There was a white pimple on the eyelid, what should I do?

This phenomenon, like pimples on the skin, is familiar to everyone. These rashes occur in women and men with the same frequency. Nevertheless, they are more concerned about the representatives of the weaker sex. Especially if pimples appear on exposed areas of the skin. In addition to the fact that eruptions create aesthetic defects, they can also be accompanied by other symptoms. After all, acne does not arise without a reason. Most often this is preceded by some changes in the body (hormonal imbalance, infection). It is worth knowing that the localization, color, size and other characteristics of the rashes indicate certain pathological conditions. For example, some people often have a white pimple on the eyelid. This symptom does not arise by chance. Therefore, in addition to local treatment of rashes, it is necessary to conduct etiologic therapy. It is aimed at combating the cause of the pathology.

white pimple on the eyelid

White rashes on the skin of the eyelids: a description

A white pimple on the eyelid's eye is called milium(or - prosyanka). It does not apply to infectious pathologies, therefore it is not contagious to others. Usually, patches do not cause discomfort, since they are related to painless rashes. Nevertheless, a pimple is an aesthetic defect, which is better to get rid of. Milium is characterized by its small size and dense consistency. Sometimes it can resemble a drop of water, stopped on the skin of the century. A white pimple (millet) appears without any prerequisites. First, there is one very small milium. If you do not take any measures, then the number of white pimples grows. Also they gradually increase in size. After all, the prophylactic belongs to the group of acne eruptions. Its difference is the typical localization (on the skin around the eyes, the upper eyelid) and white color.

In addition to milium, in these places can be observedand other rashes. They include various inflammatory, infectious and oncological processes. They differ in size, consistency and content. The white color of the pimples may be due to the accumulation of pus. This is one of the distinguishing features of inflammatory rashes. When asking for pimple contents, the secret of the sebaceous gland is. Also, the color of the milium does not change, unlike other types of skin rashes.

white pimples on the eyelids eyes Photo

The causes of the appearance of white pimples on the century

Like any symptom, a white pimple on the eyeliddoes not arise without a reason. Therefore, it is important to find out why it appeared. It is worth knowing that the apiary appears as a result of increased secretion of sebum. Often this leads to clogging of the glands, their enlargement. As a result of the accumulation of a sebaceous secret there appears on the surface of the skin a tubercle - a percussion. There are following reasons for the appearance of white acne:

  1. Improperly selected cosmetics. Before lubricating the skin around the eyes with creams, you need to determine whether they are suitable for its type. When using unsuitable cosmetics, the sebaceous glands can begin to produce more secretions, as a result of which they become clogged.
  2. Bold skin type. Some people have a predisposition to increased production of sebaceous secretions. In this case, you should carefully take care of the skin.
  3. Increased cholesterol in the blood. This disorder occurs in people who are obese, diabetes. It is also possible hereditary predisposition to increase the level of cholesterol.
  4. Decreased immunity. It often develops due to insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, stress factors.

If a white pimple appeared on the eyelid inside(on the mucous membrane), then a possible cause is a herpetic infection. If the rash at first had a red color and hurted, and then it became lighter, it is most likely an inflammatory or infectious process.

white pimple on the upper eyelid

What clinical manifestations can accompany the appearance of white pimples?

Besides the fact that a white pimple appeared on the centuryeyes, there may be other symptoms. For example, soreness, itching, pathological discharge from the tubercle. In addition, the general symptoms of an inflammatory reaction can develop. These include an increase in body temperature, general weakness, worsening of the condition. All of these features are absent in the proclamation. They develop if the cause of pimples are infectious agents (herpetic infection, gonococcus). If the rash is localized on the surface of the conjunctiva, then there are symptoms such as lacrimation, excretion of pus.

White pimple on the upper eyelid (milium)usually not accompanied by signs of inflammation. Nevertheless, it often occurs in people with oily skin. Other symptoms may be overweight, pain in the right upper quadrant. With reduced immunity, there is a tendency to viral and bacterial pathologies, a general weakness.

white pimple on the eyelids inside

White pimples on the eyelid: photo of skin rashes

White pimples around the eyes or eyelids candiffer in size, shape and consistency. It should be remembered that milium is considered the most "harmless" rash. It is characterized by small size and propensity to spread. Photo of such education can be seen in our article and meet in the medical literature, however, it is not worthwhile to make conclusions on the diagnosis independently. It is better to consult a dermatologist, who can name the cause of white pimples and prescribe the right treatment.

white pimple on the eye of the child's eyes

Diagnosis of rashes on the eyelid

As with adult people, a white pimple on the eyelidthe child's eyes may appear due to various factors. This is facilitated by non-compliance with personal hygiene (especially if the skin type is fatty), obesity and high cholesterol. Also the cause of acne in children is often parasitosis and endocrine diseases.

Regardless of the patient's age, diagnosispatches and other rashes on the skin should be performed by a dermatologist. To exclude viral and bacterial diseases, OAK and OAM are performed. The level of cholesterol is determined by the biochemical analysis of blood. In some cases, a microbiological examination is required for diagnosis. To this end, a pimple (imprint) is taken from the pimple. With the rapid growth of the tubercle and the appearance of unpleasant sensations (burning, pain), consultation of the oncologist is necessary.

white pimple on the lower eyelid

White pimples on the eyelid: treatment at home

White pimple on the lower eyelid of the eye is foundless often. Self-removal of rashes in this place is not recommended. Especially if the pimple is not a milium. In case the rashes are of infectious origin, bacteria can be introduced into the conjunctival cavity. When a specialist has confirmed the diagnosis "patience", you can carefully remove the pimple. For this, the skin is treated with an alcohol solution and an antiseptic. After that, it should be steamed in a warm room (bath) and very carefully pierce the middle of the pimple with a thin needle. Then squeeze the contents with two fingers. This method is used in the presence of 1-2 rashes on the eyelids. If the milium is multiple, you do not need to delete them yourself.

white pimple on a century eye treatment

White pimple on the eyelid: treatment of skin ailments

Treatment of whitehead acne should be prescribeddermatologist. Depending on the cause of the disease and the skin type of the patient, special cosmetics are selected, as well as antibacterial drugs. In the event that the milium quickly spreads and grows in size, various ointments are prescribed ("Tetracycline", "Ichthyol", "Zinerit" medication). Remove pryshchiki can doctor-cosmetologist. For this, traditional methods ("cleansing" of facial skin) and laser procedures are used.

Preventing the appearance of white pimples on the eyelid

To avoid the appearance of pimples on the face, as well as their spread, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  1. Purify the skin several times a day.
  2. Correctly choose the cosmetics. If necessary, it is better to consult a specialist.
  3. It is advisable not to use tonal and oily cream with acne present.
  4. Consult with a dermatologist when pimples appear, take the necessary tests.

Be healthy!

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