I lost the icons from the desktop (Windows 10): how to recover?

Windows 10 is full of mysteries for most of itsusers. Despite the fact that it appeared more than a year ago, questions about its use remain to this day. Among them, the problem with the lack of shortcuts from the desktop. It is somewhat problematic to deal with this situation independently. This article will discuss how to proceed if the icons from the Windows desktop 10 are missing.

The disappearance of shortcuts on a personal computer can be due to several reasons:

• disable display customization in system properties;

• Virus software appeared on the hard disk that disrupts the system;

• The mode of using a laptop or a personal computer as a tablet is activated.

Icons from the Windows desktop 10

It can not be ruled out that the badges from the workerWindows 10 tables and for a number of other reasons. However, the above circumstances often lead to the fact that the user does not have the ability to run programs on the computer through shortcuts.

Checking the display settings for shortcuts

Hide icons in the workspace can beinitiated by the user. For example, if you want to hide all that is located in this zone. Check which mode is activated on the computer can be quite simple. You need to click on the workspace and select "View". There are several settings that allow you to manage content. Among them is the option "Show Icons". If the checkbox is selected in front of it, then shortcuts of programs and other files should be displayed on the desktop. This setting allows you to display or hide all the data that was posted here.

If this option is not present, thenit's no wonder why the icons have disappeared from the desktop of Windows 10. There is a way to check whether the absence of shortcuts is related to this setting or not. It is enough to call the conductor and select "Desktop" on the left side. If the icons in the window are displayed, then really you just need to turn on the display setting.

Ignored icons from the desktop of Windows 10 as a return

Deactivating the Tablet PC Mode

No icons on the desktop can beis due to the fact that the device uses a "tablet" mode. To check whether the current problem is related to this setting, go to the "Notification Center". This section is located at the bottom right of the screen (on the taskbar). Then select the "All parameters" settings block. Here are the tools to manage the operating system.

After selecting the "System" section on the leftscreen displays a list of options, including "Tablet Mode." To deactivate it, you should set the slider to the "disabled" state (here it is necessary for the very first setting "Additional features of the touch control of Windows when using the device as a tablet"). If all actions are carried out correctly, you no longer have to think about why the icons from the desktop of Windows 10 disappeared.

Disappeared icons from the desktop windows 10 recovery

Forced Conversation Session

If the system has problems with workconductor, it's no wonder that the icons from the desktop of Windows 10 disappeared. Restoration of his work can be done forcibly. You can do this by simply restarting the computer or using a tool such as the "Task Manager". If everything is clear with the first method, then the second method requires explanations.

Open the dispatcher by clicking on the taskbar andselecting the corresponding item. In the appeared form, you should execute the "File" command and initiate the creation of a new task. In the "Open" field, enter the name of the process explorer.exe and confirm the entry with the "OK" button. After these steps are completed, the Explorer window opens, which also responds to the presence of shortcuts on the user's desktop.

Update desktop

Sometimes the absence of labels can be associated withglitch of the system. To eliminate this cause, you can try or update the desktop using the context menu command of the same name, or add a new object in the free area (for example, a folder, a document, etc.). If the newly formed object is displayed, then maybe someone just made a joke and removed all the labels, causing the user pretty worried.

Why did the icons disappear from the desktop windows 10

Scanning for viruses and malicious software

If the icons disappear from the Windows desktop andthey could not be displayed in the above ways, it makes sense to check the system for malware. You can do this by using the antivirus program that is already on the PC or using a third-party utility. It is possible that the absence of badges was the result of malicious software systems disruption.

Another universal method isUse the recovery tool built into the operating system. With it, you can return the desktop to its previous state. Access to these tools is made through the "Start" menu, the "All Programs" section. In the list you should find "Standard", and then "Service". Of course, such a "rollback" of the system will erase part of the settings that were made in the period from the moment of formation of the recovery point to the current moment.

Disappeared all icons from the desktop windows 10


Do not despair if the badges withdesktop of Windows 10. How to return them, other files and documents that were on it, we reviewed earlier in this article. As a rule, one of the above methods can help to eliminate this situation. The absence of icons in the work area is often due to the fact that the user himself, without noticing that, disables their display.

Also, it can be caused by viruses and otherMalicious programs that can penetrate the computer through the Internet or external equipment (disks, flash drives, mobile devices). Before embarking on radical measures (such as, for example, system recovery), you should take advantage of the previously discussed tips to understand why the icons disappeared from the Windows desktop.

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