Immune preparations for children and adults. What drugs for immunity should be taken

The current way of life of a person often leads tomalfunctions in the immune system. The reason for this is an unfavorable ecological situation, stressful situations, changes in nutrition, reduced motor activity, long-term stay in rooms where the concentration of allergens, dust, microbes is increased, and there is a lack of light. That's why you need to take immune medications. They contribute to strengthening the human body and reduce the likelihood of the development of diseases in various systems and organs.

Universal means for strengthening immunitydoes not exist. Therefore, if you have it broken, it is recommended to seek help from a doctor. Most likely, he will appoint an immunological examination, based on the results of which he will select the necessary drug for treatment.

Immunocorrective therapy

For immunocorrecting therapy, drugs that affect certain parts of the human defense system are prescribed. These include:

1. Medications of the thymus gland. For example, "Timogen" or "T-activin" solution.

2. Interferons.

3. Immunoglobulins.

4. Medicinal products that contain components of bacterial cells. For example, granules "Rimobulin", tablets "Likopid".

immune preparations

In addition to these, you can use otherpreparations for the immune system of chemical or plant origin. Yeast medicines, vitamins, ginseng, eleutherococcus and others help to activate the protective functions of the body.

Many believe that interfering with the activitiesthe immune system is dangerous and harmful to health. This opinion is erroneous. Immunocorrection is not a substitute for the body's defense system, but only stimulates and normalizes its functioning.


Immune preparations for children and adultsare presented to us by a wide assortment. Each of the medicines has its own characteristics. All medicines of this spectrum of action are so diverse that it will take more than a dozen pages to describe them. Drugs for strengthening the immune system are divided into separate groups. We will tell about them further.

preparations for the immune system


This is a group of such drugs that enhanceactivity in the whole of the whole protective system of the human body. Each of them acts selectively. The effect is on specific, individual parts of the immune system. The final effect is multifaceted.

Such medicines includeimmune preparations "Bronhomunal" (capsules), "Imudon" (tablets), "IRS-19" (spray). In addition to strengthening the protective functions of the body, they have the ability to prevent and stop the development of diseases of a viral nature. These immunomodulators work quite efficiently, they can be used for a long period of time. Most often they eradicate the disease completely.

What should I consider when choosing immunomodulators?

Attention! Immunomodulators can be addictive. At the same time after finishing the course of their use the body can not fight with various infections, and the disease develops again. This means that prolonged use of them can make the immune system almost inoperative.

immune preparations for children

In this group of drugs, there are two: drops or Aflubin tablets and Viferon suppositories. The first drug complex - in addition to activating the protective functions of the body, it has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. And the drug "Viferon" works effectively even for short-term use.


These are such medicines thataffect the specific link of the human body's defense system that has been destroyed. Such preparations include the spray "Immunofan", tablets "Likopid", suppositories "Galavit".


These are medicines that enhancereaction of the human body's defense system. These drugs differ from the previous group of drugs in that they affect the entire body as a whole. Such drugs include tablets "Levamisol", powder "Diucifon", solution "Dibazol", drops "Immunal".

KIP (complex immune preparation)

Instrumentation devices are intended for use under the influence ofon the human body chemotherapy, for recovery after various ailments, with acute intestinal infections. They have side effects, manifested as allergic reactions. KIPs include drops "Poludan", spray "Timogen", tablets "Timaktid", powder "Timotin", solution "Taktivin".

Application features

Immune preparations for children and adults are sovarious, that their use should be treated with great care. With improper use can not only not come a healing effect, but it is likely a lamentable result. And even a complex immune preparation is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. That's why the doctor should prescribe the treatment. Ideal - if it will be an expert immunologist.

preparations stimulating the immune system

The drug "Transfer Factor"

In the market of medicines there was a medicine,possessing all the properties of its predecessors. Its main advantage is the absence of shortcomings. This is a complex immune preparation "Transfer Factor". The drug has no side effect. This is due to the fact that his algorithm for affecting the human body is fundamentally different from classical medicines. The complex-immune preparation "Transfer Factor" does not attempt to perform the work of the protective system, but signals to it about the presence of bodies of foreign origin, which increases the efficiency of its operation. This medicine has no analogues in the world.

Specialists subdivide drugs that increaseimmune system, for several species not in vain. They recommend remembering that each medicine has not only its purpose, but also a number of contraindications. Some of the features of certain drugs will be discussed later.

Impact of immunostimulants

Immunostimulants affect the increase in the number ofcells of the human body's defense system. They are indispensable for serious infections of an infectious nature, influenza. But their effect in autoimmune diseases can turn into harm to health. This can occur with multiple sclerosis, some forms of asthma, diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent), rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmune thyroiditis is also included in this list. In case of presence of the listed diseases the protective system perceives the same fabrics as alien and damages them. Stimulating immune drugs enhance this process.

immune preparations

The danger of prolonged use of immunostimulants. Than to replace?

In the case of prolonged and uncontrolled useimmunostimulants in the human body, the production of its own interferon ceases. This is the main protective substance. Without it, the immune system can not overcome harmful bacteria and viruses. This only leads to a worsening of the patient's condition.

In addition to pharmacological agents, the peopleNatural stimulant immune preparations are popular. These include garlic, propolis, honey, echinacea. The first 3 drugs are contraindicated for people with allergic reactions of various forms. Garlic and propolis should be used with extreme caution in the case of bronchial asthma.

Features of the influence of immunomodulators. The most popular of them

The purpose of immunomodulators is selectivechange the work of the body's defense system. When it is weakened, these drugs increase work capacity, with increased activity - they are depressed. In the case of a normal state of the system, immunomodulators have practically no effect on it. This should be taken into account when choosing a remedy for the treatment of a disease. Such drugs for the immune system are most in demand.

By the way, many plants contain substances,which are simultaneously capable of stimulating and inhibiting the reactions of the protective system of the human body. The most popular natural immunomodulators include chaga, tarragon, arnica, ginseng, aloe, echinacea, calanchoe, eleutherococcus.

Preventing diseases - does not mean their provocation

In the autumn-winter period, humanity with a largehunting uses drugs that strengthen the immune system (of both chemical and plant origin). The opinion of doctors on this issue is ambiguous. Many of them believe that from a deficit of immunity to its overabundance one step. It is not right to take any of the drugs. And do not forget that natural remedies are also curative, despite the fact that they act much softer than chemical medications.

The immune system does not need to be "spurred on" forprevention. She does not need it. When immunity decreases, she needs to just help. This mainly relates to the period after the transfer of severe ailments. The rest is enough to take vitamins and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

immune preparations for colds

Let the baby get sick!

Children who are often sick and susceptiblecolds, low immunity is observed. In recent years, a large number of complications have been identified in those children whose ARVI is not treated. Often the reason for this is the haste of the parents. They are in a hurry to send the child to school or kindergarten after the illness, not giving the chance to finally recover. As a result, after ARI there are complications, even if you use the best immune medications for colds.

Protect children completely from respiratoryinfections of a viral nature are not only impossible, but also not necessary. The future immunity of the child to such diseases is gradually formed precisely due to earlier transferred ARVI. Therefore, it is important not to bring the situation to the occurrence of complications. To do this, it is enough to let the child get sick at home.

Immunosuppressive drugs

Not all drugs that stimulate the immune system,can enhance the functionality of the human body's defense system. With the use of restorative drugs, only some problems are solved. In addition to all the groups of drugs listed above, there is one more - immunosuppressants, which are used, for example, to prevent the rejection of a foreign graft in organ transplantation.

Not always enough for therapy alonerestorative means. That's when immunosuppressants come to the rescue. The protective system often does not cope on its own with purulent relapsing ailments. For example, with angina or pneumonia, otitis or furunculosis, with autoimmune or allergic diseases, with intestinal dysbiosis.

What to take?

Often, not paying attention to the classificationdrugs and the type of disease, people are looking for the best immune medications. But, before you buy such, it is worth to find out whether they are suitable in this case and will not cause harm to health, as described above.

With ARVI and influenza

To prevent influenza or SARS, the following immune medications are used:

1. Inductors of interferon. For example, capsules "Arbidol", solution for injections "Neovir", tablets "Amiksin".

2. Chemically pure tablets, for example, "Polyoxidonium".

3. Interferons. For example, the spray "Grippferon".

4. Vegetative means. For example, drops "Immunal".

5. Drugs containing nucleic acids. For example, the solution "Derinat", tablets "Likopid".

6. Immunomodulators.

Elimination of seasonal diseases

To get rid of the already present symptoms of seasonal infectious diseases and prevent complications associated with them, the following immune medications are used:

1. Inductors of interferon: injection for injection "Neovir", tablets "Kagocel" and "Amiksin", capsules "Arbidol".

2. Vegetable preparations: dragee "Tolzingon N", drops "Immunal".

3. Microbicides: spray "IRS-19", capsules "Bronchomunal".

4. Interferons.

5. Immunomodulators.

Drugs for the treatment of frequent and chronic colds

complex immune complex

Those who are often sick and suffer from chronic ailments of the upper respiratory tract, it is recommended to use such immune preparations to reduce the frequency of exacerbations in the period preceding the seasons:

1. Timic medicines. For example, injection for Tactivin.

2. Microbial medications: granules "Ribomunil", capsules "Broncho-vaccum".

3. Preparations containing nucleic acids. For example, the solution "Derinat".

4. Immunomodulators.

Such a list of drugs is recommended with a decrease in the activity of the body's defense system. We wish you not to be ill!

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