The true causes of stress

Sometimes in a person's life there are situations whenit loses all sense, and all the surrounding people begin to strongly irritate. The reason for this is ordinary stress. Let's try to figure out what it is and what are the real causes of this phenomenon. In fact, stress is nothing more than a protective reaction of the body to an unfamiliar situation. Consequently, the more new, untried situations in our life, the more we are exposed to stresses? It turns out, no! We independently choose how to respond to a new situation, and only our brain gives the situation a definition: this is good, and this is bad.

The main causes of stress

Consider what situations most often cause us a negative reaction.

  1. Problems at work. Every subordinate knows that if the chef is not in the spirit, then you should not expect anything good. But even if the boss is in the mood, we subconsciously expect a situation when he will again be on the platoon. Add to this quarterly and annual reports, service novels, always breaking office equipment and heavy workload - all these are the real causes of stress at work.
  2. Family problems. Birth of children, marriage, divorce, death or illness of a close relative, moving to another city is not the whole list of problems that often lead us to a state of anxiety and depression. And all because the situation we do not know, and just in case, we expect from it something bad. It's stress!
  3. False. Alas, every person, even the most honest, sometimes speaks untruth. Expectation of exposure is also stressful and strong enough.
  4. Sometimes such a state happens and on emptyplace. We fall into depression for no apparent reason, the whole world is not nice to us, and we start with horror scrolling in our head the most terrible options for the development of situations.
  5. The causes of stress in adolescents may be severaldiffer, but this does not mean that they are less significant. Insecurity, which is often manifested in adolescence - this is the main prerequisite for the development of depression in adolescents. Transition to another educational institution, bullying by teachers or peers, learning problems, poor academic performance, first love - all these are hidden stress factors, and to teach the child to overcome them is the priority task of each parent.

Unfortunately, this is not the whole list of reasons whyEach of us has our own list, but all the points in it talk about our insecurity. Unfortunately, each person has his own individual problems and causes of stress, therefore, there is no universal medicine for getting rid of them in nature. Psychologists believe that each person in this case should be an individual approach.

Signs of stress

The first sign of the problem is the sensationanxiety, and sometimes even panic fear in an unconventional situation. Further, more characteristic symptoms may develop: palpitations, sweating hands, dry mouth, lump in the throat, insomnia. In some cases there is nothing inexplicable drowsiness, a person wants to go to bed and not get up. All of the above is nothing more than signs of dealing with the stress of our body. Thus, he tries to avoid solving the problem, thereby aggravating the situation even more. Sometimes, after strong experiences, a person may experience psychosomatic pains in different parts of the body, if this does not help the body, then they can lead to destructive consequences. Unfortunately, modern doctors and psychologists are used to fighting only with side manifestations in the form of various disorders, while the true causes of stress lie somewhere in the depths of our subconscious. You can understand this only yourself or with the help of a good specialist, looking into the innermost depths of your soul.

It is possible and even necessary to combat stress, but inFirst of all, the prerequisites for its occurrence should be considered. And if the causes of problems arise in the subconscious, it is necessary to direct all efforts to eliminate them, or at least to reduce this dependence.

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