Scrape your teeth while you sleep

Recently, on one of the regular dentalconferences were voiced, about half of the earth's population grind their teeth in a dream. Children, adults and elderly people, regardless of gender, face this.

Why do people grind their teeth in their sleep

In medical dictionaries gnashing his teeth duringsleep is called bruxism. To childish bruxism the attitude is tolerable. Usually the gnashing phenomena pass with years. Such a deviation in adults is often alarming. It all depends on the factor causing the grinding.

Chronic stress

The excited state of the emotional system inSome people are so long that it causes the scratching of teeth in a dream. So the reaction to the nervous overstrain manifests itself. In this case, stress can carry both a positive and a negative load. At risk are workaholics, lovers and self-contained people. Perturbation should be voiced, though in a different place, not for the intended purpose, but such an emotion must necessarily be developed until it is completely released. For example, in the gym.

Dental Problems

An incorrect bite can be congenital oras a result of dental treatment. Doctors noticed that voluminous, protruding seals rub against teeth, against each other. The process is observed when the active phase of sleep begins and the muscles tend to strain naturally.


Doctors do not come to a common opinion, why at nightgrind teeth children and adults. But in medical textbooks, among other factors of nocturnal grinding of teeth, intoxication is indicated by helminths. Nevertheless, in the light of recent studies of young scientists, the connection between the manifestation of bruxism and helminthiasis is disputed.


Hereditary predisposition ongenetic level, causing scratching teeth, describe many authoritative sources, and also confirm the doctor in his experience. After all, a child and one of his parents grind their teeth very often.

Spasm of the masticatory muscle

The mechanism of the appearance of muscle contractions, theirtension in the jaw and temples to the end has not been studied. But in the arsenal of dentistry there are special tires that make it possible to successfully fight screeching during the sleep period, even if the phenomenon has a complex origin.

How to treat scratch squeamish

To eliminate bruxite, it is necessary to contactdental office for help. There are selected or custom-made night protective covers. Kapa prevents the abrasion of the teeth and the appearance of unpleasant sound.

The list of medical recommendations includes the elimination ofstressful situation, consultation of a psychologist, a healthy way of life, physical activity. The popularity of therapeutic exercises for the muscles of the face is increasing in order to eliminate the squeaking of teeth.

In special cases, the intake of muscle relaxants is prescribed.

Prophylaxis of gnashing of teeth

  • In order for the manifestations of nocturnal creaking to be less frequently observed, it is necessary to abandon the use of drinks that excite the nervous system. These include coffee, cocoa, cola, and chocolate.
  • Alcohol affects the frequency and intensity of the grinding, so it is excluded from the diet.
  • Some habits contribute to the development of dentalcreaking. So, you can not bite the tips of writing accessories (pens and pencils). It is better to give up the chewing gum. Such actions involuntarily cause the jaws to remain in a compressed state for a long time, which is not natural.
  • In a normal state of the body, without attackspanic, anger and fury the edges of teeth do not touch. This is the norm. Closure of the upper and lower teeth occurs only in the process of chewing food. To relax the muscles of the mouth, you can periodically leave the tip of the tongue between your teeth.
  • Opposite the ear lobe before going to sleep, apply a heated napkin. The procedure helps to relax the chewing muscle.
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