Children's city hospital of Mary Magdalene, St. Petersburg: address, reviews

One of the oldest children's medical institutionsSt. Petersburg is the Mary Magdalene Hospital. It was founded in 1829. For more than 100 years, many children and parents were helped by the staff. Affordable and effective medicine - that is the motto of the institution. It is no coincidence that you can hear positive reviews about the hospital.


The medical institution is represented by twosurgical departments. The Children's City Hospital helps children with various pathologies, starting with the usual inflammation of appendicitis, ending with complicated surgical interventions associated with the malfunctioning of organs and systems. If the operation is planned, you must first register for hospitalization at 670-45-45. Calls are accepted daily, from 9:00 to 17:00. The reception desk itself is open 24 hours a day. Assistance to patients who arrive in a critical condition is as quick as possible.

Mary Magdalene Hospital
Those who enter a planned hospitalization, must first prepare documents. These include:

  • SNILS,
  • the policy of compulsory medical insurance,
  • passport of parents,
  • the birth certificate of the child,
  • Inoculation certificate or a photocopy.

Additionally, you must bring your toiletaccessories, bathrobe and slippers. Bed linen in the room is provided. Those who are diagnosed with an "ingrown nail" should take open wide slippers.

Hospitalization in hospital for children under 7 years oldis spent together with parents. The adult who will accompany the small patient, it is preliminary necessary to pass the analysis of a feces to an intestinal group, and also to make a roentgenography. To speed up the process of registration in a hospital, you can make photocopies of all the above listed documents.

Like other children's hospitals in St. Petersburg, medicalthe institution provides qualified assistance for purulent-infectious diseases. In the surgical department, a pediatrician works. Prescribed drugs in accordance with age, as well as the individual characteristics of the body of each patient.

Traumatology department

The Mary Magdalene Hospital (St. Petersburg) isa medical institution that provides assistance in any direction. Traumatology is no exception. There is a 45-bed department. Babies with fractures of bones of different localization are provided with qualified help. In this case, a small patient may not necessarily be registered in a hospital. Children receive advice from a trauma doctor, the patient is given a cast and he can go home. Babies with severe neurotrauma remain in the hospital under round-the-clock supervision of medical personnel. With children under 7 years old, parents can also be in the ward.

children's city hospital
The department is the base of the Children's Research InstituteTraumatology named after GI Turner. For a year, more than 3000 small patients are left to fumble. About the medical institution you can hear more positive reviews. Doctors do know the approach to children. Specialists in their practice use gentle methods of treatment that are not associated with fear and pain in children.

For planned admission to hospital,Preliminarily prepare such documents as the policy of the compulsory medical institution of the child, his birth certificate, SNILS, referral from the attending physician. If the patient is in the institution with his parents, it is necessary to prepare an accompanying passport. In addition, it is necessary to make an extract about preventive vaccinations of the baby. When applying to a hospital, you must bring hygiene items, slippers and changeable clothing.

Pediatric Department

The Mary Magdalene Hospital is in the firstturn a children's medical institution. Therefore, pediatrics are given the most attention. In 1973, the department was expanded due to the merger of two hospitals (V. Slutsy and N. Krupskaya institutions). Now the pediatrics are designed for 60 beds. There are specialized cots for newborns. The department employs highly qualified doctors and nurses. A lot of good reviews can be heard about Yevgenia Olegovna Bondalovskaya. This is a pediatrician of the highest qualification. The specialist leads children with neurological, cardiological and allergic pathologies. Each small patient has to use his own approach.

hospital spb
Children's city hospital of St. Mary Magdalenemuch attention is paid to outpatient counseling. Doctors answer questions of parents not only concerning children's diseases, but also nutrition, development of preschool children. A consultant on breastfeeding works in the hospital.

Unfortunately, the products that are available today in thesupermarkets, can not always be called qualitative. From this, first of all children suffer. Problems with the stomach begin to appear already at an early age. The pediatric department provides an opportunity to conduct a study of the gastrointestinal tract. If there are deviations, the specialist prescribes treatment according to the form of the disease and the age of the patient.

Entering the pediatric department, as inany other, you need to prepare the relevant documents: SNILS, compulsory medical insurance policy, patient's outpatient card, birth certificate or passport (if the child is over 14 years old), an extract about vaccinations. The accompanying person must also have a document proving his identity.

Allergic department

Poor nutrition, ecological situation -all this negatively affects the condition of the younger generation. It is necessary to meet more and more small patients who suffer from allergies in this or that manifestation. It is no coincidence that the corresponding department has a Mary Magdalene hospital. The reviews show that every second child has to face allergies. In some cases, therapy has to be done in a hospital.

hospital of Mary Magdalene St. Petersburg
Today the department is represented by a friendlya team of 3 doctors, 12 nurses and 4 nurses. Many good reviews can be heard about Ashepkov Olga Mikhailovna. This pediatrician of the highest category, specializing primarily on the problems of allergies.

Help is provided to kids with differentpathologies: bronchial asthma, atypical dermatitis, pollinosis, hives of various origins, etc. Every year, a survey and further treatment in the department are up to 1000 children.

Before admission to the hospital, you must haveSNILS child, a policy of his compulsory medical insurance, a birth certificate or passport, an outpatient card. Parents who will be in the hospital with the child must have a passport or other document proving their identity. In addition, an adult will have to pass an analysis to the intestinal group, as well as fluorography.

Cardiorheumatology department

The Mary Magdalene Hospital helps childrenwith such serious pathologies as rheumatism, arterial hypertension, systemic lupus erythematosus, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart diseases, etc. Treatment in the department are children who have pathologies associated with the support apparatus and the cardiovascular system. The hospital is represented by 60 beds (30 rheumatological and 30 cardiological). The work uses modern equipment, which allows the most accurate diagnosis, identify this or that pathology and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

inpatient hospitalization
The help is both urgent and planned. According to statistical data, for the year, up to 1500 patients aged from 1 to 18 years are treated. Hospitalization in the hospital is performed if documents are available: SNILS, compulsory medical insurance policy, outpatient card, child's birth certificate (or passport), document proving the identity of the accompanying person. Children under 7 years old can stay in the ward together with their parents.

Small patients who enter thehospital, it is necessary to pass a number of analyzes in the first days. These include: scraping for enterobiasis, feces analysis for the intestinal group, a general blood test, a general urine test. The results of these studies are valid for 14 days. Therefore, it is possible to pass tests before entering a hospital in a medical facility on your site.

Nephrology department

A significant jump in the development of city medicinewas the opening of the nephrology department in a medical institution named after Mary Magdalene. Not all hospitals of SPB specialize in such children's pathologies as pyelonephritis, acute and chronic glomerulonephritis, cystitis, etc. The department employs highly qualified specialists to help them have high-quality equipment. An integrated approach allows the most accurate diagnosis of a small patient and determines the further treatment.

The nephrological department has 45 beds,designed not only for young patients, but also for their attendants. The head of the department is Olga Vasilyevna Kozlovskaya. The doctor specializes in kidney pathologies associated with kidneys. Olga Vasilievna claims that in recent years the number of patients of the department has increased dramatically. Specialists have to develop new methods for the treatment of pathologies, which had not previously been encountered.

The Mary Magdalene Hospital conducts both an emergency,and planned hospitalization. To make an appointment with a specialist, you need to call +7 812 670-45-45. Scheduled hospitalization is conducted daily from 9:00 to 17:00.

Department of Radiation Diagnostics

Its history began with a smallcabinet on the first floor of the surgical building. Initially, there were X-ray studies (since 1907). Today, without specialists in this field, diagnoses in other areas can not be correctly diagnosed. The work is carried out by an x-ray physician, as well as by two specialists in the field of ultrasound diagnostics. In addition, there are 7 laboratory assistants in the department. Thanks to high-quality equipment, it is possible to detect this or that pathology in a timely fashion in small patients. The earlier the correct diagnosis is made, the more results the treatment gives.

On a free basis, the research is conducted in the presence of a compulsory medical insurance policy. You can get to the procedure by appointment between Monday and Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Paid services

Even if you do not have all the necessary documents,a children's city hospital can help a small patient. At the same time, services will be provided on a fee basis. For an appropriate fee, outpatient treatment, diagnostics using high-quality equipment, surgical intervention, rehabilitation, etc. can be carried out. Services are also provided to citizens of other states. Foreigners, if you believe the reviews, pleases first and foremost the level of service. Small patients, as well as their parents, are provided with everything necessary to stay in the hospital.

What does the Mary Magdalene Hospital offer? Paid services are provided in such areas as pediatrics, surgery, cardiology, urology, etc. It is possible to get advice from a child psychologist, immunologist, orthopedist, ophthalmologist. And all this for a democratic fee. Hospital Mary Magdalene (St. Petersburg) does not pursue the goal of earning. To cure a small patient is the main task.

Contact Information

Children's Hospital No. 2 of St. Mary Magdaleneis popular not only among the inhabitants of the Northern capital. People from other regions of Russia also come to the medical facility. All you need to have patients is a compulsory medical insurance policy, identity documents, an outpatient card and referral for treatment.

children's city hospital of St. Mary Magdalene

Postal address of the Mary Magdalene Hospital: index 199053, St. Petersburg, Vasileostrovsky district, 1st line, house 58. Here is the administrative building and the reception room. You can get there easily from the metro station Sportivnaya-2. Just 50 meters from the stop there is Magdalene lane, which rests on the gates of the hospital.

If there is a need to get intooutpatient and consulting department, we need a 14 line. The hospital of Mary Magdalene is represented by two buildings. The second building is located at the 14th line, house 58. You can also get from the metro station "Sportivnaya". In the same building there are nephrologic, cardiorheumatological and allergic departments.

Reviews about the work of the hospital

Within the walls of a medical institution for many yearsNot one child's life was saved. Specialists really with a soul approach to work. The reviews show that the atmosphere within the walls of the hospital immediately indicates that the facility is designed for young patients. There are toys in the wards. Some of them were left by the babies who were treated here. On the walls there are funny posters with favorite cartoon characters. There is also information for parents regarding the upbringing of the children's generation, the prevention of diseases, proper nutrition.

hospital of Mary Magdalene reviews
The medical institution is directed to treatmentvarious childhood pathologies. The reviews show that great attention is paid to allergology. There are almost no vacancies in the department. High-quality equipment is used, which allows to identify the form of pathology, to choose the right treatment. The reviews show that practically in every clinical case it is possible to achieve a positive result.

The medical institution does not stop in itsdevelopment. The opening of a new branch in the Mary Magdalene hospital is planned. This will be the center of urology-andrology. Employees of the medical institution claim that work is underway to purchase modern equipment in a new direction.

Pleases patients and the opportunity to take advantage ofmedical services in the absence of a compulsory medical insurance policy. On a fee basis, qualified assistance of leading specialists can be obtained. Life and health of young patients is in safe hands. Residents of other countries can also seek help.

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