Smoking and its impact on human health: the whole truth about cigarettes

Cigarettes for many are those with which the day begins and without which it is impossible to live. Even from school they inspire us,

Smoking and its impact on human health
that smoking and its impact on human health are extremely negative. However, for some reason, rarely does anyone listen to these words. And in vain! Almost all organs and systems suffer from nicotine.

What harm does smoking bring to the body?

Let's consider in detail smoking and its influence on human health. It should be noted right away that a number of systems and organs affect the negative impact. Let us dwell on each specific case.

1. Respiratory organs. Resins contained in cigarette smoke, get into the bronchi and provoke their spasm. In addition, there is hypertrophy of the mucous membranes, because of what begins to form sputum. As a result, the resistance of the respiratory system to infections decreases, respiratory diseases occur more often. And some of the decay products settle in the lungs, so the functioning of this organ is broken, chronic diseases develop.

2. The digestive system. Yes, the effect of smoking on human health extends to it. Nicotine and tar enter the esophagus and stomach. When the smoke is in the mouth, the salivary glands become irritated and begin to work hard, highlighting the saliva that the person is constantly forced to spit. Nicotine is able to influence the contractile activity of the stomach and increase the acidity of the gastric juice. Because of this, the appetite decreases, nausea develops, gastritis or ulcer develops.

 the effect of smoking on health
3. The effect of smoking on health negatively affects the cardiovascular system. In particular, the vessels under the action of certain substances contract and begin to gradually narrow. Circulation worsens, the heart works practically on wear and tear. The pulse increases, and pressure often rises. There is a risk of a blood clot, which can come off and rush into the lungs or the heart. It's life-threatening!

4. Consider smoking and its effect on human health by the example of the work of the musculoskeletal system. The fact is that the substances contained in cigarettes affect the bone tissue, making it weak and prone to degenerative processes. Because of this, the risk of fractures increases, and the process of bone splicing slows down.

5. Teeth. Smoke is in the mouth, its components settle on the gums and teeth. A scurf is formed, a yellowish tinge appears. Gums become weak, teeth are destroyed. Caries is unavoidable.

6. The process of exchange of carbon dioxide is disrupted, which makes it difficult for oxygen to reach almost all organs and tissues. As a result, all important body systems stop functioning normally, health and general condition worsen.

7. Nicotine has a direct effect on the nervous system and the brain. Neurons are irritated, because of which a person becomes nervous and anxious. Brain activity is broken: memory worsens, concentration suffers.

the impact of smoking on the health of people

8. Smoking and its effect on human health is reflected in the state of the eyes. Vision worsens, the world around loses clarity.

9. The sex sphere suffers as well. Libido is greatly reduced. Male influence also undergoes a malevolent influence.

10. Nicotine and tar affect the hormonal background and metabolic processes.

Quit smoking until your health is completely ruined!

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