Ulcers on the skin, causes and treatment

Ulcers on the skin are related to skin defectsand mucous membranes. They are formed due to necrosis of tissues, which do not heal for a long time after the necrotic necrotic areas disappear. Ulcers on the skin appear due to a sharp decline in regeneration processes, metabolic disorders in the body, and other disease states of man.

ulcers on the skin


Skin ulcers, the symptoms of which depend on a provoking disease, can be a consequence:

  • traumatic injuries of various origins (thermal, mechanical, electrical, chemical or radiation);
  • malignant and benign tumors, which are sometimes covered with ulcers (lymphogranulomatosis, sarcomas);
  • disorders of venous circulation (with thrombophlebitis, arteriovenous fistulas, varicose veins);
  • disorders of arterial blood circulation (with thrombosis, embolism, stable vasospasms);
  • disorders of lymphatic drainage (with blood diseases, diabetes, anemia, scurvy);
  • various infections;
  • neurotrophic disorders (with tumors, progressive paralysis);
  • changes in the walls of blood vessels (with Raynaud's disease, atherosclerosis, syphilitic aortitis, obliterating endarteritis).

sores on the skin of a child

Ulcers on the skin are dangerous for different complications:

  • accession of infection;
  • secondary bleeding from damaged vessels;
  • penetration (growth of the ulcer near the organs or perforation in the cavity), which interferes with the work of organs and disrupts their function;
  • degeneration of ulcers in malignant (so-called malignancy).

Treatment of ulcers

Ulcers on the skin are treated according to the underlying disease,so the approach should be comprehensive. For the treatment of external manifestations, conventional means are used with mandatory thorough skin care, bed rest, immobilization of the limb, physiotherapeutic measures such as ultraviolet radiation or solux.

Ulcers on the skin of the baby and the initial stagesdiseases are treated by frequent application of dressings with hypertonic solutions. In addition, for purification from pus, proteolytic enzymes are used. Bandages with antiseptics and ointments are applied to the cleared ulcer.

skin ulcers, symptoms

It is also important to conduct general therapeuticactivities aimed at improving the reparative or immunobiological processes in the body. This means a full-fledged diet rich in vitamins, as well as exercise therapy, blood substitutes and immunomodulators.

Surgical methods of treatment are used only inWhere conservative ones are ineffective. At the same time, pathological scars and altered tissues are removed from the ulcer. The tissue defect is covered with a skin graft. When assigning adequate treatment, it is important to take into account the pathogenesis of ulceration. Therapy is aimed at restoring tissues and arresting the diseases that have affected the formation of ulcers. To fix the positive effect after eliminating the ulcer on the skin, sanatorium-and-spa treatment with the inclusion of measures for enhancing immunity and vitamin therapy is shown.

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