Is there a remedy for herpes on the lip that can permanently rid itself of this ailment?

Statistics show that 9 inhabitants of the Earth from10 are infected with this virus. As a rule, it enters the bloodstream in childhood (sometimes children become infected from the mother even before birth). But suffer from the symptoms of this disease, fortunately, not all. Many do not even know that there is herpes in their blood. But for some people this virus has become a real problem and makes itself felt constantly: at the slightest stress, hypothermia, during colds and even in the heat.

herpes remedy on the lip
Despite the long struggle of humanity withmanifestations of this unpleasant disease, to find a truly effective remedy for herpes on the lip has not yet been able to anyone. Most drugs offered by pharmacists are aimed only at eliminating symptoms and have no effect on the presence of the virus in the blood. The same funds that supposedly should be cured of this ailment forever, very expensive, require long-term use, sometimes have very unpleasant side effects, but still do not lead to a complete cure. The maximum that can be achieved by buying such a remedy against herpes on the lips is the absence of its manifestations for several years, after which painful blisters will again appear.

On the other hand, does it make sense to get rid ofthe virus, which is borne by virtually all of humanity? After all, there is a huge chance of getting infected again, and all efforts will be in vain. It is much more effective to strengthen immunity in order to reduce the incidence of the disease, and after a while, it is possible to forget about it forever.

anti-herpes on the lips

It turns out that the best remedy for herpeson the lip - it's vitamins, high-grade rest, a healthy lifestyle and everything that has a beneficial effect on human immunity. As folk remedies aimed at increasing immunity, echinacea and dog rose are widely used. Their broth can be systematically taken in the off-season, when the risk of colds increases, and therefore the likelihood of rashes on the lips increases.

If we consider funds directed atsymptomatic treatment of the virus, they can also be divided into folk and medicamentous. The first include various essential oils. In particular, tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for herpes on the lip, which should be applied immediately, even with a tingling sensation. In addition, well fir oil. Both drugs have an impact on the virus at the local level, speeding up the healing process. However, because of a rather specific smell, not everyone can use them. Before smearing herpes on the lip with one of the oils, you should test it on another area of ​​the skin (for example, on the wrist) for an allergy. If after 20-30 minutes there is no rash or irritation, you can apply the product and on the lips. Reduce the pain syndrome and speed up the healing will also help a solution of table salt or a decoction of chamomile.

than to smear herpes on the lip
Of the medicines of local actionquite effectively combat the symptoms of "Gerpevir", "Zovirax" and "Acyclovir." But, firstly, each of them has certain contraindications, and secondly, over time, the drug becomes addictive, and its effectiveness decreases.

It turns out that, despite a large selection of medicinal and folk methods of treatment, a truly effective remedy for herpes on the lip has not been found to date.

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