Why do mirrors break? Signs and superstitions

For non-faithful people, the mirror is the most commona household item that is in any women's handbag or in a cosmetic bag. In addition, they are very popular in this or that interior of premises, being located almost in any room. Indeed, today it is difficult to imagine an entrance hall without a comfortable large mirror!

mirrors are broken signs

It is curious that from time immemorial thisobjects were attributed to mystery and magical power. When mirrors are broken, signs and beliefs associated with this subject of everyday life, acquire a mystical, ominous sound. Many of them have survived to this day. About them and talk.

The most important sign - the mirror broke

"What should I do in this case?" - you ask. In general, friends, this, without any exaggeration, is considered a bad omen. The most important thing is that you can not look in such a mirror at all! Otherwise, seven years of all kinds of troubles, misfortunes and failures are assured to you! Sadly, when the mirrors are broken ...

Signs are treated differently. If, for example, an unmarried girl accidentally looks in the broken mirror - she will not marry at least seven more years in marriage! Of course, this fact can be ignored, but for many women this superstition has such a strong impact that all the vain attempts to get married they begin to really connect with the broken mirror.

the sign broke the mirror what to do

Why do mirrors break?

The signs associated with the mirror are different,but all of them are bad. For example, looking in shrapnel means taking on negative energy flows that have been accumulating over the years. According to another version, looking at yourself through a chopped mirror means splitting your own life. It is also believed that you can quickly grow old. This is the basic minimum of acceptance, explaining what the mirror breaks into.

to which the small mirror is broken

A small mirror is a big problem!

To somehow try to avoid potential troubles caused by broken objects of use, it is recommended to perform the following actions.

  1. Do not panic!
  2. Carefully collect the fragments. Rinse them with tap water. According to the old beliefs, it is the running water that can wash away the negative energy flows from these fragments, thus clearing the broken mirror. Rinse them gently, as they can slip out of your hands or even hurt you!
  3. Take the candle. Light it on the spot where the household item was broken. Beliefs argue that it is the candles that perfectly clean the space of negative energy flows that burst out at the moment when the mirrors are broken.
  4. The signs that frighten mankind from generationin a generation, dictate their own rules. Mirror washed chips should never be stored at home! Wrap them in a dark cloth, tie them to a couple of knots and take them out of the house. They must be buried.
  5. In place of the broken mirror you need to hang a new one.
  6. Spend in the house of general cleaning: vacuum, wipe the floors with a damp cloth. And - most importantly - do not be afraid! Whatever happened - all for the better!
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