colorants, as well as ingredients of animal origin.

Variety of flavors

The liquid for electronic cigarettes FlavorArt is represented by more than 30 flavors. For the convenience of consumers, the manufacturer divides them into three main categories:

  • The tobacco series. The flavors are represented by both traditional cigarette flavors and unique mixes.
  • Fruit liquid. The series is distinguished by soft bouquets, but with notes of authenticity. The manufacturer does not focus on the originality of the combinations of tastes, but on their similarity with the original source.
  • Dessert flavors. Include extraordinary tobacco bouquets and bold aromatic mixtures.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes trademark FlavourArt will satisfythe needs of even the most sophisticated gourmets. It can be used both for refilling cartridges of cigarettes and hookahs. In addition, all the flavors are presented in the no-nicotinic version, which undoubtedly pleases those wishing to get rid of addiction.

Growing popularity

The FlavourArt brand has existed for more than 8 years, andThroughout this period, the products enjoy an enviable popularity. This is confirmed by the fact that last year the plant of the company switched to a 24-hour operating mode. Agree, this says a lot!

Regularly the manufacturer pleases its customers with new flavors. This liquid for electronic cigarettes to buy and try should every connoisseur of bright, unforgettable bouquets!

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