How many people can live without sleep without harming your body

Sleep plays an important role in human life. Rest is needed for every organ, especially the brain, which without this can not fully work. And how many people can live without sleep?

Scientific research

For many years scientists have been asking the question: "How many people can live without sleep?" and

how many people can live without sleep
conduct experiments on this topic. So, one day several volunteers were gathered in one room and started research. The result showed that most people fell asleep in two days without sleep, and only a few survived for five days. During this period, the volunteers experienced severe fatigue, slight loss of memory and lack of energy. Approximately two days later, the brain begins to shut off automatically, plunging into a shallow sleep. If a person does not perform any actions, he falls asleep in any position.


Many people tried to fix how manya person can live without sleep. The absolute record, recorded in the Guinness book - 12 days. During this time, a European who has not slept so much time, memory worsened and headaches began. The experiment negatively affected his health.

how many people can sleep
However, there are people who have not slept and morelong time. So, one Vietnamese has not slept for 27 years and at the same time feels fine. And there are many such cases in the world. How is this explained? Individual ability of the body to withstand heavy loads. According to scientists, these people have phenomenal abilities, which consist in the fact that their organs can be switched off separately, resting in this way. In fact, if you train your body, then this is quite possible.

Why should a person sleep?

Trying to find out how many people can live withoutsleep, people put experiments on themselves. But do not do this, because you can completely ruin your body. After the first day without sleep, the state of health worsens, pressure is disrupted, irritability appears. Two days without sleep deprives a man of strength, it is difficult for him to think. After the third day there is a depressive state, neurotic disorders. Further worse: a person sees nightmares, hallucinations, hears strange sounds or voices. The existing chronic diseases worsen, there is shortness of breath, palpitations. Gradually die cells of the brain die, which leads to the inevitable death of a person.

How many people can sleep? Why not experiment?

How many people can live without sleep, notharming their health? The answer is obvious: 15-20 hours. In a day there must be at least one dream lasting at least 4 hours. But this is an extreme case. In general, a person needs a full, eight-hour sleep once every 24 hours.

how long can a person live without sleep
Do not try to check for yourself how muchtime a person can live without sleep. Everything depends on the body and its endurance. Some people can safely stay awake for five days and feel good, and others become sluggish, tense and painful within a day. Sleep - this is not the case when it is worthwhile to put experiments. Otherwise, we will have to prove how many people can live without sleep, at the cost of their own lives or health.

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