Cigarettes "Java": description and types

More and more recently, people are becomingare dependent on tobacco. Some prefer thin and light cigarettes, while others smoke strong cigarettes. Of course, all this does not bring any health benefits. This article will describe the cigarettes "Java". You will learn what kinds of products this product has, and what is its special feature.

Cigarettes "Java"

These cigarettes began to be produced back in 1966famous Russian company "BAT-Java". Tobacco was first packed in paper without a filter. Only a few years later, Java cigarettes were the first products with a protective element. The filter in these cigarettes protects against the penetration of smoke into the lungs and, therefore, prevents certain diseases associated with smoking. Cigarettes "Java" have several types, which differ from each other. Consider them.

Cigarettes «Java Classical Gold»

Initially, this tobacco was produced in softpackaging. Only after a while, cigarettes "Java" purchased a more convenient for the consumer pack. The rigid box does not crumple and prevents the breaking of cigarettes. This product has a filter. In the pack you will find twenty cigarettes.

The resin content in this form of tobacco is 10 milligrams. The nicotine is presented in the amount of 0.8 milligrams.

cigarettes gold

The product "Modern Golden Java"

The tutu fully justifies its name. It has a gold coating with a branded label. In one package there are 20 cigarettes.

In comparison with its predecessor, such atobacco is easier. That's why it is often acquired by women and young people. The tar content in these cigarettes is within 4 milligrams. Also there is 0.4 milligram of nicotine.

cigarettes java classic

"Golden Java Original" cigarettes

This product occupies an average position between the two previous species. There are 7 milligrams of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine. In the pack is the standard number of cigarettes.

The packaging has a golden color from below and white is from above. Thus, the manufacturer identifies the originality of this product.

Tobacco "Special Golden Java"

Cigarettes "Java Gold Special" are designed forThose who want to protect themselves as much as possible from exposure to harmful smoke. In a pack there are 20 light cigarettes. In each of them there is 1 milligram of resin and 0.1 mg of nicotine.

The tutu has a golden color with a branded label. However, from the others it is distinguished by a white color. This is what allows the consumer not to confuse the product with the rest of the cigarettes (more robust).

what kinds of cigarettes are golden java

Summing up and a small conclusion of the article

For several years the company's products"Java" took first place in the "Brand of the Year" competition. This indicates the unquestionable quality of products and the preferences of consumers. All tobacco passes preliminary careful processing and purification. Cigarettes "Golden Java" won first place among all tobacco products in 2007. At present, the manufacturer does not slow down its turnover and continues to receive consumer recognition.

Among the cigarettes of this brand, you can find something,that is right for you. Men choose classic cigarettes, which contain a large number of pitches and nicotine. Women and young people prefer lighter tobacco. But even here the choice is not limited to two species.

"Golden Java" cigarettes can help yougive up smoking at all. To do this, just go gradually to lighter grades of tobacco. When you stop at the sight of "Special Golden Java", start smoking fewer cigarettes. Gradually you can completely abandon this addiction.

Watch your health and do not abuse bad habits!

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