Dill water for babies

Surely almost all young parentsfaced with such a problem as colic in infants. These are sleepless nights, hysterics in the daytime, constant crying and childish cries. Not everyone can tolerate the pain of his beloved child indifferently. There are intestinal colic due to the adaptation of the intestine to new conditions of existence. As a rule, they begin to bother by the end of the first month of life and can periodically appear up to 6 months.

Modern medicine offers a hugethe amount of funds to relieve colic, but I'm sure that young parents know what dill-water for babies can help. This method was used by our great-grandmothers, and it is carefully passed down from generation to generation.

Despite the doctors' beliefs that at this age colic is the norm, one should not calm down. You just need to help the baby, because dill water for babies at such a moment is simply necessary.

You can prepare dill water by yourself, but you canto get it in the pharmacy, in specialized departments. In the pharmacy, the dill water goes as a solution of fennel oil (fennel - otherwise the dill is chemically). Dill water for infants is rare, but it occurs in conventional pharmacies. Somehow I even saw fennel in sachets for brewing, but it's good, at that time we already had this stage.

The most reliable way is to prepare dill seeds by yourself, so that later you do not have to run around pharmacies headlong. Now let's look at the usefulness of dill water, cooking and how to use it.

In order to cook it at homeconditions, it will take about 3 grams of fennel seeds and a glass of hot water. Seeds are ground in a coffee grinder, poured hot water and let us brew. We are waiting about half an hour. Then decoction filter through the gauze filter and give the baby 1 tablespoon. Vodichku can be mixed with milk or ordinary water, in principle, you can give and in this form, because it does not have bitterness.

Dill water for babies is useful in that itis able to relieve spasms from the muscles of the intestine, thereby eliminating gas formation. Already in 20 minutes after reception of a dill broth the kid calms down and sweetly falls asleep. Plus, he is able to normalize the small intestine.

If colic is often painful, there must be aprepared dill vodichka, the recipe of which is described above. Just prepare the broth not in a jar, but in a thermos so that it can be warm at any time. Every day you need to prepare a new water, because it can spoil in a thermos and will not come in handy the next day.

There are several other ways to alleviate intestinal colic in children. They do not relieve spasms, but they alleviate pain a little.

1 way. We take an ordinary flannel diaper and iron it with a hot iron to heat it. Then we put a warm (but not hot) diaper on the tummy of the baby and press it to ourselves. It turns the stomach to the stomach. So you can alleviate spasms.

2 way. Intensively massage the tummy, do not be afraid to crumple. The kid after the massage should properly prokupkatsya, I will not be afraid of this word.

3 way. Often lay the baby on his tummy, do not panic if he fell asleep on his stomach. Karapuzam in general is very comfortable when the stomach is pressed. In addition, they are so easy to fart.

4 way. To prevent gas generation after each feeding, keep the baby upright for 15 minutes, so that he spits out excess air that got inside during sucking.

There are, of course, also gas pipes. But I never used them myself, and thank God. As soon as I imagine that a crumb in the anus is inserted a tube (up to 6 cm), so you want to cry. So try, mothers are young, before such do not bring and cope with intestinal colic with dill water. Do not be ill and grow healthy!

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