What are the causes of pain in the foot?

Eyes - the mirror of the soul, and the feet of man -reflection of his state of health. A variety of vascular diseases, arthritis and other ailments have an initial impact on the feet of a person. The causes of pain in the foot can be very diverse. An experienced doctor, having examined your shoes, will be able to tell a lot about the state of health, without even going into a detailed examination.

causes of pain in the foot

When there are systematic pains thatappear with decreasing intervals and an increasing pain threshold, it is best to consult a specialist. Diseases of the lower extremities can be due not only to injuries, but rather serious problems of the whole organism. As you know, a person's foot is the most perfect mechanism, which exerts tremendous loads every day, but taking care of yourself requires a lot. Therefore, if the feet are aching, the treatment must be of high quality, professional and without delay. Believe me, it will be good if the doctor reveals only the presence of cosmetic problems that can be easily eliminated, because they arise because of lack of time, incorrect nutrition and other omissions.

diseases of the lower extremities
Let's look at the most frequent causes of painin the foot. The most common option is arthritis. In this case, the joints of the foot are deformed and begin to break down due to viral, fungal or infectious bacteria. Symptoms of the disease are severe pains that do not just slow down or make movement difficult in the morning, but sometimes completely paralyze. In the locations of the joints, the skin reddens and burning occurs, and the joints themselves swell. Arthritis can be different - medicine describes more than ten species, but the most dangerous is rheumatoid, which causes severe pain even in the early stages. Do not all write off fatigue and take pain medication, contact a rheumatologist to determine the causes of pain in the foot.

Arthrosis is the next type of disease thatmay be hiding under this symptom. Signs are puffiness, pain in the foot, redness of the skin. There can be many reasons for it - flat feet, excess weight and, as a consequence, heavy loads on legs, hypothermia, uncomfortable shoes and so on. In the latter stages, the disease manifests itself by changing the thumb, the appearance of a bone and difficulty in moving. Diagnose the causes of pain in the foot in this case will help x-rays.

aching feet feet treatment
Varicose veins are the mosta common disease in women. Most often, such ailment is caused by hereditary predisposition to vascular diseases, constant work in a standing position or, on the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle, as well as constant sports loads. The worst thing is not even that it's pretty ugly and subsequently painful enough, but the fact that the ailment causes thrombophlebitis, and therefore, can lead to a fatal outcome. As a preventive measure, doctors recommend to give up shoes with high heels, every night after the work day, hold foot gymnastics and take cold baths or pouring feet to improve blood circulation.

Flat-footedness is both acquired and congenital. This disease changes the shape of the foot, which subsequently affects the gait of the person, making it more difficult.

As you can see, the causes of pain in the foot can be very diverse, so do not let everything go by itself, but rather choose the time and go to the doctor! Be healthy!

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