Have they found a callus on the lip of a newborn? Do not panic!

Parents are different, one peculiarto treat only the child born, and then to the older child, with a certain amount of slovenliness and irresponsibility, while others, on the contrary, surround the beloved child with excessive care and guardianship. It is the second category of mothers and dads who are the first to notice the callus on the lip of a newborn, and it is worthwhile for them to see this problem, begin to search for the underlying causes of its appearance, and also to invent methods for eliminating the "disease." In today's article, you will learn what "milk callus" is, why it appears in the child and whether you need to do something about it.

corn on the lip of a newborn

Attention! Danger! Or not?

Considering once again your baby afterbathing, feeding, or just during his restful sleep, the mother may find that "something" appeared on his upper lip. Someone will see a watery blister at the very center of the sponge, someone a small hardened build-up, and someone already peeling off a dried piece of skin. If the baby is not disturbed by this phenomenon, the tumor does not oozing with a syphilis, is not inflamed or reddened, do not worry and worry.

Corn on the lip of a newborn is a normal physiological condition that occurs in the majority of infants and even has a certain medical name.

corn on the lip of a newborn photo

Milk Corn

In the manuals for the care of toddlersage, this problem, which is not at all a problem, is designated as a milk callus. This condition can occur in the child from the first days after birth, and maybe after a few months - it all depends on several attendant factors and features of the baby.

Corn on the lip of the newborn appearsdue to the intensive work that the baby needs to do in order to just eat. Active and frequent sucking contribute to the fact that the tenderest skin is injured and swollen. Corn can even become watery, with time it's a little hard. In contrast to the usual natto-pads and naryttes that are common to adults when they are wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes or after working in a vegetable garden without gloves, the "milk" callus does not bring any inconvenience to the child. Because of her, he will not eat less, let alone give up breast or bottle.

callus on the lip of a newborn

The problem will pass by itself, the maximum to thattime, when the feeding of the child by means of a bottle or a breast will stop. That is, while the child will suck a lot, corn will be present on the lip constantly or periodically appear.

Correct and irregular breasts

Attentive moms and grieving grandmothersIt is peculiar to twist the facts and inflate the problem from nothing. Often, identifying the callus on the lip of a newborn during breastfeeding, parents and their relatives believe that it arose due to an incorrect structure of the breast or the inability of the baby to take the nipple.

In fact, if the mother during feeding does notfeels uncomfortable, the baby grasps the breast well and gets enough to eat, so there is no problem with feeding. The only nuance that is worth noting - with the now popular method of feeding on demand, and not by the hour, the baby is attached to the mother's "sis" quite often. If he is near the wet nurse for a long time (more than 15-20 minutes), then the likelihood that he will have a "milk" corn on the lip increases significantly.

Corn on the lip of a newborn with artificial feeding

A bottle will save you from corn?

This, however, does not mean that it is worth limitingkid in sucking, moreover, pediatricians do not recommend excommunicating a child or transfer to a mixed feeding earlier than he turns 6 months old. Corn on the lips of a newborn with artificial feeding is as often as those of those kids who eat mother's milk.

If this problem worries parentsor the child experiences certain difficulties during a meal, you can try to change the nipple on a bottle. The silicone nozzle is more durable and hygienic, but the traditional latex is softer and more gentle to the touch, and the tactile sensations after touching it many children like more.

A treat, we will?

So, if you and your baby had toto face such an unpleasant phenomenon as corn on the lip of a newborn, first of all, do not panic. In case of doubt and the desire not to leave everything on its own, contact the child's attending physician, he will tell the correct algorithm of actions after evaluating the situation.

In the majority of cases, notreatment is not needed, but the delicate skin is not harmed by easy hydration and nutrition, it is best to use natural olive oil, it will soften the corn and will not form a coarse and rough crust in its place.

callus on the lip of a newborn during breastfeeding

Some doctors recommend cauterizationantiseptic (iodine, zelenka, furatsilin) ​​corn on the lip of a newborn. Treatment with such drugs is a controversial and controversial method, because they are quite aggressive in their effects and can cause a burn, especially in such a gentle part of the body as the lips. If the blister burst, the best way to treat the wound will be hydrogen peroxide, it will disinfect and dry the hole without damaging the skin even more.

Do not miss the real problem

Do not forget that the mucous membrane of the mouth -this is one of the first barriers that must be overcome by various kinds of viruses and infections on the way to the human body. Small children are a special group of risk, they pull everything they can get into their mouths. It is not always possible to surround the child with an ideal sterility and purity, the more so, it should not be done, sooner or later it will fall into completely different conditions for itself, and an unprepared immune system can not cope with the siege of pathogens.

The most common problems that canoccur in children of the first year of life directly in the mouth - this is a thrush and stomatitis. The first disease is the formation of a whitish coating on mucous membranes, in neglected cases, small sores can be found beneath it.

Stomatitis also has a different symptomatology, the mouth, andsometimes the lips, covered with blisters filled with whitish liquid, around the bladder, redness and swelling of the tissues are visualized. The disease itself is often accompanied by a high fever. It is very important not to write off this infection to the usual callus on the lip of a newborn. Photos of "milky" corn and stomatitis help to avoid mistakes, as well as take adequate measures when the baby needs real treatment.

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