Cedarwood: application reviews. Cedarwood: medicinal properties

Mighty cedar trees for several centuriesare natural generators of oxygen, a source of high-quality wood, as well as useful nuts and curative resin, which people call simply gum. In fact, it is the "blood" of the plant, which contributes to the healing of cortical cracks. Has found wide application in bioenergetics, official and alternative medicine.

oleoresin cedar reviews about application

Cedar oleoresin, application reviewsare found only in a positive way, since ancient times known for miraculous properties. According to reliable information, during the war, balms were produced from it, which render antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Using such a natural medicine, gunshot wounds were treated. Ointment promoted the fastest regeneration and restoration of skin.

Doctors of the 21st century did not stay aside and activelyuse resin in pharmaceuticals, diluting it with various oils, including cedar. Medical balms are successfully used for solving cosmetic and therapeutic problems. Oil of cedar gum, the application of which is carried out internally and externally, gently cleanses the body, restores every cell and strengthens the protective forces.

Vitamin and mineral kit

Cedar tar is enriched with tocopherol (vitamin E),it acts as a kind of protective barrier that prevents the invasion of free radicals, also strengthens blood vessels, prolongs youth and prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Many of the polyunsaturated fatty acids that control the amount of cholesterol and fat metabolism.

cedarwood resin

It is worth mentioning about vitamin P, which is responsiblefor permeability of capillaries. Cedar oleoresin on cedar oil contains a set of vitamins of group B and a lot of macroelements. Laboratory studies claim that the raw material shows a disinfectant, wound healing and restorative effect.

No wonder the ancient Siberian peoples made fromConiferous pitch cakes and used as a therapy for oral disease. Squeezed out of her oil, which helped in getting rid of trophic ulcers, wounds, cuts and burns. To double the healing power, the resin was added to honey. Siberian cedar greens in combination with the product of beekeeping show cleansing, tonic, antidepressant, antihistamine, strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is a natural stimulating product directedto improve the intestinal microflora. It is used as an additional therapy for cardiac, respiratory, digestive and musculoskeletal disorders. The scope of its application is very broad.

What is useful for cedar gum?

cedar sodalum on cedar oil

Properties are due to the chemical contentthe composition of valuable components that ensure the uninterrupted operation of the whole organism. Practice shows that the resin, when in contact with the skin begins to have a beneficial effect, soothe the nerve endings, improve mood and energy background.

Cedarwood (reviews are negative fromusers were not identified) can be used as prevention and treatment for cholelithiasis. Gastroenterologists and folk esculapius recommend taking it with sea buckthorn oil for gastrointestinal diseases. Course use will help to adjust the digestive tract and improve the production of gastric juice.

A similar drug is shown to the cores andPersons prone to vascular disease. Natural medicine reduces arterial pressure, strengthens capillaries and reduces the risk of heart attack. Balm is suitable for diabetics and people with thyroid problems. The resin is indispensable for nervous disorders, increased excitability, insomnia and depression.

 cedar sapwood as taken

Cedarwood: how to take and use?

In its pure form, resin is used extremely rarely, inBasically, it produces balms, oils, ointments, capsules and other products. The most popular is turpentine balsam based on cedar oil, it is absolutely safe and can be used in different variations. Reception is carried out in a dosed way - with a few drops.

If in the period of treatment, Siberian stone pine, reviews aboutthe use of which is mostly enthusiastic, does not provoke an allergic reaction, the amount of the drug is increased to a tablespoon. With gastrointestinal disease, three meals a day is prescribed on an empty stomach, 5 grams every week, then the dosage is adjusted to 10 ml and another 5-7 days are drunk.

Also cedar gum, the properties of whichare caused by bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action, widely used in infectious pathologies of the small pelvis. Microclysters are made - 10-30 ml of solution for an adult.

Will help the raw materials to cope with ARI and ARVI. With severe symptoms (runny nose, cough, sore throat, sneezing), apply a small amount of balm to the area of ​​the upper lip and inhale essential oils. You can rub into the chest, nose mucosa, to treat the larynx. Raw material not only eliminates pathogenic bacteria, but also strengthens immunity.

Since ancient times, cedar resin has been used inas a wound-healing agent. Oily liquid is treated with deep wounds, ulcers and various skin lesions. Perform compresses, trays and lotions that promote rapid healing.

Use in cosmetology

greens cedar negative reviews

Cedar oleoresin on cedar oil restoreslipid exchange, perfectly moisturizes, nourishes, accelerates regenerative processes and relieves inflammation. Balsam is shown for sensitive and problematic skin. The remedy fights with the early extinction of the epidermis, fills with energy, promotes smoothing of facial wrinkles and returns the former elasticity.

After two applications, the velvety feel,tenderness and significantly improves the quality of the skin. Apply balm twice a day (in the morning and before bedtime). It is not necessary to wash it off, the oil is perfectly absorbed, creating a protective film that is imperceptible to the eye from pathogenic bacteria. Trichologists are advised to apply the plant remedy to the roots of the hair and do not wash off for two hours. A simple procedure will greatly strengthen the bulbs, prevent fallout and make the curls thick.

2-3 times a week, a nutritious mask is made: 30 g of balsam to combine with powdered pine nuts (a large spoon) and a similar amount of natural honey. The resulting mass is applied to clean face skin and massage for 5 minutes, then everything is washed off with cool water.

honey Siberian oleoresin

Therapy with turpentine balsam

Better than any chemical drug healsdermatological diseases Siberian oleoresin. Reviews about the use of this tool say that it instantly tightens the wounds, relieves redness, itching, pain and does not cause side effects. The skin after application becomes smooth and healthy even with psoriasis. For serious injuries (deep cuts, 2-3 degree burns, purulent wounds), mix the balm with floral honey and apply a thick layer on the skin without bandaging.

Streptoderma and eczema

If there is a wet and itchy rashto treat affected areas twice a day with balsam. The therapy will last 14 days. If improvement does not occur, then start taking the solution 5 drops three times a day. Prevents relapses, relieves inflammation and improves the skin condition of cedarwood.

How to take with non-healing purulent wounds? In such a situation it is recommended to make a medicinal drug from oily balm and medical malt independently (equal proportions). The cream should be very fatty, it is rubbed several times a day, and undiluted balm is taken 10 drops - three times a day for three weeks.

Mastitis (inflammatory process in the mammary glands)

Apply gauze compresses to the chest area. With external treatment combine internal use - 5-10 drops three times a day. The procedure and use continue for three months. Crackles and irritation on the nipples treated with cedar tar and oil.

With headache, dental and joint pain appliedCedarwood (negative reviews do not occur). Judging by the polls of people, the remedy for a few minutes eliminates the pain syndrome, weakness and adds strength.

Gynecological pathologies (adnexitis, cervical erosion, candidiasis)

In complex therapy, cotton swabs are used, abundantly moistened with resin solution, which is realized in any pharmacy network. To put before going to bed for the whole night.

Cedar aromatherapy

cedarwood oil

Create indoors atmosphere and aroma of cedarbora is not difficult. You can use a special aroma lamp or a tissue base impregnated with turpentine fluid. Five drops are enough to disinfect the room and refresh the air. The third option: to drop the solution on a pillowcase, air humidifier or clothes.

Inhaling useful fragrant substances, you quicklyrestore the lost strength, strengthen immunity and just cheer yourself up. In addition, aromatherapy helps to cure colds. People with a tendency to frequent depressions and a decline in strength are encouraged to use cedar greens.

Reviews about the use of herbal remediescharacterize it as one of the most effective and safe. It helps to eliminate a number of diseases and factors that have a negative impact on health. In this case, a positive therapeutic result comes immediately.

Praise cries can often be heard fromhappy women who use the drug in order to improve the quality of the skin. The drug removes peeling, puffiness, all sorts of redness and returns a healthy color. When ingested, the digestive system is restored and constipation is eliminated.

Despite a lot of positive impressions, notforget about elementary precautions. Each organism is individual, therefore reaction can be unpredictable. Before applying, always perform a skin sensitivity test.

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