What is the nickname for the forum? How to choose nicknames for guys and girls

Every year, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in thepeople's lives. In the network communicate, learn, play, make romantic acquaintances and find like-minded people. However, everyone who first discovered the delights of the World Wide Web, the question arises, how to be named? Of course, you can always use your real name. Nevertheless, this choice has several serious drawbacks.

Nickname: why is it needed?

One of the most serious shortcomings of the realname is its standard. After all, what is the nickname for the forum? It is a symbol by which you will be recognized. So, the less similar to others he will be, the more likely that you will be noticed. For example, the name "Ivan", according to statistics, is the most widespread in the world and thus poorly suited for a virtual "passport".

At the same time, not everyone will wantto inform the interlocutors about their passport data. This can be a mass of explanations, from superstitions and unwillingness to figure in the database to fears of being recognized in real life. The Internet gives us complete freedom of action, allows us to invent a life that is radically different from life on the other side of the monitor ... And it also forces us to strive to keep our incognito where we play the role of an exemplary family man, a modest employee, a polite student.

What is a nickname for the forum
There are more prosaic reasons. For example, many resources require a nickname, consisting exclusively of Latin characters. Or, which often happens, your real name has already been used by someone. The main thing is that the passport initials do not carry a semantic load. Everyone knows that "Victor" means the winner. But who, having met such a nickname on the Internet, will think about its Latin meaning?

So, what is a nickname? For a forum, blog and game portal is not just a set of letters that distinguish one user from another. This is also a great way to emphasize your individuality, emphasize the interlocutors' attention on the line of your personality or appearance that most correctly characterizes you. For example, "Clockwork cricket". Than not a nickname for a guy with a sharp mind and a great sense of humor? Such a name attracts attention and provokes interest, while the standard Ivans, Nikolas and Sergei, as a rule, do not enjoy wide popularity.

How to choose a good nickname

Despite the apparent ease of the task, pick upfor yourself an interesting nickname is not so simple. The name by which you will be recognized in the vastness of the Internet must meet several unspoken requirements:

  1. Unusual. The more exotic your nickname sounds, the easier your future friends will make you out of the crowd.

  2. Simplicity. Do not overload it with numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. Beginners do not always understand what a nickname is for a forum, and as a result, a virtual name turns into a long set of letters and characters that is hard to remember.

  3. Semantic load. At the acquaintance, most people unconsciously seek an association between the name of the interlocutor and his personal qualities. Writers have long known this feature and often give their heroes "speaking" names and surnames: Duramar, Snow White, Sataneyev.

The easiest way to choose a beautiful nickname is to translate into a foreign language. So, Marina turns into Denise, and ordinary Alexander - into a solid Protector.

If a simple translation does not give the desired effect,you can refer to books. World literature, both fantastic and classic, is rich in sonorous and unusual names, from which you can easily choose the right one for yourself. The main thing in this method is to make sure that the chosen name does not belong to a character with unpleasant qualities. Another popular source of effective nicknames is mythology. Jupiter and Artemis are no longer surprising, but less studied religions and philosophies are still a great way to find a beautiful and meaningful name for yourself.

If these options are not suitable, you canto show imagination. Very presentable look nicknames for guys and girls, built on popular analogies, known phraseological or logical contradictions. For example, "Sleeping Beast" or "Cruel tenderness".

Finally, you can simply compose an anagram of your real name or shorten it to a short, but capacious sounding nickname. So, who will be able to identify the usual Lena in the enigmatic Lena?

Nickname for guys

Not all forums have a "gender" graph,and users who choose a "neutral" name, run the risk of encountering inappropriate treatment. Therefore, it is better for young people at the time of registration to acquire a sonorous and memorable nickname.

Nickname for guys

Nicknames for guys should emphasize men'squality, personalize your abilities in those areas of activity that are inaccessible to women. Technical terms, the names of natural disasters, weapons or grandiose architectural objects - sources for choosing a male nickname are truly inexhaustible.

It is better to avoiddiminutive and affectionate suffixes. "Handsome", "Kosmonavtik", "Dangerous" - these words cause a feeling of tenderness, defenselessness and are more suitable for girls than for guys. For the same reason, you should not choose a nickname, indicating a negative character trait or bleak mood. Typically, virtual names such as "Ugly_Ya" or "Sad Clown" discourage the opposite sex desire to get acquainted. Not the best choice will be and niknejmy, having sex underpinnings.

Do not forget that any chosen name can bewrite both Russian and Latin letters, diluted with punctuation marks. This also attracts attention and makes you different from others. For example, "Yarrostniy_ $ kval", perhaps, is more difficult to read than its Russian equivalent, but it will not go unnoticed.

Nickname for "Warface"

Of course, for those who registered in the"Warface", the question of a suitable name is particularly acute. To understand what is the nickname for the forum "Warface", you can just look at the name of the portal and get acquainted with its rules. Here, strength, self-confidence and other purely masculine qualities are in high esteem. Funny and witty names, not related to military themes, are unlikely to be relevant here.

nick for the forum warface

Nickname for the forum "Warface" should immediatelyTo cause an association with the masculinity and fighting spirit of the player. For example, the original solution will be the nickname associated with the weapon. Great for this portal names taken from popular blockbusters. Of course, you may not be the first to think of such a solution, in this case, a good option is to dilute the name by mentioning weapons or some kind of character trait.

Effectively sound nicks built oncontradictions or amusing inconsistencies: "Korol'_bez_korolevstva", "Halk Vasilyevich". You can use the names of various symbols that cause associations with the war, for example, "Shield_On the Horn."

In addition, do not forget about science fiction. This genre is a truly inexhaustible source of memorable and powerful names.

Forum "Para Pa": choose a nickname

Several of the other positions should be based,choosing a nickname for the "Para na" forum. Here the most valuable quality is not so much man's strength, as much creativity, wit, permanent love of life. And nicknames for this portal need to choose the appropriate ones. For example, "Crazy dancer".

nikneem for the forum couple na

On the "Para Pa" there are no restrictions on the semanticload. The main thing that your nickname was spectacular and memorable. All possible names that literature, history or your imagination offers us, can be used for registration. The main thing to remember is that abbreviations and long digital constructions are hard to remember and can do you a disservice.

The same users who find it difficult to choose,to the aid will always come a variety of generators nicks and other online toys, with which you can get an unusual and memorable nickname. In many forums, you can set important parameters for you: gender, age, race, hair color - and get a name that matches these requirements.

The choice of nickname is an important task for anyone whoThe first time is registered on a forum or in a chat. After all, it is through him that you will be recognized in the network. Moreover, once you take a name, you will unwittingly create a reputation for yourself, which will not be easy to get rid of, even changing the name. Ways to come up with an original designation for a lot, do not limit your imagination in this important matter.

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