Chest fracture, rib fracture

Among the most common injuries sustained during occupations in professional sports or in case of an accident, a broken rib. This condition is a great danger, soas an injured rib can cause damage to internal organs and vessels, as well as the development of serious complications. However, usually broken ribs successfully fuse and do not pose a health hazard. The causes of injuries are frequently falling, bumps or injuries during an accident, severe intense cough, osteoporosis, gunshot wounds, and cancer.

It is important to note that the rib fracture is of two types: open, characterized by the appearance of wounds over the site of the fracture, and closed, in which the skin is not damaged. In this case, distinguish:

- cracks of edges;

- periosteal fracture, in which the organic portion of the rib surface is damaged;

- a complete fracture, which occurs due to the breaking of the rib with the displacement of bones.

Often also it is possible to observe traumas of the pleura, lungs, resulting in the development of emphysema or hemothorax.

On the damaged part of the body there is edema andhematoma, bleeding may occur. Thus, the symptoms of fracture of the ribs are manifested in painful sensations when the breath is made and the body moves. If internal organs are damaged, hemoptysis, pneumothorax or emphysema subcutaneous, cyanosis, chest augmentation, tachycardia can occur, and the skin becomes pale on the damaged area of ​​the chest, usually a short time after the injury, already developing respiratory failure.

The severity of injury depends on the location of the fracture and the number of injured ribs. Therefore, if you suspect a fractured rib, you need to undergo a screening. For this, the following methods are used:

1. X-ray. Fixes fractures of the ribs.

2. Ultrasound. Used to determine the extent of damage to internal organs.

3. Tomography. It allows to reveal damages of edges, tissues and blood vessels.

4. MRI. Helps to detect small cracks in the rib, and also indicates the degree of tissue damage around the injured rib.

If we consider the question of how to treatfracture of the rib, it should be noted that with such injuries it is necessary to provide first aid. To do this, fix the damaged ribs by applying bandages to exclude bone displacement and bleeding, give an anesthetic drug and provide transportation to a medical facility. With simple fractures, gypsum is usually applied, if the fracture is multiple or complications are given, the patient is placed in a hospital for surgical treatment. The person is prescribed painkillers and expectorants, analgesics, physiotherapy, gymnastic exercises.

If symptoms occur that indicate complications after a fracture, fluoroscopy is usually performed, if necessary, puncture.

Within a month and a half, simple injuries of the ribs usually heal, in extremely severe cases, surgical intervention is used.

Thus, fracture of the rib can lead tothe development of complications, 60% of patients with fractures damage the internal organs and pleura, which is a danger to life, 40% of patients have mild fractures, which usually heal within a month and do not require special treatment. In some cases, a fracture can cause death, since a broken rib can damage the vital organs of a person. It is important to remember that it is not advisable to adjust the ribs independently at fractures, as tissue, vessels or nerve fibers may be damaged.

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