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"Workshop of Health" - a network of medical centersin St. Petersburg, dealing with the treatment of diseases of the spine, nervous system, joints. For thirteen years of its work, specialists of this network have managed to help several thousand patients get rid of existing diseases and avoid the emergence of new ones.

What is this network?

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The city where the network "WorkshopHealth "- St. Petersburg. As of 2016, it already has four branches of this network. Placed in different parts of the city clinics are available to all those who need help and treatment of diseases of the spine. The number of cured patients has long exceeded 50 thousand people and continues to increase actively.

It is here that those people most often turn,who are already desperate to be cured in other institutions. The key difference of the network is that all possible treatment options are considered here and none is rejected. The method is chosen based on the patient's current condition, and absolutely all his wishes are taken into account. The medical staff is committed to doing everything possible to help the client get rid of the disease as soon as possible. A person is constantly provided with psychological support.

What is being treated here?

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Network of medical institutions "WorkshopHealth ", located in St. Petersburg, specializes in neurological diseases. First of all, we are talking about diseases of the spine (hernia, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, etc.), as well as the pathologies that result from these diseases. Most often these diseases negatively affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Special attention is paid to orthopedics. It actively treats diseases such as scoliosis, arthritis, arthrosis, etc. A distinctive feature of the clinic is the use of ultramodern methods, which is impossible in the conditions of state institutions. In this case, everything is limited only to the amount that the client can afford to pay for their treatment.

Why is it worth contacting here?

First, this institution is actively usingsystem that MS developed for his patients. Norbekov, "The Workshop of Health" recycles it and helps patients to go through self-recovery. The average length of the specialists working in this network is about 15 years, this allows us to hope for high-quality treatment. In addition, in the therapy of a disease, doctors seek to heal the whole body, without focusing on a particular problem.

Another principle that is beingadhere to the doctors of the network of clinics, - non-drug treatment. Of course, it is used only in cases where it is possible. Experts try to do everything to ensure that the patient was healthy and never needed the help of doctors. All the centers work daily from 9 to 22 hours, thanks to this you can always count on getting help. One of the important advantages is the lack of queues, the reception is always done according to the preliminary record.


workshop of health in St. Petersburg

The only tool that will help youto form an idea about the network of clinics "Workshop of Health", - patient feedback. Those who have ever been treated in these institutions, note the high professionalism of doctors, as well as their desire to bring the matter to an end. Some even quarrel with doctors, demanding to write them out at the slightest improvement, but experts insist on their own and with the help of a psychologist convince the patient of the need for further treatment. As a rule, later these patients thank the doctors for their perseverance.

As negative moments, the patients of the network"Workshop of Health" note a relatively small number of branches in the territory of St. Petersburg. The city is large enough and, according to many of its residents, four clinics are not enough to meet the needs of the population for the treatment of various diseases. The management of the network plans to expand it approximately twice, but does not specify exact terms, since it is a question of purchasing space, hiring specialists and filing tax reports, which takes a lot of time.

How to contact?

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Doctors clinics network "Workshop Health", reviews abouttreatment in which are purely positive, take patients solely by appointment. That's why you must first enroll in a single number - +7 (812) 3098204, you can do it every day from 9 to 22 hours. It is very important that specialists with medical education serve the hotline, who will be able to conduct a primary consultation, identify the problem, and then advise them to use the services of a particular doctor.

Branches are located near the stationsPetrogradskaya, Lesnaya, Moskovskaya, Akademicheskaya. Recently the branch of the clinic functions in the capital and is located near the metro station "Avtozavodskaya". It is planned that soon another clinic will work next to the station "Timiryazevskaya". To specify the detailed information on a site of clinics in Moscow and to make an appointment it is possible, having addressed by phone +7 (495) 2681269.

Consultation scheme

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If you want to use the network servicesclinics "Workshop of Health", for starters you will need to apply for advice in the contact center on the appropriate phone. You have the right to a free consultation lasting up to 30 minutes, during which time you can get answers to all questions of interest and make an appointment.

The primary reception is free, helasts up to 60 minutes. The specialist will conduct an examination and interrogate you to make a complete picture and come to a specific diagnosis. After the appointment of the treatment, your doctor will have free reps, and their number is unlimited. The course of treatment takes up to 1.5 months, after which you will receive a list of procedures that must be performed to maintain the result.


The main feature of the clinics is the use oftechniques and training, which jointly developed by MS. Norbekov and A.V. Demenshin. "Workshop of Health" periodically becomes the venue for author workshops. Anyone can take part in these meetings, but you should bear in mind that they are paid.

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