POS-materials - what is it? Types of POS materials. Manufacture and production of POS materials

Advertising tries to catch the consumer in any way.place, and special significance in the impact on the behavior of the buyer has the design of points of sale. Advertising equipment store spaces called pos-materials. We answer questions: POS-materials - what is it and how are they manufactured? Let us determine the main types and functions of these carriers.

pos materials what is it

POS-materials: what is it and why are they needed?

The development of advertising media leads to the emergence ofvarious forms and names. Literally, the term "POS-materials" means point of sale - a point of sale, and this kind of advertising includes everything that is an element of registration of trading platforms. They can be found in large shopping centers, and in small shops, they are designed to influence the behavior of the consumer at the place of purchase.

pos materials

The history of POS materials

Registration of intra-store spacesappears almost along with the shops themselves. Already in the deep Middle Ages one can see the design of input groups in stores in the most uncomplicated ways. Initially, these were signboards, price tags, but gradually the opportunities and needs of advertising increased, the production of POS materials acquired a massive nature. The boom of advertising at the sales points coincides with the appearance of self-service stores in the early 20th century. And from the end of the 21 century. the production of POS-materials is becoming an ubiquitous advertising practice.

Peculiarities of perception of POS-materials

Advertisment on the sales sites most oftenis perceived as a natural element of interior and navigation. Therefore, the buyer does not appear rejection or negative reaction to various advertising messages inside the store. And the original and informative carriers meet even the favor of the consumer, since they help him make a choice.

promotional pos materials


Advertising POS-materials are assigned numerous functions:

- Attracting the buyer's attention to a specificproduct. A bright form and placement in especially visible places allow POS-materials to allocate a certain product among many others on store shelves.

- Reminder about the need to purchase: placement of advertising in cash zones or in the trading floor allows you to increase sales due to the fact that the buyer acquires things that he has forgotten.

- Motivation to make a purchase right now: information about discounts and promotions pushes the buyer to purchase goods at this very moment.

- Navigation of customers in the trading floor: the indexes of product categories allow visitors not to get lost in the store, help to find the right product and create a comfortable environment.

- Zoning trading space: dividing the space of shelves and divisions into parts makes the perception of space more comfortable.

- Management of the buyer's route through the store: special advertising helps to bring the buyer directly to the product.

- And purely advertising functions: informing and informing about the goods, work on memorability and recognizability of the brand.

Main advantages

The advantages of POS-materials are theirbrightness, they perfectly attract attention, and also that the consumer needs additional information when making a purchase. He needs an additional motivator to choose from a variety of alternatives a particular product. Therefore, such advertising does not cause irritation and rejection (with reasonable use) and is gratefully perceived by the buyer, he does not even realize that these bright pointers, flags, wobblers and the like are advertising.

production of pos materials

Accommodation areas

Now that we have answered the question "POS-materials - what is this?", It is worth looking at the places in which they can appear. There are several such zones:

- Outdoor group. That is all that signals the buyer about the existence of a sales outlet. It can be storefronts, the placement of signs on roads and sidewalks, also original constructions, roof installations, signboards. Although some researchers attribute the latter to the types of outdoor advertising.

- Entry group. This includes all the registration of the entrance to the store, these are signs, stickers on the door, urns and ashtrays near the entrance, pillars.

- Shopping room. This includes navigation, mobility, floor graphics, light panels.

- Prikassovaya zone. This is a "hot" area, which stimulates impulsive purchases, here are placed racks, displays, coins.

- Calculation area. Designing the placement of goods is very important for sales, so there should be a lot of information to help the consumer, in these places can be placed price tags, wobblers, shelftkoker, stands and racks.

Traditional types of POS materials

Now it's time to consider varietiesadvertising at points of sale. Since this advertisement performs many functions, there are various types of POS materials. And the developers all continue to invent new options to just catch the buyer's attention.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the production of POS materialsis associated with the formation of traditional varieties of such advertising. These types include price lists, posters, stands, shelves and signs. Today carriers of this kind undergo changes, new materials appear, the principles of fastening are improved, so the question: "POS-materials: what is it?" arises again, because it is not always possible to understand whether the phenomenon refers to advertising. So, the branded racks and shelves, advertising tabs in carts and shopping baskets or coins, the consumer does not recognize as advertising, and this is an excellent technique for distinguishing a product from competitors.

types of pos materials

Modern varieties

Today, the development of POS-materials is a wholeadvertising industry. Innovations actively influence this advertising sphere. Technologies allow creating unique POS-materials. What is it and how to apply it in the trading floor, even specialists can not always answer. For example, unique animated or 3D-stickers on the floor allow you to remind the consumer about the product at the point of sale.

The following advertising POS materials can be referred to modern varieties:

"Jumbie." These are inflatable product samples on an enlarged scale. Such designs look very impressive, attract attention, are easy to assemble and transport.

- Mobile. The production of POS materials of this kind is quite economical, and the effect is quite high. Suspended design allows you to push the product closer to the eyes of the buyer.

- Hardcore posters. They are also called growth figures, because they represent figures of characters or stars from advertising in human growth.

- Lightboxes. This medium came from outdoor advertising, it is a luminous panel with an advertising message.

- Pillars. This is a rectangular rotating design with the placement of advertising planes on 4 sides.

- Acrylates. These are highlighted planes with an engraved brand name. They can be placed on shelves and racks.

In search of new opportunities, advertisersthey come up with new ways of introducing advertising to the trading floor, so there are such carriers as nekhengery - paper rings with advertising message, put on the bottles of bottles, ay-stoppers - various images, dividers, indexes placed on shelves with goods, stickers, various stickers , which can be placed anywhere.


The advertising industry is in constant searcheffective and maximally cheap materials for advertising media. Technologies of manufacturing POS-materials are constantly being complicated and improved, the purpose of this evolution is to achieve maximum efficiency. Advertising tries to become more and more efficient and economical. The most accessible material is all kinds of paper and cardboard. Price lists, posters, leaflets, flags can be made of paper of different thickness. Cardboard is made dispensers for leaflets, advertising stands, stands, growth figures. Printing methods can be used different depending on the specific media. Lamination is used to extend the life of such carriers.

manufacturing of pos materials

Plastic - another very commonmaterial. From it you can do almost anything: shelves, racks, mobile phones, wobblers, etc. The production of POS materials from this material is the most economical. Plastic media are more expensive than paper ones, but their service life is many times longer.

development of pos materials

The newest are such materials as acrylic, LED lighting, LED panels and lighting, neon structures and even "electronic paper".

These materials allow to increase the brightness of structures many times, and, therefore, to increase the effectiveness of advertising at points of sale.

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