"White Rose" is a medical center. "White Rose" - clinic, St. Petersburg

Not so long ago in St. Petersburg, a newestablishment - "White Rose". The medical center is open on charitable grounds and is called upon to help women free of charge in solving gynecological problems.

History of creation

In December 2011, on the initiative and with the participation ofSvetlana Medvedeva in St. Petersburg opened a medical center "White Rose". SPB for the first time received an institution of this type. The fact is that it was built and opened exclusively with the funds of various charitable foundations.

white rose medical center

The patronage of the institution took Voskresensky Novodevichy Convent. As His Highness Sophia said, all nuns and novices will pray for the health of the doctors and patients of this institution.

In St. Petersburg, "White Rose" was the first of the futurenetwork of similar institutions. They are planning to open across the country in order for Russian citizens to have a free opportunity to diagnose complex diseases at early stages.

Main tasks

According to the concept, a free diagnostic center inSPB is designed to conduct primary diagnosis of pelvic and breast cancers. For this purpose, the center has modern equipment and a laboratory. They conduct research on the main areas of the risk group in accordance with age recommendations.

If patients want to find treatment here, thenthey will be disappointed. All the activities of the center are aimed exclusively at diagnosis. No medical advice is given here. They just write a referral to the treatment centers or hospital.

At the same time, the speed and accuracy of the diagnosis remains at a very high level. As the reviews of patients say, this quality of care they did not receive in other similar centers, even commercial ones.

medical center white rose spb
In order to pass the examination, you need to make an appointment in the telephone, and in front of him to show the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and MHI.


In St. Petersburg, as in other cities, you can go for free diagnostics in the center "White Rose". The medical center has several areas of its activity.

The team of gynecologists is engaged indiagnosis of pelvic organs. The range of possible diagnoses is quite large: from infectious diseases to infertility and oncology. Each patient must be given a smear for cytology and a direction for ultrasound is given. Also blood tests for oncomarkers are done.

The next stage of the study is a visit to the mammalogist. Women under 40 years pass only palpation of the chest and lymph nodes. A mammogram is done only for the intended purpose. Older than 40 years, all patients are automatically sent to the hardware examination of the condition of the mammary glands.

The center has a psychological office and a support center for women during menopause. They help women cope with their problems through internal strength and energy.

Not a treatment center

Many patients believe that the clinic "White"rose "is a medical center that helps to cope with many gynecological diseases. In fact, this is not so. Only research work is carried out here.

white rose medical center reviews

In addition, when applying for a secondexamination, if previously diagnosed as "oncology", a woman will be denied a survey. The thing is that in the center there is no special equipment for detecting distant metastases. And such diagnostics will be of little informative.

The maximum therapeutic effect that canget a patient, except for referral to a specialized treatment in another center - this is psychological support in case the diagnosis is "cancer", or she is in a state of natural or clinical menopause. But this is not a treatment in the direct sense of the word. Rather, it is only support and support that facilitates the experience of the course of the disease.


Uneven in its structure of work "White Rose". The medical center has several units, which in close cooperation help each other to deliver the most accurate diagnosis.

In the center there is a team of professionalgynecologists with several years of experience in diagnostic medicine. It is with the examination of a gynecologist that any women's consultation begins. Further, the doctor prescribes tests and studies, which he himself then interprets.

The second important doctor is a mammologist. He is able at an early stage to suspect the presence of education in the mammary gland or to refute the patient's suspicions if she accidentally noticed any seals in this organ.

white rose medical center blagoveshchensk
At the center there is a modern laboratory that conducts tests for all possible diseases of the pelvic organs of a woman. Here it is also necessary to include the cabinets of ultrasound and mammography.

In the center of psychological support does not workonly a psychologist, but also a doctor endocrinologist who helps regulate the natural hormonal background in case of failure due to age or clinical factors.

Quality of services provided

Many charitable organizations have tried,so that only the best equipment and doctors received the "White Rose". The clinic (SPB) of this level in the city is infrequent. Therefore, the results it gives the most accurate.

Most of the repeated studies in the treatment centers confirm the diagnoses. Therefore, the treating physicians have already stopped checking the accuracy of the data received in the center.

diagnostic center in St. Petersburg
But with respect to the level of service for manypatients have censures. According to them, the doctors here are not very responsive. They perform their work mechanically, not noticing that a living person is in front of them.

There are even such reviews, which say thatadmission to doctors can be accessed only by paying for it "who needs to." As far as this information is true, it is difficult to say, since there is no official confirmation.


A far from unequivocal opinion about myself has formed"White Rose". Medical center reviews on the web have both positive and negative. Most of them say that it is very difficult to make an appointment. In the registry it can not be done. On the site too. And on the phone, not everyone has the patience to wait for her to be connected to the operator. Moreover, from the words of third parties, the recording is not carried out at the center. This means that a husband or mother can not record a wife and daughter for an appointment, and she does not always have time to get through.

clinic white rose

The level of care and attitude towards patientsstaff are also ambiguous. Most of the reviews converge on the fact that the center is run by cads who respond to all the indignations: "If something goes wrong, go to your local women's consultation." Although in relation to individual doctors there are still very warm and positive reviews, which show that not everything is already so bad in this center.

Problem Call Center

In the corridors, the main topic for discussion ishow someone dialed in the center of the "White Rose". Blagoveshchensk Medical Center received not so long ago, but in it, and even in Moscow - the same problems.

To reach the operator, you need to spenda lot of time. Women say that it takes from half an hour to several weeks. There is an opinion that it is necessary to start the call exactly at 8:30, as soon as the reception of calls opens. Five minutes later, it is completely ineffective.

You need to call only on a fixed line, since the connection waiting time with the operator is 30 minutes on average, but it can be 1.5 hours. The main thing - have patience and wait.

white rose clinic spb

The conversation and the appointment do not take muchtime. The operator will quickly offer suitable options for women and will write it down at any time convenient to her. The good center works from morning till night (8:30 - 21:00).

Management Response

It is noteworthy that the leadership of the center is aware ofthis problem. "White Rose" is a medical center that has been facing it for many years, but nothing can be done about it. The official website says that an average of 60,000 calls are received every day to the call center. About 420 of them are connected with the operator and are recorded at the reception. But the bandwidth of the center is only 330 people a week.

Therefore, it turns out that there are more people than the center can serve.

The same situation with callsa kind of screening factor. Only those who really need it are registered with the doctors. If any person could go through the survey from the street, the resources of the center would quickly be exhausted, and this would not add to the effectiveness, since simple idlers often do not need an accurate diagnosis confirming their health.

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