Valerian: instructions for use

There is no such person who would not hear anythingabout such an effective tool as valerian. Instruction for use reports that it does not have side effects, common for other sleeping pills. This natural remedy is used:

  • with anxiety and stress;
  • for full sleep and facilitate the process of falling asleep;
  • As an auxiliary element of the treatment of insomnia.

Regarding the form of release of such a popularmeans, like valerian, instructions for use notes that it can be different. If desired, you can buy tablets, liquid, capsules, soft gel or dried herb.

In many European countries, valerian has longrecognized as a hypnotic drug officially. In general, it is a perennial plant, which is more common in North Africa or Europe. It has thickened rhizomes and pink flowers. It is the roots that are collected when the plant reaches the age of two. They contain a mass of active compounds, for example, volatile oils, valeric acid and so on. According to experts, the joint action of different compounds and determines the effectiveness of such a tool as valerian.

Instructions for use describe how thethis means. It has long been used as a sleeping pill. However, the soothing effect is able to provide and in daytime stressful situations. Compounds that are in valerian act on the receptors of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain, which causes sleep, and also reduces anxiety. Often in such disorders, prescribe alprazolam or diazepam. But valerian, unlike them, is not capable of causing addiction. This has been proved by many studies.

Describing such a tool as valerian,The instructions for use also recommend dosage. If there is insomnia in mild form in an adult (over 18 years of age), then the aqueous extract should be taken in a dose that corresponds to about 3 grams of the plant, one hour before sleep, inside. As for children, experts do not advise using this tool.

To relieve stress and calm down, you need to take300-500 mg of water extract for five minutes before and after the onset of a stressful situation. However, for longer than 6 weeks, doctors do not recommend using this medication.

If you choose the optimal shape for yourselfrelease and take the extract, you can add to it a little bit of sugar or honey to improve the taste. In any case, do not always seek help in the "medical coin box" and use sleeping pills. In this capacity, valerian can be taken for a maximum of two weeks in a row.

It is worth talking about the side effects of takingof the given preparation. If you are prescribed valerian, the instructions for use recommend you be ready for dizziness, irritation of the stomach, excitability, headache, lower body temperature, decreased concentration, excitement and drowsiness, especially in the morning. If you use this remedy for more than three to four months, insomnia may develop.

The one who prescribed valerian, contraindicationscan not ignore. It can not be consumed if you have liver disease, as well as pregnant women and those who breastfeed. During the reception, driving is not recommended. You can not drink alcoholic beverages. Also, experts do not advise taking valerian together with beta-blockers barbiturates, loperamide, drugs, anticonvulsants, and also herbs that have this effect.

Valerian will benefit, if not abuse it, before taking always consult with your doctor, and also observe a strict dosage.

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